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New couldn't find a catchier title so I named this "beef with the battlefield franchise.rtf"

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by deviro, Jul 7, 2020.

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    deviro Provides coverage of the Battlefield Senior Tester Media Team Foxtrot

    Sep 14, 2015
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    This paragraph like in many other works was written last. I want to preface everything by saying that I don't expect anybody to agree with everything laid out below. The encyclopaedic amount of knowledge and problems I have with the topic at hand is alarming, I understand that. Anyways, I just wanted to ease you in, which the article also does, so why am I still writi

    I am bored. And when I am, I start thinking. Thinking about things out of my control. Things that have made an impression on me. Things that I need to reconcile with. Some of them bad memories. One such thing is the Battlefield franchise. What a nuisance, am I right?

    Don't get me wrong, thrashing something I love gives me no joy. But do I really still like BF? Do I though? I can't say that with 100% confidence. Not these days. This topic is very broad for me mind you. I owe a lot to BF, as it did show a young child what games really were. And maybe even how some of them are great and what makes them that.

    The problem I think lies in this simple question we can ask ourselves: "What Battlefield?". The question can be about individual games, eras in the franchise, which are different for everybody or maybe even it can be rhetorical to some (jaded assholes like me).

    But let's be honest, the biggest enemy of BF is BF. It's too big for its own good at this point and with terrible owners like EA and DICE it has nowhere to go but down. I say that because in an alternate reality BF is very different. I thought we were going to be in that reality after the first few games came out.

    It was a different time and different people were at the helm of everything associated with BF. Except maybe Lars Gustavsson, the so called Mr. BF, who I don't know if I should blame or thank for atrocities such as BF Hardline, but we will get to that later.

    The first 4 games covered very specific eras of warfare, which was a huge strength for them. They all felt unique in their own way. I never managed to get my hands on BF Vietnam, but even that had its quirks that made it unique, as much of a rushed game it seems to have been, by sharing tech and gameplay aspects with BF 1942. As far as I understand it, BF Vietnam was made by DICE Canada, while the Swedish studio was upgrading the Refractor Engine in order to create their BF2 masterpiece.

    But I guess after these 4 games they felt like they couldn't go back and redo everything. WW2 games were out of fashion by 2007 and a little game called Modern Warfare came out, Saving Private Ryan-ing the shit out of the shooter genre.

    So, what now DICE? You are making a console only... (why?) BF game... with a story driven SP as well in there? I know a lot of people like Bad Company and hell, watching those trailers from back then is still really fun and feels so much more genuine than... everything else we get in these recent big MP shooters with tacked on SP campaigns. Video games, video games never chan...

    But for me BC was the start of the downfall for BF. We can argue DICE getting purchased by EA in 2006, adding in-game ads in BF2, fucking over Trauma Studios and general bullshittery before BC in 2008 might also be bad things, but for me, as a fan, who was never going to buy consoles, will not anytime soon either, this huge shift was the beginning.

    The beginning of "Hold on a second. What is actually going on here?" Because what was actually going on was that DICE was getting EA-ified. I don't need to tell you how many graves EA has dug and gotten the skeleton out of just so it can dry fuck it later with things like Dungeon Keeper Mobile and C&C whatever its name was.

    I can hear you saying "Well, DICE is fine, what are you talking about?" On the surface they are doing great. Even better than EAs other studios, that aren't yet closed abruptly like Visceral. They've got the numbers to back it up. Well, apart from making one average, at best, game after another, and changing their whole company in 15 years in order to become EAs favourite bitch, yeah, they are doing great as a place where ideas flourish and nothing gets rehashed. Sure.

    Now, I've had some strong feelings about BF in the past, being a little fanboy and have made some wrong predictions. Like that the BF franchise would eventually overshadow... COD.

    I mean, we all make mistakes. Some are embarrassing (like this article), some not. But I never realized why COD was doing better than BF year after year, even when BF was arguably better (talking about 2010-2014-ish I guess?). We can mull over the details of why they were provably and objectively better games, but I don't have time for that today. You clicked on this I_HATE_ACTIVISION_BUT_EA_A_LITTLE_MORE article, not me.

    But how can anybody in their right mind make such a stupid prediction? Couldn't dare to do it especially now. The thing is: Activision has 3 studios making games in sync to release them each year. I don't count Blizzard in this equation, because they have their own methods that don't satisfy Activision, but that's a different topic a WOW fan can rant about much better than me.

    While EA has 1. One fricking studio (DICE) that also does its best to piss of any remaining rational Star Wars fans out there. See, that sentence is straight fire, it owns EA. It's almost as good as the one with the skeletons, but the difference is that it's false.

    Look, I don't want to come off as somebody who doesn't like my favourite genres or games being touched by other studios, directors, teams or whatever, but can we agree that there's a bit too much of that going on at EA?

    Ok, that sounded wrong, because you might think I'm talking about BF Hardline again. While I am doing that, I also want to point you in the direction of EAs release calendar. Look at how many BF games are there. Do you see what's sandwiched between them? Shit.

    EA is so bent on competing with COD. It started with garbage like MOH 2010, then turned into shit like Plants vs Zombies... Garden Warfare?! Who is smoking so much grass at the EA towers, because I intent to...

    But seriously, what is this? Could they have not come up with a better strategy to compete and maybe even use BFs strengths to do so? Instead of, you know, blurting game after game every year? Don't even get me started on that GW name.

