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Approved CheeseToast - Canada - EU Server Administrator

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by CheeseToast, Jun 24, 2019.

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    CheeseToast Guest Unit - THOT

    Oct 15, 2014
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    PR:BF2 Name:
    PR:BF2 CD Hash Key:
    Teamspeak Account:
    Discord Account:
    (1) Tell us about yourself:
    23, Living in Calgary Alberta Canada Been playing PR Since Early 2011.
    (2) Do you have any previous PR Administrative experience:
    (3) Why would you be a good PR Administrator:
    I would require a minimum amount of training as I know most of the admin commands from being in admins squads. I Feel that I would be capable at trying to keep the Server alive Even during "Dead" hours. Also active on PR.
    (4) What qualities make a bad PR Administrator:
    Admins Trying to Benefit themselves rather than the server For example Kicking/Banning players that TK the admin but not when other players are TK'd. Running 4Km Map votes with a 60 player server, letting their Friends/Clan members get away with breaking Rules but Punishing other players for the Same rules. Not taking care of reports in a timely manner.
    (5) What is your preferred role in a round of PR:
    HAT/LAT Infantry
    (6) If you could change our ruleset in any way, what would you change:
    I would probably change Mech inf Rules as Previously stated by others in Chat is that its only really for People who didn't get the APC Squad. I Would also change the ATGM Vehicles to APC Squad as in most cases (such as on the USMC layer of Khami) the APCS have no real Firepower if they come across an Enemy Tank.
    (1) Someone is throwing smokes at main:
    Warn the player for Smoking main.
    (2) You get a report of an enemy HAT camping DoD:
    Check the Map to confirm and warn the player to move back if its true.
    (3) You see another administrator abusing their powers:
    Record And gather as much proof and Witnesses as possible to make a proper report.
    (4) A player joins the Admin TeamSpeak channel and angrily demands they be unbanned:
    Refer them to the Ban appeals section of the PRTA Forums.
    Do you agree with the Declarations:
    (1) Is there anything else you would like to add:
    (2) Tell us a joke:
    1.6 PR is the New Half life 3 "never coming" meme
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    filamu Events PR Guest Administrator Guest Unit - Tournament Veterans

    Jan 23, 2013
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    Congratulations. you have been approved for a trial. Check your PMs.
    You will get access to the internal forums soon.
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