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Closed Server Issue Report - Wicca111

Discussion in 'Player, Admin and Server Reports' started by Wicca, Mar 4, 2018.

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    Wicca Wicca Project Founder

    Head of PRTA Squad Lead Admin Tournament - Admin NATO Potato

    Apr 28, 2011
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    IT Support Engineer
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    Server Report

    Report Submitted by: Wicca

    Server: Project Reality - Events

    Nickname: Wicca111

    Date of Issue: Mar 4, 2018
    Time of Issue: 1800 PRT

    Description of the issue: There was stuttering on the game server we had the test battle event on. Is there anyway we can find out why this is happening?
    Evidence: I am sorry, no evidence as I was not recording, but I have several 2nd hand accounts.

    Hunter & Raidonrai.

    I agree that I have read and understood the PRTA Server Rules :


    An internal Server Report has been created in the Administrator forums to track and monitor this technical issue.
    Thank you for your report.

    An official statement will be posted if nessarsary within 7 days from the initial response.

    PRTA Administration Team

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