    Some of you might've forgotten about this but in an interview in 2008 DICE said they had 5 BF games in production! Let's not forget what they did after that. 2 Titanfalls and 2 Battlefronts. And those Titanfall games were only as good because of Vince Zampella's undeniable talent (and the completely warranted hate boner he had for Activision's bizarre and paranoid behaviour). Am I forgetting anything else EA decided to make in order to compete with COD?

    Because it's so transparent what EA was doing. It becomes even more apparent the more time passes. "Above and beyond the call" or whatever was one of their BF3 marketing slogans.

    2 more points I want to make, before I delve deeper into mechanics and individual entries in the BF franchise, because that's how bored I am right now.

    I won't go into this for too long, but a bit of philosophy won't hurt this article, right? After all, the more shit you throw at the wall the more likely it is that some of it will stick and dry, right EA?

    Recently I've realized how we can get inspired and motivated by anything in life. Part of the reason why I wanted to write this was BF2's 15th anniversary on the 21st of June. Another reason was Battle(non)sense' recent video talking about how DICE has changed since their best title (BF2).

    Something he said caught my ear. That the games themselves are at odds with the marketing they get. If you market your game with a trailer that has Jay-Z's "99 Problems" song (which BF3 did), they you will probably attract too many casual players who don't play the game properly and ruin it for the rest of us, the veteran elite master chief champions.

    And that thought aligned perfectly with my hate for gimmicky Battlefield marketing campaigns. Ranging from a boot camp reality TV show for BF3 to hiring celebrity actors for your soulless and empty characters in BF4 (dude, they hired Omar from The Wire!) and... what else is there?

    Oh yeah BF Moments. I mean, the bombastic, sun glare, blue tint filled trailers for BF3 weren't enough, so now we really need to oversell a franchise for what it's not in spirit, but what its real purpose is (printing money for EA).

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Chris Ray Gun's video about how the Halo franchise has changed over time with one mechanic also inspired me to write this (he might've mentioned BF in somewhere there in his video).

    He talked about how a simple addition as sprinting has huge ramifications for a franchise that had no such thing before. It affects maps, gun mechanics, vehicles and so on. Until it elicits a feeling on older players like me who exclaim "it's just not like what it used to be cry_emoji".

    He also talked about how it's not sustainable to create a game that has to deliver us these epic moments all the time. Every match needs to have dozens of them and all that. That's not true. Slow things down ffs. Let me focus on tactics a little bit. It's what I love about CS so much - that triangle of game sense, raw mechanical skill and tactics takes time to master.

    Maybe I'm that smart, but BF matches become so predictable. Even in BF2 I could tell which flags were going to get captured and when by just looking at the map for a few seconds. In the newer games I don't need to keep that skill sharp because it's so obvious if we are doing fine or not, plus the constant cacophony and zero teamwork environment don't require of me to focus on such things.

    Going back to sprinting affecting franchises - don't you think sprinting has changed a little bit over time in the BF games since it was introduced in BF2? I mean, don't get me wrong, I can point to a dozen other mechanics that have been changed for no good apparent reason.

    In fact, let's do that, it's a little challenge for my brain as well. As you know dozen means 12, so let's go: spotting, classes, vehicle spawning... can't mention sprinting, because I said "other mechanics", fuck. Uhm, UI has become shit, does that count? Squad mechanics. What else can I make up? Game modes are fucked, there you go.

    I think I'm veering into "aspects" now. To that pile then we can add DLC, post launch support, moding, anti-cheat. And custom servers. Did I mention sprint? There you go, easy 12 reasons why BF sucks. Am I analysing (complaining about) mechanics now? I didn't want to do this, but again, I am bored. And a bored mind can conjure any old shite.

    But in all seriousness. Sprinting has a huge effect on any game. As Mr. Maldonado says "it gives the player more power over their environment" (not an exact quote). Comparing traversal in BF1942 vs BF2 should give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

    But now let's change that a bit. Let's make sprint infinite and you can side-sprint as well. It makes dodging bullets easier and incentives you to keep moving, making you fearless essentially. Which was definitely not how BF2 had its sprint. It was limited and jumping depleted it faster. You actually had to use your brain and move from cover to cover. If you got yourself in the middle of the open in front of someone's crosshairs without any sprint, you were basically dead.

    In the newer games, if you are in the middle of nowhere... you still die, don't get me wrong, but you have so much more wiggle room to evade incoming shots and try to get back into cover. It's a lot more forgiving.

    Oh, I just remembered Trevor Noah. What a disaster that was. EA made a big mistake by casting him as a war veter... I mean BF veteran. I just couldn't get into it man. Back on topic.

    We can do the same exercise with other mechanics. For example UI. I mean, remember the BF2 UI? Of course you fucking do. It was simple, designed for a PC monitor, with wide panels for the important shit and minor stuff tucked in the corners. I mean, look at that squad screen. It was perfection. And the main menu? There hasn't been a better BF main menu since then. And add that fucking music to it, mm.


    I took a 2-minute break and I remembered destruction, an actual mechanic. I forgot about it before because I only care about BF2. I'm obsessed. But destruction is another mechanic that has changed so much since BC2. I mean I know everybody loves how whole villages can be flattened... and there would be no cover left, which is kind a shit, but I like to imagine how much further we could've gotten with it.

    Imagine BF1...

    Jesus fucking Christ on a bicycle that's an awful name! Can we agree on that? Anything with "one" is just bad. Xbox One, Formula 1. Just stop it. There was already a first Battlefield game, called Battlefield 1942. Nothing else is Battlefield, the first. Fuck it I'm gonna go on a rant on game names after I'm done with mechanics.

