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Approved PR:BF2 Ban Appeal - JIMMY_90

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Jimmy-90ITA, Dec 30, 2018.

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    Dec 29, 2018
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    PR Nickname: JIMMY_90
    PR CD Key Hash: 4a2dcb0ea94b1433c4e91b6e751dc1b5

    Time: 4:00pm


    Unfortunately you do not ascertain things!

    I'm not so stupid to do something intentionally knowing that children who can not play denounce me to an admin?

    Unfortunately, this game is full of children, a player can not play quiet, because everyone denounces anyone!

    The fob with glitch has been rediscovered after the repositioning, the admin proceeded to remove it, I continued with the game explaining that I could no longer remove it because it gave me the limit of the kit!

    I explained all this, but obviously no one listened, and no one asked!

    I'm sorry that you make judgments without ascertaining! I have been playing this game for more than 8 years, but unfortunately we do not enjoy it any more. Everyone feels compelled to judge the next one!

    Reconsider the fact that we are in a game!

    Every word of mine seems to be useless!

    But I still wish you a good job and a good game
    Hoping that, things can change, because doing so this game will definitely die.



    Thank you for submitting your Ban Appeal, JIMMY_90. Results will be given after 7 Days. Please follow this Thread and respond to possible Questions we have for you. Good Luck!

    - PRTA PR Administration
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    TabZa TabZa pro rager


    Feb 20, 2016
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    Rule 3.1. states 'Do not use any form of an unfair advantage (ghosting, cheating, glitching etc.)'
    You glitched and broke the rules. And in your ban appeal you didn't acknowledge this. Getting angry about it won't help your case.
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    PR:BF2 Lead Administrator BGB - Officer

    Jan 23, 2013
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    I hope you have taken the time to read our rules, and try to stay within them from now on.
    And I really have to recommend you to not blame everyone else for your own mistakes, it is your responsibility to stay within the rules.

    That said, you will be unbanned next restart.
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