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Information PRTA Training Server, Password = boots

Discussion in 'Events, Battles & Training' started by Wicca, Jul 2, 2014.

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    Wicca Wicca Project Founder

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    Apr 28, 2011
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    PRTA Training Server

    General information
    The PRTA Training server has all the standard maps ready and available, with two additional maps specific for training purposes, namely the Test_Bootcamp and Test_Airfield. More information about these maps can be found below in this post. This server has debug mode enabled, which can come in very handy for testing out different kits and vehicles, along with changing map without admin-rights. More information about debug mode and rcon commands can be found here. Do not use rcon commands unless you know what you're doing, as you may crash the server by typing in the wrong command.

    As always on PRTA servers, you're free to utilize this assets as you see fit, as long as you don't disturb other players and follow our rules and guidelines.
    SERVER PW: boots
    Custom maps:

    Test_Bootcamp - Alternate download here (place the test_bootcamp folder in BF2/mods/pr/levels)

    Test_Airfield -Alternate download here (place the test_airfield folder in BF2/mods/pr/levels)

    Qinling - Alternate download here (extract to BF2/mods/pr/levels/battle_for_qinling)

    This is the official manual of the game and a must read for every new or old returning player. It covers 99% of all features special to Project Reality.

    Often our PRTA members make squads open for new players or people who want to catch up on certain things. They will have obvious squad names such as 'NOOBS HERE','TRAINING' or other names. But feel free to join any squad with PRTA members and tell them you which to train and they will most likely help you.

    For our events and battles we don't only want experienced and skilled players, we want everyone to join and have fun. These games are excellent to train and learn how to work with an organized team at a higher level so don't be scared of signing up for them! Keep an eye on our news page for the next event or battle.

    1. Join server, join basic infantry squad.
    2. Say hello to check mumble VOIP (default squad - numpad 0|default local - H)
    3. Get basic rifleman kit unless SL (squad leader) demands otherwise, if you want something else ALWAYS ask.
    4. Stay close to your SL.
    5. Call out pertinent info or targets using North, South, East & West or compass headings then near or far.
    6. Only use vehicles if you know and understand weapons and have practiced operating them outside of a populated online server.
    7. If injured call medic with commo rose and when he is close (medic symbol on map) use mumble local (default H) to help him find you.
    8. With PR lacking in game names it is well worth running a CO OP or SP to help you familiarize different factions looks - TKs are bad.
    9. Resist all temptation to goof around in any form, smoke at main, spamming comms or chat, or anything else it's not appreciated by the community in general
    10. Type !rules in server to see rules, asset, roadkill, rushing or microphone obligations rules vary from one server to another. Respect them to avoid problems.
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    Community Dept. Squad Resident Admin PRTA

    Mar 12, 2013
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    It's possible that some information in this thread is out of date. Most importantly the password for our training server is still "boots". Thanks!
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