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Announcement Contact! - The fourth Campaign Battle! 6th of April

Discussion in 'News' started by Wicca, Mar 31, 2019.

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    Contact! - The fourth Campaign Battle!


    The fourth Campaign Battle

    Date: 6th of April
    Time: 18:00 UTC
    Server Password: TBA in TeamSpeak at 17:45UTC
    Map: Khamisiyah Custom AAS Standard

    2 x Eurofighter (20 minute delay, 20 minute respawn)
    1 x Tornado (20 minute delay, 20 minute respawn)
    2 x NH-90 (5 minute respawn)
    1 x Huey (5 minute respawn)
    3 x Leopard 2A4 (20 minute delay, 20 minute respawn)
    2 x PUMA IFV (10 minute delay, 10 minute respawn)
    3 x Logi Trucks (5 minute respawn)
    3 x Trans Trucks (5 minute respawn)
    2 x G-wagon unarmed (5 minute respawn)
    2 x J10 (20 minute delay, 20 minute respawn)
    1 x Su30k (20 minute delay, 20 minute respawn)
    2 x Mi-8 (5 minute respawn)
    1 x Z9 (5 minute respawn)
    3 x ZTZ-99 (20 minute delay, 20 minute respawn)
    2 x Type 86G (10 minute delay, 10 minute respawn)
    3 x Logi Trucks (5 minute respawn)
    3 x Trans Trucks (5 minute respawn)

    [BGB] Battle Group Bravo [RIF] Rapid Interdiction Force
    German Defense Forces Chinese Armed Forces

    Congratulations to RIF for winning the third battle!

    Holding the line never looked harder, RIF managed it though, taking the win:


    We are awarding 12 points to RIF and 4 points to BGB, bringing the total number of campaign points to:

    RIF: 29
    BGB: 19

    Here is the admins' perspective of the battle

    Although most likely according to plan, both teams spend a lot of effort focusing on their rear and flanks instead of the flags in the deployment and initial opening of this round.
    With the rear finally cleared the BGB team gathers their forces to push out the RIF team from their position north of the primary objectives. It takes effort and time, but RIF must yield to a superior local force.
    With the north cleared, the first BGB waves start amassing against the RIF flag, with some disruption caused by the APCs and rear guard action nothing major is stopping BGB from taking the flag other than the sheer will of RIF. A long drawn out battle commences between the flags showing that attack is not always the favourable solution.
    Although perhaps a more fun map to play than Fools, not much has changed in the manners of how these teams behave in the field. It will be exciting to see how a 4k map will treat the teams doctrines as they trade their light armor with combined arms jets and tanks. Good job both teams!

    Link to Tracker
    Link to Battlerecorder

    When are the other battles? And what factions will they have?

    You can find all information regarding the maps and their asset layout here. There will be custom maps and factions, and after each battle, the losing team will pick the faction for the next battle.


    • Want to contribute to the tournament? Apply here.
    • Interested in taking up a leadership role in one of the teams? Apply here.
    • Want to become a grunt and play in the battles with your favorite kit? Apply here.
    Map download

    You will find the Contact! map pack installer here.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    ribbons will come soon. I was just a bit busy this week.

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