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Joinsquad.com OISC Group Stage - Week 4 Recap

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Oct 17, 2019.

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    Week 4 of OISC saw the final game of the Group Stages take place to decide which division teams would place. The weekend action saw Blueberry eSports and Fused Legions take to the field to settle a tie-breaker on the newly released Mutaha map to book their spot in the next round. Miss the action? Catch it here!

    Week 4 Results​

    Blueberry eSports WON vs LOSS Fused Legion​

    There will now be a 2-week break for the teams to prepare for knockout rounds where they will be fighting to make it through to the Grand Finals next month. The first knockout rounds will be played during the last weekend in October (26th, 27th) where the victors will progress to the semi-finals.

    Division 1 Play-Off Rounds​

    RaveN+ProG vs HSRangers​

    Source of Quality Directives vs Difficult Language Coalition​

    Mumblerines vs united Convicts​

    Blueberry eSports vs Speaking in Tongues​

    Division 2 Play-Off Rounds​

    MisFit Platoon vs International Logi Laborers​

    We <3 Squad vs Fused Legions​

    Sigma Tactical - BYE​

    Some Random Guys - BYE​

    Keep an eye out for the preview article to be posted later this month for all the detail on game times and how you can watch live! For all the tournament information, ruleset and results be sure to visit the OISC toornament page.

    Squad Store

    Need some of that fresh, cool new Squad merch? Check out the store and represent!

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    Yeah, I'm kinda impressed we got such a high quality publish system compared to a business. :smuggrin:

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