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In Progress MatthewLee - Foxtrot Membership Application

Discussion in 'Member/Unit Applications' started by MashuRidesu_, Feb 3, 2019.

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    Feb 3, 2019
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    Matthew L#6253
    PR:BF2 Name:
    General information
    In-game nickname (without prefix) :

    TeamSpeak name :

    Age :

    Country :
    United Kingdom, England

    Timezone :
    GMT (London)

    Which unit do you wish to join? :

    Are you a member of any other clans in Project Reality, Squad or Arma III? :
    No, I am not a member of any other clans in the games from selection

    Which games are you planning on playing with us, and what other games do you play? :
    Project Reality, Insurgency, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, ArmA 2, Heros and Generals, Unturned

    If applicable, how long have you been playing Squad? :

    Have you familiarised yourself with the Squad manual? :

    If applicable, how long have you been playing Project Reality? :
    Less than 1 Month

    Have you familiarised yourself with the Project Reality manual? :

    Reason for joining PRTA :
    Seems to be a well organised group which I would like to try, have not had look with finding a group so far and was given some information about PTRA on the PR Discord.

    If applicable, how did you hear about PRTA? :
    PR Discord Recruitment Channel

    Referee :

    What skills do you have? :
    I have been playing Military (Tactical Realism / Military Simulation) style games for a long time, I have a love for team work and organisation, I may be new to PR but I am willing to learn and have been actively doing so, I am also self teaching Graphic Design and have made numerous Recruitment Images for PS4 teams as I do Milsim on BF4 sometimes within private servers (although nothing compared to PC).

    What games introduced you to gaming? :
    Conflict Desert Storm 1 & 2 were my first games, along with Hitman 2.

    What other hobbies do you have? :
    Network Radios, Console Gaming, Graphic Design, etc.

    If you want, tell us something about you to help us get to know you :
    Refer to answers within the above field, other than that, I am a Brit who loves playing games.

    I agree to be bound by the PRTA Rules when using PRTA services, and understand that my attitude and behaviour on external services could have a bearing on how others view my Unit, other Units, and PRTA as a whole :
    I agree

    I declare that the answers given in this application are truthful, honest and are not misleading. I understand and accept that my application will be reviewed by members of my chosen Unit before it is either accepted or declined :
    I agree
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