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Squad Disco_ - Serbia - Squad Server Administrator

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Disco_, Nov 16, 2018.

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    Nov 13, 2018
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    Squad Server Administrator Application - EU

    Player Details
    Steam Name (including tags): Disco
    Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198244215188/
    Steam ID 64: 76561198244215188
    Age: 34
    Timezone: GMT +1
    Tell us about yourself: To Whom It May Concern,

    hi dudes! :smile: sorry for wall of text btw:

    On my brothers first PC (386 ftw! :smile: ) was installed wolf3d... Loved FPS ever since! It was amazing game. Before that computer, we had spectrum 128k but that couldn't pull something so graphically intensive... so i guess, that's how it all started for me. After that, i played doom 1/2, nuke3d, quake and so on... Altho never online.

    In Serbia, broadband wasn't really available during 90's and some part of 00's. We had modem installed but didn't really used it (at least not me). I tried to play with some friends via modem (age of empires and comanche) with limited success. But we got at least a taste of how multiplayer games could look like. It was something very new and very cool to us as kids. We were so interested in multiplay that we went to uni library. There were 4 PCs with LAN and we tried to play delta force. We failed, got many hushs and angry looks from older people who tried to read something there but we still had a blast! :smile: Later on, clubs started to emerge that had LANed computers. Back then, unreal tournament and quake 3 were popular so i guess those games are the first ones that i really played in multiplayer environment.

    I loved FPS genre but tactical shooters started to crawl up under my skin after playing games like delta force, Quake 2 action mod, rainbow six, swat 3 and so on... I loved to role-play in those games and pretend that they are better and deeper then they really were. Game that really caught my attention was operation flashpoint. I played demo of it and wasn't really interested. It was clanky with not so great graphics, AI nor gameplay. Or so i thought at that time... Between my bachelor and master studies, i had one difficult period and spend most of the day at Faculty. In evening, I had some spare time and no available friend so late. Started to discover whole mod scene and true scale of OFP. I was amazed! That game had so much depth! Spent many hours in the editor, just trying out stuff, mods and creating missions. Got me so hooked up that i started to read Army and USMC field manuals. Btw, great stuff to read if you want to understand a little bit better western doctrine of warfare. Loved everything about that game but one thing was missing... multiplayer of OFP was awful due to bad net code and poorly implemented VOIP. Had only few memorable rounds there. Close but no cigar :smile:

    In last year of master studies, college of mine played a lot of BF2. I played it before, when it came out but with bots and on some pirated servers. It was interesting but online experience wasn't great due to servers i played on. Never cared too much about the game to bother buying it. That friend gave me his spare copy and we played together few times. It was so fun i actually brought it. Few weeks/months later he mentioned Project Reality so i tried it out. I think it was around late 0.7 or early 0.8... oh boy... OH BOY!!!

    It was a-dream-come-true game! It was freaking awesome!!! It was all i wanted in one package and more! The infantry! The vehicles! The gameplay! The VOIP! The teamwork! And all of that on public servers with random people... my jaw immediately dropped from the very first round! And it kept dropping on every round after that and with every new update... I don't think i was ever good at it but loved the experience... especially infantry! Didn't had to role play much any more, it was all there :smile:

    And I really liked the fact that you could have a quality match in public server. PRTA was great in this aspect! Loved to play on your servers and always had excellent rounds! Admins were fair, not intrusive and dealt with problems right away. At least, that was my impression as casual player on pub servers.