    Imagine BF1 with proper trench mechanics, deforming ground (and I mean more deform-y than what we've had since BF3 or whatever). The building mechanic from BFV (another awful name btw (I'm restraining myself right now)) combined with grand operations game mode. It's nothing like conquest and it still sounds great (I do love conquest).

    Some Battlefield games add that one thing that's a standout feature, like the Commander in BF2 or the "aggressive sound palate" BC2 had the mercy of granting us, mere mortals. That, that shifting, ever evolving trench warfare would've been BF1's contribution to the franchise.

    But no, let's do the behemoths shite, the thing we did in BF3. Remember BF4's big innovation? Levelution? Another thing they grabbed from BF3. What a gimmick. The problem with them was they were triggered in weird ways. I would've enjoyed them much more if they were natural, like the storm one or how about introducing a day night cycle?

    Levelution does bring me to something else that pisses me off though. The stupid Easter eggs. They started innocently enough with some dinosaurs, probably so DICE/EA could say they had a big dick or something? Because that's the only reason I can think off why there were so many T-Rexes around.

    Then it became pretty stupid by making them require multiple people and elaborate puzzles and shit. Who the fuck has time for that in the middle of a battle? Also, what was up with all that 2143 teaser shit? It's been 9 years DICE. Nine! More like nien, am I right? (A part of me has waited that many years to make that joke.)

    Screw it, I want to go back to those darn names. Can we all agree that EA is bad with names? More than that - they are bad with games. Everything is either a prequel, soft reboot or a spinoff. Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Everybody was clamouring for a new ME title for years and then we got one. One that was supposed to launch a whole series in EA's eyes, no doubt.

    Same with Mass Effect Andromeda. If people ate that as a good game they would've greenlit a sequel immediately. BTW, remember Syndicate? The Skrillex one? Why was that a thing EA? Putting more shooters on the market to compete with COD? Got it. And now (well, it's been a while) people are clamouring for BC3. Be careful what you wish for people. EA will find a way to ruin it and then never make another BC related media.

    Speaking of related media, where's the BC TV show that was talked about? I have a big problem with game studios talking about creating TV/film related media with their IPs. 90% of the time it doesn't lead to anything and the other 9% is shit, with the remaining single shred of dignity we get things like the MK movie. Stop talking shit and then never bringing it up it again.

    Where was I? Names! How the hell did it happen that we waited for 6 years between BF2 and 3 and only 2 years between 3 and 4? Lots of numbers to keep track of there. So how about we go from 4 to 1. And then to V (but guys, the V stands for victory!). Wow. It's almost like Japanese RPG naming conventions. Game Name: Rebirth 3.5+ The Saga Evolves. Get me out of this nightmare we call reality!

    I hate it when films, games, etc. just can't contain themselves to something manageable. There're 15 Final Fantasy games? A 10th Fast and Furious movie is planned? At least COD doesn't number its titles anymore. They deal with self-contained timelines and shit; "BLOPS IIII" was funny though.

    Thinking back, I was actually pretty excited when BF decided to go back to some historical settings with BF1. It felt like the whole franchise was... rebooting let's say. As Mr. BF said it - going back to the roots, waay back - Codename Eagle back. So then we had WW2 and now we will get... Vietnam again?

    There's obviously a plan. Recently I watched the Noclip documentary about Creative Assembly. And they said they have dozens of eras and time periods they can make Total War games about. It's only a matter of which one and when.

    I assume it's similar with DICE, since they are dealing with real history. It's not like they have made anything original since Mirror's Edge. They are obviously not going to make 2 games in similar settings one after another. That would be crazy.

    Forget about BF3 and 4, those were a long time ago. And BC and BC2. None of those count. BF 1943 sneaking its way between them only helps my case. Remember when that was coming to PC? And PC was the main focus for BF3? Those were the optimistic days, without coronaviruses slowing down human progress.

    I really do think the next Battlefield is going to be either modern or Vietnam era. At this point I don't prefer either though. I've seen them both done and judging by what's been done before I know exactly what it will be.

    That's the thing. It's all too predictable. The last time I was surprised by DICE's choice for a BF game was BF1, because it seemed like the least likely option of all. You wanna know what they would do in a Vietnam setting? Burning vegetation. Yay for napalm and flamethrowers. Burn that jungle and village into the ground - better Levelution/Destruction baby! That's what I would do.

    But would they even do that much? Or will it be a case of BF1 to V levels of improvement? Same was with 3 to 4. That's something that bugs me btw. How some games just make others in this franchise completely obsolete. BF4 had the commander and spectating features back, two things we really could've used in 3.

    There was so much excitement around BF3. The community, not EA or DICE this time, wanted to turn it into esports, wanted to make machinimas, like the good old days. But nah, there was zero support or features facilitating that. DICE has wanted to reignite that flame with newer games but everybody went to CSGO, you doofers.

    The only reason left to go back to 3 is for the maps (which there weren't that many great ones IMO (the only one I cared about, Caspian Border, was ported... and then that abomination called Metro, which was ported to BFV, but why? Why do you do this to yourself guys?)).

    With older games that aren't being rebalanced actively there's also the problem of CAS. And this seems to be a problem in all games that have this feature. Including BF2, BC2, BF3, etc. They become too OP. For example, Caspian Border for me is not as enjoyable as it used to be, because the Russian Mi-28 watches everything you do like Sauron's Eye or something. Even people in PR complain that CAS is either too OP and that nothing can lock onto it or CAS is too easy to shoot down and a worthless asset. Somebody somewhere has to figure out a way to balance these things in all games, forever (that's a joke btw).

