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Announcement Planned Teamspeak Maintenance

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Jun 28, 2017.

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    Apr 30, 2011
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    Planned maintenance


    Planned Teamspeak Maintenance
    Dear Community. In order to continue providing you with the services that you enjoy with you friends on a daily basis here at PRTA, we sometimes need to undergo varying different aspects of maintenance. Some of these aspects include infrastructural changes, server maintenance or service improvements to name a few.

    Today we plan to migrate our Teamspeak service over to a new server on a alternative network, during this period we aim to provide PRTA community members with the best levels of service and experience with the tools at our disposal, So we'll try our utmost to ensure that there is no lost of service due to this maintenance.

    We are making this announcement so you all are informed in the event that the community does suffer some lost of service to our Teamspeak service, if this does occur it will be no longer than 2-24 hour period. If you do experience any connectivity issues with Teamspeak over the next day, you can use this IP to directly connect to Teamspeak


    If you would all like to take this opportunity to update your bookmark address for PRTA by using ts.prta.co

    The majority of you shouldn't experience any issues considering this task be performed during the early hours of the morning, if you do experience issues we are sorry for any inconveniences.

    As the majority of you know PRTA solely relies on donations to help us continue providing you with the services you come to rely on here, Due to which if any of the community members can show your appreciation by donating to ensure these service stay operational, everyone in the community would appreciate it greatly.


    Troubleshooting Guide

    If you connect to teamspeak tomorrow and you get an 'connection refused' message, then you most likely do connect by IP. All you need to do is altering the 'server_name' in your connection settings. It needs to be 'ts.prta.co'. Save this name and you are good to go.

    For those tech nerds around you. If the teamspeak IP isn't '' on Friday the 30th, then try the below magic. In the end you shouldn't need to deal with it however. Sooner or later DNS will update anyways. I would be surprised if it wouldn't have updated till Friday.
    If the address under the name 'ts.prta.co' doesn't show you this IP :, then open a command prompt with admin rights and issue the below command to wipe your local dns cache:
    Now try to log in into ts again. If that didn't help, make a post in this thread and describe your issue in detail.

    - PRTA Management

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