    I never bother to join any clan cause of time it takes away. At least not seriously. I think, one time, i applied to tiger platoon after playing few rounds with the guys. And wore sEX_YU tags for a short period of time cause of my friend had cousin there. I also wasn't active on any forums... i think, first post i ever made on internet was on project reality forums! I was, basically, a lurker in its true form :smile:

    Around the time when i got into PR, i stopped caring too much about gaming... PR and Arma series were pretty much all i played after that. Arma was less and less interesting with every iteration... it basically had same issues from day one of OFP. And i lost all interest there some time after Arma 2 got plagued by gta-like mods and similar stuff that were miles away from any milsim form. I only briefly checked out Arma 3 but wasn't interested enough to get into it. There were always rumors of PR2 but nothing happened... then there was PR:arma but never got into it... and then, one morning i saw post about kickstarter for Squad. PR was getting kinda old and I felt it was attempt to save PR play style for future generations. I was hooked! I plagued for SL tier. Altho Squad is still not PR in terms of gameplay (after all, PR was crafted for decade and it will always be gem on its own), I never regret it. Its awesome game that stand on shoulder of a giant :smile: It reminds me more and more of PR with every update (especially last few) and i really hope it will get there one day.

    And there you go... that is me and my ties to PR and Squad. Oh yeah, I'm also mechanical engineer with master degree in metal constructions, logistics and inner transportation. I also went to phd studies, had few scientific papers, worked for Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and so on... bla, bla, bla :smile:

    So... why should you pick me for being admin... pfff... dunno :biggrin: i don't really want it, but would be nice to resolve immediately issues with non responsive SLs, TKers and so on. I can tell you right away i won't commit to this role except when i play on server. And that will be mostly on weekends.

    I'm not sure if Wicca will read this or it will be looked by someone from the PRTA team so i will put it this way:

    But then, why did i bother to write all of this? Well, i'm really glad to see more PR players in Squad for one. I mean, really, really, really glad! And especially to see PRTA server that i liked so much and was pretty much equivalent to good rounds in my mind. And on top of that to see Wicca here, in Squad, active is really something. Loved reality contact btw dude :smile: And he sent me message to do so, so i couldn't say no to that :smile:

    Cheers! All the best to PRTA!!! See you around guys in any other PR iteration that future may bring!!! :smile:

    Disco out.
    Referee: Wicca

    How frequently can you be on the server? 1-3 days a week
    Will you seed the server? No

    How long have you been playing Squad? (How many hours) 1315 hours
    Do you have any previous administrative experience on a game server? No
    Which game server did you administrate for?
    How long did you perform this role for?

    Administrative Scenarios
    A player is reported to be team-killing. How would you respond? Consult with any other active Admin on server. Change team if offender is not on mine. Switch to admin cam. Observe his behavior for a short period of time (~1 minute) to see if there are any immediate evidence of reported behavior. Then close in and on local give him warning as in: 'you have been reported' and advise him to stop with hostile behavior in polite manner. I will probably not overlook his actions in long period of time. If reports of his actions still comes up, i would kick him with generic text message that his actions were suspicious and he have been preemptively kicked from server. I would warn him if he reconnects and same reports starts to come in that he will be banned from server. If he was faultily accused, i would advise him to reconnect again in 15-30 minutes or another day and that players that reported him are also under close investigation. This message would be in notepad for quick copy and paste. I would also take a note of players that reported offender to see if there are any malicious activities there. I would also report this event is short form in appropriate channel or perform any other standard action that is common in PRTA admin team.

    Squad Leading Experience
    Do you Squad Lead in Squad? Yes
    How often do you Squad Lead? Sometimes

    I understand that if my application is accepted, I will be on an indefinite trial period until the server is established, during which I may be removed from the team at any time: I agree

    I agree that my attitude, actions and behaviour are required to remain professional and diplomatic at all times whilst performing duties on a PRTA server: I agree
    I declare that I will follow all server rules and administrative procedures, listen to the guidance of senior team members, and that the answers given in this application are truthful, honest and are not misleading: I agree

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    Wicca Project Founder Head of PRTA Community Dept. Head PR Lead Administrator Squad Adminstrator IRL Task Force Potato Regiment

    Apr 28, 2011
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    IT Support Engineer
    PR:BF2 Name:
    Find me on teamspeak Disco :smile:
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    WeedT0aster The APC is pounding the FOB Senior Tester PR Resident Administrator People's Revolutionary Front Guest Unit - THOT

    Oct 16, 2015
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    Environmental sciences and biology 5th unit
    This is a real Admin app btw.

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