    As I said before, the first few BF games had a reason to exist for the vastly different circumstances under which the wars took place in them. With some of these newer games it just doesn't feel like that. I guess that's most apparent with 3 and 4.

    You want another reason to not come back to BF3 though? I will give you 2 even. Singleplayer campaign and Co-op. Where do I start with those? Let's first agree that we don't need them. Like at all. Want proof? Name me a single character from BF3, 4, HL, 1 or 5. I only remember the word "wrecker" from somewhere, but can't put a finger on it. Maybe it was from COD?

    I know some people buy COD for the campaign only because they are old and bad at MP games, but does BF need to be that as well? I don't buy the argument that including a SP portion doesn't hurt the MP, that it's just extra, done by a separate team inside DICE or whatever.

    A more naïve Deviro would've bought that in 2012, but it's almost 2021. Every piece of content we get is despite of something else. That level design resource could've gone for more maps, hell, just better maps. All that time used to make custom SP shit that you need to tell a story could've been spent on an actual tutorial.

    And don't give me that crap that SP is a tutorial for the MP. Maybe for somebody who has never played games before they can learn how to use WASD and move the mouse, but what the fuck does a linier rail shooter with QTEs have to do with capturing a flag or even something as simple as repairing a tank?

    It's too many things in one thing. BF3 was basically marketed as 3 games in one. Wow, what a deal. It turned out what we paid for was 1 good thing and 2 pieces of trash we didn't need but were included in the price anyway. How cool is that? I will reiterate what Totalbiscuit said years ago - it would be pro-consumer if we could choose which pieces of these megalithic games we could buy, piece by piece, since they serve completely different purposes anyway.

    But don't turn this into a hell of microtransactions and paid expansions with maps. Thank God that shit is over and hopefully for good. You want to know something funny related to that? DICE actually said at one point during BC2s lifecycle that they would never charge for maps. Look how that turned out to be. Maybe they only meant it for the BC game in question, but it didn't come off as that at all, and history is our witness in how much they loved charging us for maps, game modes, vehicles, weapons, skins and loot boxes.

    "EA don't make games, they make products" said SkillUp one time and I couldn't agree more. But that raises a question - products for who? And if we want to further tie it with the illustrious history of the BF franchise - games for who?

    See, this is something everybody likes to bring up, but not talk at length about. Let's try to talk about the generational divide between BF players. Sure, I'm an old fart who likes BF2 and I will not have it any other way. But I'm not at the centre of this universe.

    BF is almost at the unreasonably low European drinking age of 18. If somebody played BF 1942 in their teens or even twenties, now they are in their 30s or 40s. Who should the next BF game really pander to? The recent fans of BF1/5? Older BF3/4 era players who made the franchise mega popular? Or BC fans? Or big mouths like me who refuse to shut up about the even older days?

    There're too many of us guys. Entirely too many voices need to be heard. Hell, I'm sure Mr. BF is having nightmares about this every night. If anything, some aspects of BF5 were to appease people like me, with spotting, revive and resupply mechanics being changed (none of it mattered to me though when I was told not to buy the game for being a sexist fuck).

    I'm not going to lie, every time that BF reveal season comes around May, I'm hopeful. I'm hopeful this is the one. They might finally pander to me as well. That never happens of course. There's always something not right about these games. They might do 5 things right, but for every good deed a bad curse follows my fandom.

    My BF generation, the real veterans of this franchise, not fake Trevor Noah BF3 kiddies, are fucked. We don't matter anymore. We are pandered to in the negative meaning of the word. "Wake Island is back guys!"; "Yeah, thanks DICE. BRB, I need to pay my mortgage."

    In fact, DICE has pandered to older players by remaking older maps multiple times. And I'm not going to lie - I love that shit. I eat it every time. I bought BF4 just because of the Dragon Valley remake. The Back 2 Karkand expansion for BF3 was godlike on the surface and that 16-year-old me was giddy with joy when we saw the trailers.

    But I have to admit that in the end those maps didn't work like they did in BF2. Fog, vehicles, classes and all that made them play too differently IMO. Plus, some major level design changes made my beloved Gulf of Oman a shell of its former self. I will spare you from that rant, I am merciful after all.

    If anything, I would encourage DICE to keep remaking older maps that were genuinely good, not Metro "good". Look at how Valve has remade Dust2 time and time again for over 20 years now and it still plays great.

    I just realized - if the next game is BC3 then that would make it more than 10 years since the last one was out in March 2010. It's already been more than 10 years? Fuck man, I was in school back then.

    But I actually think there's a light at the end of the tunnel, at least for some out there. Not sure if you heard, but recently EA did a good thing, an actual good thing. Not something like Andrew Wilson pretending not to be an actual comic book villain (the guy doesn't age and wants to outlive Jeff Bezos it seems, that's a little bit suspicious).

    An actual good thing by re-releasing some old C&C games, but don't expect me to praise them for selling us a thing we bought when I was less than a single digit year old. They also released the source code for those games. And you know exactly where I'm going with this, let's do some maths, just for fun.

    If C&C is like 25 years old and they are releasing source code now, how much would we have to wait for the BF2 source code? 2005... plus 25... equals = in ten years as of writing this article. For an evil megacorp, that's not that bad actually. Chav's and Wicca's kids might actually care, lol.

