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Realitymod.com C13 #2 Prep Battle: Xiangshan

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Oct 23, 2017.

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    Apr 30, 2011
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    PRT Campaign 13
    Prep Battle 2 - RPX Victory

    The paddy fields and jungles of Xiangshan have now been confirmed as the latest hotbed of PMC activity. With the competition for Asian contracts rising, the Vanguard Operations Group decided to launch an attack against occupied Riamh Pax territory in an attempt to prove their supremacy to the global markets. Although they saw some initial success, VOG struggled to hold any ground they gained and after some hours decided to withdraw from the area, not without inflicting significant damage to RPX, who could only truly claim a Pyrrhic victory.


    PR Tracker Replay
    Score Screen


    The conclusion of the second prep battle indicates the beginning of the tournament proper, from this point onwards the outcome of all battles will carry meaningful impact and influence who ultimately wins the tournament.

    Following the new operations system, Yamalia has been chosen to be played first.

    Date: 4th of November 2017
    Time: Battle start 19:00 PRT
    Server Password: Announced 18:45 PRT
    Map: Yamalia Alt
    Teams: US (VOG) vs RU (RPX)
    No-Go Zone Rules: Click Here

    Gentlemen Agreements
    The leaders of both teams have agreed to NOT play the eastern route.
    Tickets will be equalized to 600 for both teams.


    We also want to welcome [T-CON]Raidonrai to the PRT staff. He will be helping with announcements and public relations. Most of the work preparing this very announcement has actually been taken on by him already. In addition, Raidonrai will be helping out with some long-term tournament projects.


    Reserve signups are now closed, all slots have been filled. Subscribe to this thread if you want be updated on when they open again!

    PR Tournament Website
    How-To Sign-Up
    Tournament FAQ
    Tournament Rules
    Battle & Practice Schedule
    Project Reality Discord


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