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Information {How To} Lead a Mechanized Infantry Squad

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Mattytoosack, Nov 30, 2014.

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    Mattytoosack AREA 94

    May 19, 2014
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    I've heard alot of complaints about people who don't know how to use MECH Inf for its designed purpose, so I decided to make this. I'd like to start off by saying that this is all strictly opinion and depends on the rules of the server. So lets just get positive feedback and not bring any server rules/drama into this.

    First off, I would strongly suggest, if you have never Squad Leaded or used an APC/IFV before, you refrain from leading this type of unit and learn that first. This type of Squad Leading requires responsibility and most of all experience. For the fact of the Squad lead not knowing what his vehicle and or kits are capable of achieving, is very vital and if not understood correctly, can be the reason for the team loss. The damage to the team asset wise is far more than a regular infantry squad so keep that in mind. So, I say again please lead this type of squad if you feel you are experienced enough and feel comfortable.

    Now onto the actual shit and biscuits.

    When Leading MECH Inf, you have more responsibility than a regular infantry unit. Not only do you have 8 guys to boss around, but millions of dollars (Euro's) of machinery. Don't let that plague your head though. Think of it like an investment, you put millions away (experience), so you can make your squad more maneuverable, faster, and deadlier. Now with that being said you have to choose your toy! Don't be like every other spoiled bitch and go for the biggest one. You don't need a Bradley to go sit at bunkers in the cap radius and shoot 1 guy every 3 minutes on Kashan. Take what YOU can handle and think gets the job done. Almost all of us are men here, we don't need to over compensate. For me, the Ideal vehicle is the AAVP7, it comes with 40m grenades and 50 cal. Absolute infantry killer, which with MECH Inf is going to be your main contacts.

    As a Squad Lead, your main priority is to lead your squad, not kill whore in your asset. It is doable, but delegate that to someone as equally as capable as you. You will see how much easier it is. Anyway, as a MECH Inf Squad Lead you have 3 priorities for your team. They are; Assist, Assault, and Protect. At least to me, along with the survival of the APC, 2 of 3 must be complete before you can consider yourself an asset to the team. Throughout the round if you are not doing any of these, you are not doing anything for your team. So get to it and stop fuking about with that piece of machinery.

    - Assist: This means you use your speed to move in and support a friendly unit that is engaged. Whether it be as a squad or the vehicle alone. You will be more or less are acting like a second APC squad.

    NOTE: This could be very dangerous depending on the situation and how good team communication is. Only do this at your own risk and if you have credible information on the enemy forces/vehicles. Otherwise, DON'T DO IT. Remember YOU control the squad its up to you to make the decision.

    - Attack: This means you use your superior firepower to give it to the enemy straight up, "shove it down their throat" :yuck: style and repeat. When attacking a flag or defended position look for these priorities in order as follows; Armor, TOW, and LAT/HAT. Once those are taken out repeat on the rest of the infantry and emplacements.

    NOTE: Check Movement for details on how to attack.

    - Protect: This means use your threat and armor as a deterrent. If people see something big shooting at them or over watching, they will be hesitant to attack. This priority should only be carried out on a FLAG, not a piece of land. Also, keep the armor moving, the more complacent, the faster the enemy can take it out. No more then 30 seconds should it be in one spot, if possible less. This is usually the ideal time if you choose, use it to assist, as you don't have to transport your squad anywhere.
    NOTE: And please, for the love of fuck, please don't take "Protect" as building a super FOB in the middle of bumblefuck nowhere and say your defending. Get on that damn flag!


    This is one of the main reasons why MECH Inf excels regular infantry. As Squad Lead you dictate how you want to attack. MECH Inf gives you the ability to move fast with protection and attack the enemy where they are not. You can be at one spot, next thing the enemy knows, your engaging them at the flanks. If we were to charge head to head it would be WWI all over again.. Lets not have that shit.

    Important Movement Info:

    1. Whenever you are about to engage, (ALWAYS x 3) dismount about 50 to 100m before, so if there is a "surprise" you can always fall back or get out and reinforce. Also, (If you have thermals) have your driver pop smoke to set up a smoke screen so you can move away safely.

    2. When attacking a hard target, like I said dismount, then have your driver (If safe) cut engines, have the infantry move up and take out the TOW, then move the APC up to destroy THE TOW first. Then go back to the list.

    3. If an enemy APC is on your APC, have your LAT/HAT get into position, then get your APC to draw him into the ambush and fire the LAT/HAT. Then finish the fucker with your APC. Same with attacking an enemy APC, get the Infantry to distract him have the LAT set up, let him shoot and then send the APC to finish him.
    NOTE: If you can have the LAT/HAT stay with the APC as it has ammo and cover.

    As a MECH Inf Squad Lead, I am very picky with my kits. When I do MECH Inf, I use a template that I have thought of. Also, you can get kits from the APC's. Don't let this get away form you. Like I said before, kits are very important and could mean the success or failure of a squad. These are the two templates I use:

    Kits Template 1:
    Crewman x 2
    Squad Lead
    Automatic Rifleman
    Medic x 2

    Kit Template 2:
    Crewman x 2
    Squad Lead
    Marksmen - To get the guy off the TOW and kill LATS and HATS
    Medic x 2

    Thats really about it. The thing with MECH Inf is, its constantly changing, so we have to adapt and figure out new ways to do something different from the way we did it before. I don't care how long you played PR, but doing MECH Inf will (ALWAYS x 3) be a learning experience. You will find new ways you thought were impossible to do in the past. Adding them to your book of tactics in your head. I hope this helped and I will be updating this constantly from feedback given by you guys!

    Updated 12/2/14
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2014

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