    But I really do think one day that will happen. How much of an impact will it have on Project Reality doesn't matter. What matters is that we win. Too little, too late? Maybe. Probably.

    I can't recall if I talked about this in my last 2K words essay, but I really think a more community oriented BF game, even as a sort of experimental spin of side project (and other words distancing it from the bombastic sensory overload we have right now) will emerge at some point. I could totally see it happening without EA being at the top helm, but even with those overlords I can see it.

    The larger gaming industry needs to just nudge in the right direction and a whole lot of creativity will be enabled by studios like DICE, who fill finally get their head out of their asses.

    It's been 10 years since people have been waiting for moding tools for Frostbite! Another thing that might be too little too late. But where do you think these Minecraft kids will erect virtual penis-like structures in the future? Preferably in video game moding tools. We will all be too old for it at that point, living in the VR zone, afraid to go out because of Corona 12.7-January Edition. But it will be another victory. Fuck the naysayers.

    Here's a thing that bugs me (I'm just going through the list at this point, don't judge me) - predictions and wish lists people make for the next BF game before it releases. Stop it. Most of whatever we even manage to conceive with our little brains has already been cut or put in the list of things they will rehash with the next game.

    If you want to make suggestions for BF 2021, don't even bother. It's too late. Say your prayers for BF 2023 today and make your feedback heard right now. Then you have a chance.

    While listing the dozen features before, I forgot some crucial ones that escaped my mind, even though I was thinking about my lord and saviour BF2 the whole time. I forgot about the battlerecorder.

    Hey DICE, how about including that in BF 2023? If a garbage Korean studio with no experience in UE4 can implement it in PUBG, then you, a premiere European video game legend, who has developed its own cutting edge and multi genre engine, can do it as well.

    Don't even mention the words "esports" and "competitive" in your BF 2023 reveal if you don't have a battlerecorder and spectating feature. Everybody just needs to look at Blizzard with Overwatch: a great casual game, but a terrible esports experience - for the pros, viewers and by all accounts everybody it seems. (Wow, I managed to even mention Overwatch in this essay, that's something.)

    After writing for 2 and half a hours straight it's time for me to take a break. Might continue with more points. I might make a list of small things that give me gripe.

    Writing the next day here. I was wrong last night, it took me 5 hours to write the stuff above. 2 and a half is indeed too short. Somehow I forgot to do basic maths there, but late-night productivity does that to me. I get wired on one thing and my brain can't focus on other things.

    While waiting for the next day to come I thought of a few more things that I want to address.

    All of them could be put under the same general umbrella of "patches". What's up with the patches in these games man? Has any BF game ever launched smoothly? Not even my beloved BF2 didn't it seems, according to launch reviews and all that.

    I don't remember seeing or reading any fuss about BC2, but can't rule it out either, can I? 3 though. That thing was busted and some things never got fixed. 4 was notoriously broken and a whole other studio had to fix it while DICE Sweden was working on more DLCs to sell us, plus the Battlefront shit they were going to spit on our face a bit later.

    Hardline was busted and that never really got fixed with all that Visceral closure. BF1 was busted, still is busted according to some. And now we have 5, which is by all accounts, being abandoned.

    You wanna know which game wasn't abandoned long after new content stopped being made for it? BF2! You knew I was going to say that, don't act surprised. In all seriousness though BF2 might be DICE's longest supported game to date. I'm not talking about keeping the servers up, those are long dead (community made master servers are out there though, hoorah for that).

    I'm talking about the v1.5 patch for BF2 that was released in 2009. 4 years after launch and 5 BF games later (if you count Heroes). That's impressive and shows dedication. I'm going to assume it was done by some old-school devs before they left to make their own studios or something, which happens a lot at DICE (just ask that corporate ladder climber weasel Patrick Söderlund).

    You want to know what was in that patch? It was a patch larger than the entire original game, by a whole 8 MBs (haha), but it was still clocking at 2 GBs. It added widescreen support, larger memory pool allocation, removed DVD-ROM DRM requirement, plus added new content and made the 2 booster packs free, which added even more content.

    Can you imagine that happening today? I know DLCs have become free for limited time occasionally for BF 3 and 4, but nothing like this has been done to any of the BF games released in the last 10 years.

    I can hear the naysayers saying "Well the newer games don't really need to be updated, they work just fine". While that's mostly true, some things really need to be fixed with older games. Like BF3.

    Remember when BF became an Origin exclusive? We huffed and puffed but ultimately understood they weren't going to budge on it. The scarier and at the time dumber decision that annoyed people was the fact that they removed the server browser in the PC version.

    To this day they haven't reverted it to how it's in normal games. Also FFS, just give people BF3 Premium for free at this point. How much losses will you suffer for it? Or is this a plot to get more money from Project Venice players?

    And have you seen how every game post 3 is in the same launcher? Even the black sheep of the family, Hardline, is there to remind us of how stupid EA is.

    Speaking of how stupid EA is. Isn't it funny how all these EA titles are making their way into Steam after EA has had its worst streak of public relations, ever? Funny how exclusivity doesn't matter after bombing one game after another, year after year.

    But I want to go back to those patches and transition to a topic that would make me a lot of enemies if I was a YouTuber. But I'm not, at least not a bona fide BF one. I make PR videos for my friends, it doesn't count.

    I want to preface this by saying that I've long stopped watching BF YouTubers. The only people I'm subscribed to still are the aforementioned Battle(non)sense and Luetin09. Though they both have expanded their content well beyond only BF, with the latter being even more jaded than me somehow, making only 40K stuff that I don't follow.

