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Approved maxnice - Canada - EU Server Administrator

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Max_, Aug 11, 2019.

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    Max_ PR:BF2 Trial Administrator Mapper Guest Unit - GC

    Jun 6, 2012
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    Trophy Points:
    E-Commerce retail management.
    Montréal, Québec, Canada
    PR:BF2 Name:
    PR:BF2 Name:
    PR:BF2 CD Hash Key:
    Teamspeak Account:
    Discord Account:
    -5 GMT (Eastern)
    (1) Tell us about yourself:
    Been playing the game since 2007, started with the [MIF] clan since they were french and I didn't know English back then (I was 13 and I had to lie about my age). Switched to =]H[= later on once my English got better and pretty much learned the language from them. Then some "events" happened that made me learn more about other communities within the game.
    (2) Do you have any previous PR Administrative experience:
    Yes, a lot, and learned from bad experiences .
    (3) Why would you be a good PR Administrator:
    I take the time to investigate before taking an action, even when gunning a tank.
    Research and development of "proof".
    (4) What qualities make a bad PR Administrator:
    (Had to edit I read good instead of bad. but for good admin: Patience, keeping it real and ready to help.)

    Reacting to report too quickly without having enough information to work with (hasty), Not working with other people, being an asshat to others.
    (5) What is your preferred role in a round of PR:
    As an INF: Medic, AR, MG. (Ins: Engineer, sapper, AA, LAT, MG, AR)
    As an asset whore: Gunner. (Ins: SPG-9 Gunner), I don't care about the K/D, I'd rather support the INF with an asset than ranking up kill somewhere else when our INF is getting wrecked.
    (6) If you could change our ruleset in any way, what would you change:
    2.1 Every player must have a working microphone and a correctly configured Mumble.
    Eskil_swe, great player, can't speak and can't play here.
    (1) Someone is throwing smokes at main:
    Warn the player, if he keeps doing it to block the view and annoy others then kick.
    (2) You get a report of an enemy HAT camping DoD:
    Investigate with another admin on the other team to validate the report or switch team, quickly warn/kill depending of the situation. (Killing people in what is representing the the Base definition)

    Another EDIT: found out it is allowed, so this another thing to add to on the rulset to change, Why?? It takes people away from the battlefield that ruin the game play of the other team. incite lonewolfing. I know i played on =]H[= with baserape being allowed. hehe.
    (3) You see another administrator abusing their powers:
    Bring it up on the appropriate section on this forum, in-game isn't the appropriate place to discuss admin abuse. As usual depending on the situation. it might be a mistake or the event seems like it was admin abuse because I'm missing part of the information that leaded up to the situation. For this I'll ask the admin in question on TS3 about the action that was.
    (4) A player joins the Admin TeamSpeak channel and angrily demands they be unbanned:
    Refer him to the forum to follow protocols that all player have to do to get unbanned. If he keeps going because he's entitled to his views, mute/kick him.
    Do you agree with the Declarations:
    (1) Is there anything else you would like to add:
    I used to love being sysadmin of v1.3.5 =]H[=, did a lot of work with webtools and stuff. But I haven't touched the IT world for 2 years now.
    Eskil_swe did a lot of python work with the server too. (Script that warn a delete assets built within DOD and more weird things).

    I mostly want to help with NA integration.

    I have a hard work schedules that include doing night/day/weekends with a lot of overtime, I won't be able to be there everyday, I have DEV commitment also, I'm part of other communities with other games.

    The forum name is my old name from back in the days, if it is possible to change it ti "Max_" in the future I'll be very happy.
    (2) Tell us a joke:
    I might be a DEV. idk. Musa Qala is still happening, neyve v1.6 as BETA map? Who knows?!
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2019
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    GHOST "30TICKETS" -DK- "We are neutral in Finland, we attack everyone" Games Dept. Head Lead Tester PR:BF2 Senior Administrator IRL Task Force Foxtrot People Revolutionary Front

    Jun 2, 2015
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    Trophy Points:
    Studying architecture
    We have made arrangements in the past with individuals who, for whatever (proper) reason, are unable to speak. I am not sure Eskil has ever contacted us regarding him being unable to play on our servers?
    Done :smile:
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    Nov 26, 2016
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    Trophy Points:
    Hello Max_,

    Your application has been approved and you will receive trial status. More details will be communicated via PM.
    As Ghost mentioned above, feel free to communicate with Eskil to contact us regarding his case, should he be willing to.

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