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Important Tournament Information Mega Thread

Discussion in 'Information' started by Mattytoosack, Jan 6, 2019.

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    Mattytoosack Events AREA 94

    May 19, 2014
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    What is Contact!
    Contact! was an idea made up after the confirmation that the PRT would no longer host tournaments. The goal of the tournament is to provide a competitive, yet sportsman like series of battle where planning, skill, and coordination tops all. We have similar ideals and ethos regarding our play style as the PRT, but allow clans a bit more freedom. This doesn't mean clans will reign supremacy, but simply allows them to have a bit more of their members involved within specific squads. While they are not guaranteed a full 8 or 6 man squad, they have the option to get more of their members involved should certain instances occur. For more information on this, please refer to the rules here.

    Signing Up and Getting Accepted to the Team
    Upon filling out an application you will be redirected to the tournament information page. Once accepted by the admins, you will be PM'd by your chain of command with further instructions of what to do. This message will inform you of what you need to do to finish your signup. Once you have done everything in the PM, you should be ready for duty.

    Navigating the Forums

    When a user is accepted to a team, they will gain access to their teams forums which will be located in the tournament section of the forums here. Please note, depending on your roles within the community, it may be located in different locations than others. In these forums you will have all the information you could possible need, as the PRTA forums are the place most of the communication, planning, and organization will take place.

    Signing in:

    Every member of the team is required to sign in, this includes Supreme Commanding Officers and Commanders. It is your sole job as a team member, to ensure the your chain of command knows whether or not you can attend the event. Only an LOA will exempt you from your activity requirements. However, those who go on an extended LOA may be removed if the leaders of the team feel it is not authentic.

    Activity requirement

    Each member of a team (at minimum) is required to do the following:
    - Check the forums weekly.
    - Attend some form of team event.
    - Be on teamspeak while attending said event.
    - Maintain some form of communication with your chain of command.

    More in depth requirements for specific ranks can be found on our rule page here

    Each team must have an LOA forum in their Personnel Department forums. All LOA's must be accepted by an officer before they are considered valid. A player may post a maximum of 3 LOA's per tournament, with the maximum amount of time being no longer than 30 days per LOA. A request for more than 30 days must be approved by the admins and the commander of that team. People seen using the LOA system to abuse or avoid the activity system will be removed from the team with no chance to reapply.

    Time frame
    The plan is to have multiple two week cycles to help lessen the burden on commanders as well as to ensure ample time for teams to train and prepare for the battles. The aim is for the tournament to go live on the 6th of January, with the first battle taking place on the 26th of January. This first cycle will be a three week cycle, however after that battle it will commence into a normal two week cycle with the intention to end mid May. Further details will be posted in your teams forums.

    There will be 2 prep battles and 7 true battles. The prep battles are for teams to get organized, and the true battles are when the tournament officially starts and points are kept track of. Do note, prep battles are meant to be taken seriously and are meant to be played in the same capacity as normal battle would.

    Winning a map
    Each map has a total of 16 points, each flag is worth two points and whatever is left goes to the winner. So if there is a total of five flags. Team A holds 3 flags and loses, they get 6 points, if team B holds two flags and wins, they get 10 points.

    Campaign System and Victory Conditions:

    Just like traditional PR, the winner and loser of the map is determined by the amount of tickets a team has. Once one team reaches 0 tickets they lose. Winning the map should be seen as a short term goal, where as the long term goal of the tournament is to accumulate enough points to win the whole thing.

    We accomplish this in a way where you accumulate points for controlling flags and winning battles. Each captured flag is two points towards your teams total, with neutral points counting one point for each team. Additionally, the winner of the battle will receive the amount of points not covered in flags.

    Example 1: Saaremma

    US wins holding 3 of the 5 flags. US gets 6 points for the flags and Russia gets 4. The US also receives 6 extra for winning. That totals the US getting 12 and the Russians getting 4.

    Once a team gets enough points that it is statistically impossible for the other team to come back, they are crowned the winner. The total amount of points in the tournament is 112.

    Team A has 57 total points and Team B has 55 total points. Team A wins the tournament.

    Map Choices & Faction Selection

    Maps are in a pre selected order, and the loser of the previous battle chooses which faction they would like to play for the next battle.
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