    But YT is still YT and it recommends stuff to me, so I see these videos from well known "tactical FPS" channels that just don't make any sense to me. Before a new BF launches they fall over themselves by speculating and pointlessly wishlisting everything they can think of.

    On launch they hype everything up and say how great the new game is and how much they enjoy it. After the DLC cycle starts they cover every little piece of news with a separate video and all that. Well, they do that all the time actually, who am I kidding.

    A year into a games' lifecycle it becomes apparent that this game is also shit, like the previous 10 and DICE won't do anything about it. The mass complaining starts. How this game failed. How it's unacceptable for DICE to do this and how they should do better next time. Roll a dozen videos of perplexed YTs.

    I've seen this cycle time and time again for multiple games. With BF5 we are now in the "How the hell did this happen again myaan?" stage. At least Tarkov had a wipe so we can cover that right? Oh look, they teased the new BF in that EA Play Live event!

    Next year, 6 months or so before BF6s release we are going to see the same videos pop up: "DICE needs to do this", "This is the last chance I give BF". Followed by 20 videos of them covering the game pre and post launch.

    Grow a spine, you little cowards! Don't be like those MW boycotting idiots. It's the naivete that pisses me of. We give these companies another chance every year and they still find a way to disappoint us. How many times can this happen before enough is actually enough? I want an actual number. That way I will at least know when this bullshit will stop. They call you "gamechangers" but the game EA is playing has stayed the same - excite, disappoint, repeat.

    Closing words

    Anyways, I don't have much more flame left in me to continue ranting. The thing that surprised me while writing this was just how easily all of this flew out of me. I haven't sat down to write 5 hours in one sitting in a while. Usually I have to write chunk by chunk, but all of those pieces have different tones, lots of rewrites and paragraph positioning have to be done in the end. Best writing sessions are when you just get everything out of your system in one go. It's incredibly rare for me.

    Something else I find difficult about writing long pieces is how there's something I always forget to include. The list of things I can complain and bring up when it comes to BF seems endless really. I could've talked more about moding, Project Venice, classes, balance, cut features, the CTE program, how DICE dropped the teamwork initiative from that and so on for example.

    Or went in depth about how I really felt about individual games in the moment, the energy and atmosphere they exuded over me and others. I can probably do that best for BF3 actually. I got a new machine just to play it at the time. So did many others as there was a report of PC hardware sales having a significant uptick around the launch of it. It was like people buying PS3s and Xbox 360s around GTAVs initial launch (because no big game can have a single launch these days).

    I really cared about BF3. It brought back features that were absent from BC: proning, jets and more focus on conquest... Actually, not that much when you think back. I cared what it would do for the franchise, because I was tired of the limitations imposed on the series by console ports and parity and engines and whatever the fuck else are people's excuses.

    I don't want to be that guy who hates consoles, I don't consider myself to be part of the PC master race BS (only because I read that they are actual Nazis (Nazi references in 2020 go really well I heard)). (Am I getting into this in my closing section? Why am I making this any longer?) I don't care who plays the game I play, but don't tell me that more complex (and most importantly "truly mature" (actual cringe)) games play as well on consoles as PCs.

    You can always work to make things better. But BF2 doesn't belong on consoles (and Modern Combat doesn't count, before you try to bring that thing into this conversation). You could say DayZ has somehow managed to find its way onto consoles, but you need to account for the enormous work Bohemia had to put into its inventory and controls systems to make it playable. "It's not like ArmA 2 was great to control on PC anyway", also true. But the flexibility and options made available on PC greatly enhance the player's experience.

    And without moding, custom servers and all that jazz BF2 wouldn't be same thing even if it was magically ported and released on consoles as well. You can have the game, but the experience is not the same. I understand why consoles exist, but they are waay too streamlined and limited when it comes to options, alternatives and customization.

    I ain't a jock or a drama student or old enough yet to not be able to use a PC and switch to console gaming. I will keep banging on this keyboard and spewing nonsense until I can't. (Really becoming righteous there ha?)

    But going back to on topic with some closing words: I don't know what the title of this article is right now. You obviously do, but I feel like I will need to read this over and over again until I find a name for it. I usually start with a title and then proceed from there. This time it wasn't different. Right now this file is called "beef with the battlefield franchise.rtf", but that's a terrible title that's not catchy either.

    But if I really had to close the article with some important sounding words that would try to redeem the crime against writing that was done here, I would say this on the subject:

    I don't really care if the next BF is modern or in Vietnam, good or bad, panders to me or somebody else. These are just the ramblings of a bored mind. Maybe you had some fun for half an hour as well. I'm not worried, because BF will rise and fall again without _________.

    How should this article end? Answer below and don't forget to subscribe to this thread and ring your bellend.

    A: me, a sad boy
    B: a question
    C: us, the real veterans (and by that I mean the Project Reality players. We do deserve better than the awful treatment we've gotten, but some of the blame is on us. You would be a madman writing nonsense about an unrelated topic in the biggest PR community forum if you thought otherwise. I've been actually thinking about this recently and was writing a 3rd part to my 7K series, talking about my childhood and shit. I've realized that the biggest problem the PR community has faced has been integrating new players into its community. The mod becoming standalone is considered a huge turning point for the quality of players and servers the game has had since. And obviously the bogeyman we scare newbies with, whose name shall remain out of this terrible plot for a joke is also to blame. But in all seriousness, I need more time to process the effect this influx of players had on PR. (There's something to be said about how I perceive BF's success and PR's rise and fall in popularity. This topic also requires some thought.) In the meantime I managed to write this... whatever this is, in like 5 days (plus a bunch more to refine it). The other thing about my childhood, life and all that BS has been put on hold for the meantime. WTF?! When did this Cunt of a prompt get so long? Jeez.)

