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Announcement PRTA Community Update - March 2018

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Mar 1, 2018.

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    New year, new games!


    Community Update - March 2018

    Dear Community,

    Our community has reached an important milestone in its history. As the Project Reality playerbase continues to slowly decline, we have decided to stretch our feet wider and bring the PRTA mission to new worlds. Join us today to help us choose our future.

    New Community Game

    Management has decided to expand PRTA into a new game. A list of "Officially Supported Games" will be made to help the community decide how it wants to expand.

    There will be 2 categories that will be decided:

    • The first one will be an FPS game with 32+ players per team. This means slower paced, tactical games which require a good amount of communication. Milsim is ideal, but not essential.
    • The second category will focus on smaller sized lobby games, which can be enjoyed per unit. We obviously welcome any free alternatives, which can easily be put up as official without extensive technical configurations.
    After everyone has made their suggestions, we will create a poll allowing members and users of this forum (you, the PRTA community) to vote for their favourite choice.

    For each of the Top 5 games (as a result of that vote), we will be hosting a Community Event.

    After the events, we will do a new poll with those 5 games, and select the next game to push.

    To post your suggestions, please click on this link and use the following templates.

    Template for 32+ Tactical game
    Name of game:
    Release Date (If Unreleased):
    Max players per server:
    Number of players during peak hours:
    Explanation of game:

    Template for Small Lobby game
    Name of game:
    Players per game:
    Explanation of game:

    New Units

    Please welcome CANCER, MEME, NOTKIA, DICKS and JWK. With these new units come over 50 new members! Hopefully we can keep growing at a steady rate. If you know any clan or group that needs a place to stay or want and can help us manage our server or events, have them apply here.

    We now have a total of 319 members, leaders, staff and management in PRTA!

    New Server Information

    Server migration is now completely finished with the last minor tasks and we are using our new hardware with our custom software and services. The hard work from our technical team and managers have really given us a lift in performance for the future!

    We reached 200 players on two PRTA servers on the 4th of February. That is no small feat, thank you all for joining our servers! We also had a record 73 peak on Teamspeak the 28th of January. Growing once more!

    We have reduced the cost of running PRTA from 120 to 40 euros per month whilst also getting a more powerful host.

    A warm thank you for all for last months donations, which covered our costs. Hopefully you can all help pitch in for this month too.

    Footage from the front

    The PRTA Media team has been hard at work making collages of Footage from the Front videos. The series is called Best and Worst of PRTA and we are very happy with the result.

    Here are the first four:

    For new FFTF videos as well, check our channel: https://www.youtube.com/prteamworkalliance

    New Banlist

    With a new management leadership comes new rules and changes. The latest of these string of changes is a reduction of the number of permanently banned players on our servers. In the wake of the latest update, and with a fresh look on our rules, we are unbanning any player that hasn't been banned for major griefing, hacking or glitching.

    This is the result of negotiations and diligent research by CAS_ual_TY and the Senior Admin Team to try to give a second chance to players.

    Inter-Unit Battles & PR Events

    Thanks to all members who participated in our first Inter-Unit Battle this month. We plan on making these a permanent fixture, with some exciting ideas to improve them.

    Keep an eye out too for more PR events - we have plenty of great ideas up our sleeves and look forward to hosting them.

    If you would like to help our Events team, we are understaffed in this department and always looking for help!

    See ya on battlefield!

    PRTA Management

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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