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Information Combat Medic Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Fnixer, Nov 29, 2014.

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    Dec 14, 2013
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    [​IMG] Combat Medic Guide by Iceleetus. [​IMG]
    This guide will go through the basics of what each tool does, into a more complex topic such as healing players in dangerous zones, the role of a medic in combat, and the use of your squad to assist you revive players.
    The Kit:

    [​IMG] (Default keybind: "2" )
    Resuscitate is a tool designed to get bodies unstuck from the ground. (The Battlefield 2 ragdoll engine is quite buggy, so this is a needed tool.) When a body is stuck in the ground, you cannot revive the wounded person using the Epipen, you must lay down next to the wounded player, and use resuscitate a few times, then prick them with an Epipen.

    [​IMG] (Default keybind: "4" )
    The medical supplies are used to heal bleeding outplayers. You select the medical supplies, and aim your crosshair towards a bleeding player until the patching up is done. You will not be able to heal him any further once the patching up is done

    [​IMG] (Default keybind: "5" )
    The Epipen is a tool used to revive wounded players. You select the Epipen, prone down next to the wounded player and prick them with the Epipen. Make sure the player is not stuck in the ground, and if he is, use resuscitate to get him unstuck.

    [​IMG] (Default keybind: "6" ) Smoke. Icon/name varies between teams.
    Smoke is a very important tool that is used to create smoke screens around specific areas in order to assist squad/team advances in exposed and dangerous areas. Smoke is also used to cover up friendly wounded players, in order to revive them without the risk of death/injury.

    [​IMG] (Default keybind: "7" )
    You are supplied with 6 field dressings. You use the field dressings to heal yourself when you are wounded. (Each field dressing heals 25%) If there is no other medic located in your area, then you use the field dressing in order to stop the bleeding.


    1a. Patching up and Reviving
    Patching up a player means using the medical supplies on a bleeding player.

    2a. Injured/Bleeding out.
    The most common term used by players for being injured is "Bleeding out". To stop the bleeding you must use the medical supplies and patch the player up until the player has stopped bleeding out.

    3a. Wounded and "Dead dead". (Example screenshot for Wounded) --- (Example screenshot for "Dead dead")
    There is a difference between injured and wounded: Injured is bleeding out, and wounded is a person who was shot down and disabled, and may only be revived using the Epipen. "Dead dead" means a player cannot be revived anymore using the Epipen, and has to respawn.


    1b. Squad Awareness
    Using the squad map (Default keybind: Caps Lock) you can tell which squad member was wounded (not bleeding out) by seeing his name greyed out. You should announce this to the squad leader, and await orders; Do not act on your own accord.

    2b. Combat Awareness
    As a combat medic you should be aware of where the fire is coming from, in order to direct revived players to a safe place to patch them up (Use the local voice chat to direct them), and knowing the risks of reviving players in dangerous areas.

    3b. Bleeding out Awareness
    In order to be an efficient combat medic, you must know which squad members are bleeding out. If a squad member is bleeding out, and announces it in the squad chat, you try to reach the player using safe routes, and then patch him up once you're there. If the squad member is bleeding out and close to death, you ask the squad member to run towards you using safe routes, while you try to reach him at the same time.

    The "Combat" in Combat Medic:

    You are the last resort, and should not engage in combat unless it is necessary. You need to stay safe. You are the life-line of the squad, and cannot risk being killed. Listen to your squad leader, and follow his orders. Staying behind the squad members, and finding proper cover is key to avoid being hit from stray enemy/friendly fire, and being ready to jump on a squad member to revive/heal them.

    If you are killed, and have no other combat medic in the squad, or any friendly combat medics near-by, then a squad member will pick up your kit and get you up. You must announce your death in squad voicechat, and help them find your body using the local voicechat.

    Once you revive a player in a combat zone, before you patch him up, you must direct the player into a safe area (Using local voicechat and compass directions. ie: "Come towards the North behind this dumpster and face the South to cover us"), as to avoid taking fire while you are patching up a player. As covered before, combat awareness is key knowledge for this. You must know where the fire is coming from, and establish safe zones to patch players up.
    The Use of Smoke, and Squad:

    One of the risks of being a combat medic is putting yourself in dangerous situations in order to get a player up. Smoking the body of a wounded squad member is not enough, you must ask for assistance from your squad. Suppressive fire is key for a safe revive, it goes hand-to-hand with the smoke screen you create.

    Distraction Smoke:

    Throwing a smoke grenade into a different location may distract the enemy from your squad, and give you a window to revive a player. Throwing smoke on top of the body is too obvious and may lead to the enemy shooting into the smoke to suppress you.

    General Tips:
    Asking players to call out for a medic using the squad map, (Default keybind: Caps Lock) by opening the squad map and right clicking on "CALL MEDIC", it will show an icon on the map and you can use that to direct yourself to the player. A bleeding player can use the built-in command chat (default keybind: "Q") and call for a medic, and an icon will show up on the map.

    When you patch a player up, make sure you're not blocking his fire radius. You try to stay behind him while you're patching him up. Be aware of the surroundings while you're patching him up, as to alert him if things go south. (Not literally.)

    These guide was made by Iceleetus member of Spearhead, allcredits go to him!
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    Disnoxxio A Thorn in their side.

    Sep 3, 2013
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    Just edited, no quotes. Added last line for credits :smile:.
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    Nate. No Unit No Hope PRTA

    Mar 22, 2013
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    Medic tips:
    - Drop a patch on a player prior to reviving. This will enable him to sprint to cover right away when you revive him and healing time will be reduced. This will not work if you yourself are wounded. You'll just eat the patch yourself. Patch-revives should be for risky situations only.

    - A smoke grenade (right click) works like a strong resuscitate. Don't give up too early on stuck bodies. Drop a patch, recuscitate and smoke the body.

    - Before reviving someone, always make sure the person knows that he will be revived now and tell him where to go afterwards. Changing location after revive is crucial since the enemies know where they killed the wounded guy.

    (- If you believe in the PR god: When you are wounded/down and are about to be revived, move your mouse left to right on your screen really fast and revives will have a higher chance to work)

    Victim tips:
    - If you are wounded or dead-dead, what you type in the chat cannot be read by players that are alive.

    - Tell the medic where you went down and why and where from. Inform the squad about things that you hear. Don't spam comms for medic too frequently. If you died first, you should be revived first (usually: Squadleader first, then in order of wounded-time).

    - Have a look at the timer when you go down. You have 5 minutes until you bleed out.

    - After being revived. 2 minutes relaxing time!
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    Apr 6, 2014
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    The left and right thingy is kinda important if you get revived with a patch btw. Makes sure you actually take it cuz sometimes your player doesnt eat it immediately. Especially when laggin a bit or having high ping.

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