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Announcement Contact! - The first Prep Battle! - 18:00 UTC, 26th of January

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Jan 12, 2019.

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    Contact! - The first Prep Battle!


    The First Preparation Battle

    Date: 26th of January
    Time: 18:00 UTC
    Server Password: TBA in TeamSpeak at 17:45UTC
    Map: Dovre Winter (Vanilla) AAS STD

    Russian Assets | 700 tickets
    1 x Mi-8 (10 minute delay, 10 minute respawn)
    1 x BMP-3 (15 minute delay, 15 minute respawn)
    1 x BMP-2 (15 minute delay, 15 minute respawn)
    2 x Logi Truck (5 minute respawn)
    3 x Trans Truck (5 minute respawn)
    1 x GAZ Tigr Support (5 minute respawn)
    2 x GAZ Tigr (5 minute delay, 5 minute respawn)

    German Assets | 650 Tickets
    1 x Bell UH-1D (10 minute delay, 10 minute respawn)
    1 x PUMA IFV (15 minute delay, 15 minute respawn)
    1 x PUMA APC (15 minute delay, 15 minute respawn)
    2x TPz Fuch 1A8 (5 minute delay, 5 minute respawn)
    2 x Logi Truck (5 minute respawn)
    3 x Trans Truck (5 minute respawn)
    1 x Mercedes G-Wagen (5 minute respawn)

    [BGB] Battle Group Bravo [RIF] Rapid Interdiction Force
    Russian Armed Forces German Forces

    When are the other battles? And what factions will they have?

    You can find all information regarding the maps and their asset layout here.

    There will be custom maps and factions, and after each battle, the losing team will pick faction.

    What is the Contact! Tournament?

    To start off, there will be two teams, fighting over the course of 2 preparation and 7 regular battles. Battles will occur every other week with teams getting points added towards their total based on their performance.

    The preparation battles will not count towards winning the tournament, but give teams the ability to fix any problems they may have before the official start of the tournament.

    What factions and maps would we play?

    This will not be like your conventional PR game. We will use vanilla maps with custom assets pre-determined to ensure balance. So you might see Israel vs China on Muttrah with both sides having a tank or Germany vs France on Kashan with 6 tanks on each team. These are just two of the thousands of possibilities we have to work with.

    All the maps are made in an easy to download file which is available for for everyone to download and install.

    What are the victory conditions?

    While the victory of the battle is decided by who has more tickets, the tournament victor will be determined by total amount of points, which can be achieved from taking flags as well as winning the battle. More information can be found here.
    What does the winner get?

    You get absolutely nothing except bragging rights and fond memories of the time you had playing.
    Teams and commanders

    [BGB] Battle Group Bravo [RIF] Rapid Interdiction Force
    SCO - Woxbel - Netherlands SCO - Cassius23 - Poland
    CO - DesertFox - Croatia CO - Mattytoosack - USA
    1. Want to contribute to the tournament? Apply here.
    2. Interested in taking up a leadership role in one of the teams? Apply here.
    3. Want to become a grunt and play in the battles with your favorite kit? Apply here.
    Map download

    You will find the Contact! map pack installer here.

    List of Contributors

    They were not all in PRTA, but behind the scenes these individuals have contributed with their advise, opinion and efforts. We are grateful!

    System Admin Team:

    Media Team:

    Mapping Team:

    Tester Team:


    Project Manager:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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