    P.S. - Oh and hey, please share this around, send it to your moody friend or something (don't send it to your mom though, we are busy tonight (that was almost funny)). I hate asking for people to actually subscribe to my channel, give me likes and all that. It's begging for attention, but I heard it gives the numbers a rise. Can you feel the slimy mucus? Oh, that's because I said the word "EA" so many times.

    P.S. 2 - Here's a 5AM thought that came to me after I took a massive shit in the middle of the night (this is day 3). I'm typing this here because this article will never end and it's such a great idea to post your raw thoughts online: I don't care if EA hides its taxes in Andrew Wilson's well combed pubic hair (you thought I wouldn't look there, didn't you?) and wants to boast about profits like Activision's Bobby Kotick, whose horns get visibly longer every time they fire people. We will eat the rich at some point anyway, don't worry (or maybe they will eat us first (all I'm trying to say is "I will eat your ass EA!")). I don't care if EA wastes its money on blow and hookers (which they definitely do), I don't even care if they buy reviews left and right. They tried to pay me to make up a bunch of shit about them, but I'm doing it for free, right now, because they are nice guys. But in all seriousness, I just want them to make Battlefield great again (I am a Trump supporter BTW, living in the UK). If not for me, then for you at least. The BF series has so much potential to be better. At its core it's such a simple concept, that can be expanded on greatly, that watching it destroying itself breaks my heart.


    P.S. 3 - I'm also a bit mad they shut down the old BF forums like 10 years ago. I didn't use them or anything. But I'm a little bit sensitive when it comes to history getting erased. Fuck you for that as well Daniel Matros, thought we forgot about ya didn't ya? Though you were more handsome than Robert Bowling, I will give you that.

    P.S. 4 - I know previous paragraphs and post scripts had a better punchline to end on, but hang on with me for a second, this is the fourth day of me writing. And if you think this is too long or something, you did this to yourself. If you've made it this far then you are either fascinated with what else I can bring up related to BF or are actually getting something out of this. Otherwise you just want to be mean and is wasting your own time and will blame me for it. That sounds mean and I want to apologise. Of course I'm thankful you are still here in this brief moment of time we've both intersected by complete chance (if that's even a thing). And let's be honest, the end of this article is a lot more fun to read than the "normal" part. I've made a lot of more riskier arguments and the next one is no different, so let's get into it. This paragraph is going on long enough as it is. I should've put this somewhere else in this thing, but let's make it even weirder. This morning I woke up at like 6 AM and even more ideas sprung in my head in terms of what I wanted talk about. As I said before, there's always something more. One of those mechanics I should've talked more is the spotting one. I mean, what was up with these doritos for like 5 games or so? Remember when you used to have to use your eyes to see enemies? I'm a gamer and I love Doritos, but I'm also a gamer and whenever I see a dorito I think of Geoff Keighley's slightly unnatural stare. Do we, the gamers, have to be subjugated to that? And how the fuck did it take you, DICE, so many years to realise how busted and detrimental that mechanic was to your game? I understand having it there if it was for a game or two, but also for a game set in WW1!? Immersive my ass. Speaking of immersive ass, let's talk about that whamen. Here's the core of the problem with the line of thinking the slacktivism game jurnos employ: we don't need to emasculate and lie about women in WW2, who were undeniably important for the cause. And nobody is saying that they did nothing. They were involved in limited numbers and it warried by country and role. But why is EA pandering to a vocal minority in our society who don't have our interests in mind and can never be satisfied in this volatile political climate? Does anybody actually believe that EA cares about women or those who sacrificed their lives in WW2? Corporations exist for one sole purpose - make all the money. They will do anything to make more of it at the expense of morals, ethics and laws. They will donate a pitiful amount of their annual gross profit to charities while evading taxes and rewarding their leadership with exuberant amount of bonus pay checks. Let's all not act like women were in this franchise for the first time in BF5. They were in BF1 as well and I don't remember the internet splitting apart for it. You know what I remember people were disappointed in? That the game had no trench warfare and that there were too many automatic weapons. Things related to authenticity. The same things they didn't fix in BF5 if you ask me. Both allied and axis weapons for everybody? I've never liked that. I believe a faction should feel distinct, even in their selection of weapons. Nobody expects BF to turn into PR overnight (except me) with realism turned up the wazoo. If you want to do dumb stuff with history, don't label it as history. Do it in an alternate reality where you can tone down or exaggerate anything you want (like Wolfenstein). Because you will never manage to portray it in multiplayer and it be historical. If we wanted things to stick to reality we would get into arguments like these:

    "Let's say in this conflict 5% of soldiers were female, so if we multiply 64 by 5 over a hundred, we get a maximum of 3.2 players, make it 3, who are allowed to play as a woman. Maybe if we take some of their limbs away we can reach a 3.2."

    "Yeah but that's unfair to everybody else. It also goes completely against letting players customise their soldiers."

