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Promoted BrothersCompany - Portugal - EU Server Administrator

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by BrothersCompany, Mar 24, 2019.

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    BrothersCompany CMENseed Powah PR:BF2 Administrator Seamen

    Feb 2, 2018
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    PR:BF2 Name:
    PR:BF2 CD Hash Key:

    (1) Tell us about yourself:
    l like PR. l like playing on PRTA and its staff, competent people and l would like to help them out. l want this to be a quality server where players know they will have someone looking out for them, especially in this period of PR

    l also want to tempban them hackers, its infuriating while seeding kicking hackers only for them to rejoin.
    In the latest Virus video where he was griefing on PRTA l only had the power to kick because there were so few admins on, l kicked him and he was making fun about the fact that he only got kicked: " Kicked PRTA admins"
    (2) Do you have any previous PR Administrative experience:
    l have been a seeder for 3 months, l sometimes help out when admins need help. My pipi goes big when l use comands so for the time being l like using comands and taking care of the server.
    (3) Why would you be a good PR Administrator:
    lm active and for now l have more free time than the majority of admins, that being in the morning and late at night due to my Time Zone. lm not too fast to jump on kicks. l like to at least try to understand the situation first.
    (4) What qualities make a bad PR Administrator:
    Power abuser, uses too many comands, too fast on kicking people, doesnt care about the !r you guys already know the stuff
    (5) What is your preferred role in a round of PR:
    Medic - SQL - TRANS pilot
    (6) If you could change our ruleset in any way, what would you change:
    "Do not attack caches or use heavy assets until there are atleast 40 active players on the server, unless it has been authorized by the admins (Heavy assets are vehicles with thermals/ or assets with caliber larger than 14.7mm)."

    l know this one has created a lot of trouble but l would like to add - dont destroy FOBs before 20vs20 during seeding time. l dont want every admin hunting down people that blow up the FOBs but l do want to be able to warn people and kick in extreme cases. lt helps out to kill the server and the players start laughing at us by not doing anything about it, especially the ones that are looking out for those players
    (1) Someone is throwing smokes at main:
    Ask him to stop, if he was reported and l was far away l would use warn comand
    (2) You get a report of an enemy HAT camping DoD:
    Dont care, rules have changed :biggrin: - l would inform in all chat that the rules changed
    (3) You see another administrator abusing their powers:
    Try to aproach him an tell him to chill down. lf he doesnt change his behavior and l would try to aproach senior admins and tell about him
    (4) A player joins the Admin TeamSpeak channel and angrily demands they be unbanned:
    Chill down dude, you did something to get banned, if it was unfair lm sorry, head to foruns and make a ban appeal
    Do you agree with the Declarations:
    (1) Is there anything else you would like to add:
    Map variation when we are the only server that is up
    (2) Tell us a joke:
    l wanted to tell this joke but Agus doesnt allow me :X

    Alternative joke
    *Speaks in terrible English accent*: "Squad Leader do you mind if l take the Sniper kit?"
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    Golden_Pilot For a good pilot, any weather is acceptable Tester

    Feb 10, 2019
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    agus92 Resident Moderator PR:BF2 Seeder 9ª Compañía de Infantería

    Jan 14, 2018
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    Terrry PR:BF2 Senior Administrator Guest Unit - THOT

    Feb 5, 2017
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    Thank you for your application BrothersCompany

    Thanks to your efforts over recent months and your application here, the admin team have voted to accept into the next step of the admin team.
    You have been promoted to Trial admin, a position which you will keep for a minimum of 1 month which may be revoked without notice. Subject to performance during this trial you may be promoted following it, or your trial may be extended.

    Please familiarise yourself with the admin guide in the admin forums and sign it once you have done so.
    Also please join teamspeak when you're able to so that the sysadmins can give you the permissions required on there.
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    filamu PR:BF2 Lead Administrator

    Jan 23, 2013
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    Congratulations BrothersCompany, your trial has been approved and you will be promoted to full admin.
    BrothersCompany likes this.
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