    Size, scale and composition of battles, armies and places have never been accurate in BF games. And they don't have to be. That's the beauty of BF - it condenses everything down to give that illusion of a battlefield. But radically altering real facts for the sake of pushing your politics down other people's throats makes no sense. Most BF games portray fictional wars and for a good reason. Is DICE afraid that Iran and North Korea will ban them again? Fuck those countries and their regimes of oppression. Just imagine how fun BF5 could've been. We saw a glimpse of it with the last major DLC we got. Stop reinventing the wheel in terms of format and mechanics. What we got was a game torn between ideas. A product without a solid vision behind it. A vision that started to form, but ultimately abandoned. Live service gaming is fraud! You know what game is immersive? PR, for its gameplay. Not the graphics or sound. For its social aspects and making you actually use your noggin. I know DICE have become undeniably good at visuals and audio, but they have failed to fill them with meaning or substance. BF5 was a cowardice attempt at being woke and at the same time trying to sell it to people who just want to escape that everyday apocalyptic siren that the media rings. And that noise can be heard loud and clear from game jurnos as well. Maybe we should've all payed more attention when DICE said "Battlefield like you've never seen before". I'm probably straying too far from garmez, but does anybody remember that time an evangelical Christian group was mad about the USB symbol? The little fork thing. They said it looked like the devil's pitchfork. And everybody laughed at them for being coocoos. We have the same now with the left. The all accepting and all tolerant, cancelling everything and everybody deemed not progressive enough for their church of woke. Horseshoes man. It's all whack. I'm not going to lie, I'm scared what could happen if this article falls in the wrong hands. In the hands of people who want to destroy everything of the old and rebuild it with... they don't even know what. Which should be worrisome, no?

    P.S. 5 - I promise this is the last one. A whole lot of blabbering wouldn't be the same if I didn't try to wash my hands as well, would it? Sure, I do romanticise BF2 and hold it to a very high regard in the pantheon of many, many BF games that have come out since. I watched a video by somebody called MarbleDuck who talked about why BF5 actually failed (I couldn't resist it guys). In it he mentioned how games like MW2 or BF2 would simply fail if they were released today. And how BF2 has some deep flaws. Which you might think I didn't go over because I'm just a fanboy. While I am a fanboy, I also must confess that the more I have played BF2 over the years, the less patient I have become with it as well. See, I've revisited that game every year sine its launch for a few weeks of nostalgia. But the last few times I did it, it has become less and less of a nostalgia trip and more of an annoyance to listen to the commander barking spotted enemies or nade spam which I endured up until now, plus the arty spam and just fucking spam in general. The game is hard to get into in 2020. BF2 was a phenomenal game in 2005, there was nothing else like it at the time, but these issue have become more and more detrimental to my enjoyment as the years have gone on. While players like me, my breed, is dying are still longing for a proper successor to BF2, we are slowly, one by one giving up on that idea. BF3 was supposed to be that, but it wasn't. That illusion that it was is long gone. BF4 is the closest we might get. BF5 was doing some interesting changes, inching towards that BF2 formula/balance. But these newer games are just not designed from top to bottom to be that. In my humble opinion there's too much focus on infantry gameplay and vehicles are just power suits that we put on at this point. Remember the ships in BF 1942? Fucking controllable ships! Where's that meld of RTS and FPS gone? That straight face appearance, but also the goofball-ness and fun below the surface. These newer BF games not only fail to be good BF games but just fail on a fundamental level to execute on their themes. WW1 or WW2 don't feel like WW1 and WW2. They feel like the same old fast paced, inf focused BF, that for some is tolerable to buy and play over and over again, but for me I'm done. This is where I get to plug games like Project Reality and Squad. I just wish DICE could focus more on making a game for us to play, rather than a product for EA to sell. I will reiterate what I said at the beginning: BF is too big for its own good with trying to please everybody. The BC games might've been the purest games in the Frostbite engine - focused primarily on one game mode where the rock, paper, scissors aspect was executed the best. I don't play BF exactly and only for that, but I can admire the effort. I used to play these games for the scale, maybe even roleplay (lol much?). The abstract, but still believable way it portrayed a battlefield with vehicles, inf, objectives, logistics and atmosphere and whatever else fascinated me as a child. I was into this shit until I discovered PR. Discovered something much better and closer to what I was trying to get out of BF. Maybe it was a mistake to waste so many years into enjoyment, followed by anger and regret. Do I really feel that way? Am I that bitter and obsessed? In a way I must be, otherwise I wouldn't do this. Kind of a therapy.

    While I could bring up many other things and just go into insane levels of nit picking and analysing of almost every individual game and mechanic in it, I think this is where I should stop. This essay-article(-letter?) is already a Frankenstein's monster of a patch work, long past that state it was after the initial 5 hour write session it started with. I've done what I hate doing which is keep adding and adding and adding, until you can see the cracks between the single flow of thought it used to be and should be at the end. It becomes hard to keep track of what you believe in and whether you conveyed it or not. Right now I'm staring entirely too close into the article and that alienation of your own work is starting to creep up, the doubts. But alas, we must persevere.

    P.S. 6 - I'm sorry but when and where else can I make this joke as a last fuck you? Which is: Thank you for listening to my TED talk. That is all.

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    now that's more than 6k words I guess
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    Can you write my dissertation?
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    Ah man I don't have the energy to read this :frown:
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    There's not enough cocaine in the world for anyone to read this post fully, but good job.
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    no doubt that you are a very good writer, and the topics are interesting to this community. But in 2020 it's going to be very hard to convince people to read a post like this:
    Might I suggest a more blog like format, maybe hosted on this forum?. a weekly digest of your thoughts could be really interesting, without having to sit down and read a book.
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    Could someone produce an audiobook of this and upload it to audible?
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