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Realitymod.com Battle #9 Sbeneh II / End of Tournament

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Mar 29, 2018.

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    PRT Campaign 13
    Sbeneh Outskirts

    Sbeneh saw a high level of intense close quarters combat, with both teams trying their best to overcome the constant influx of reinforcements to the main flags. While RPX initially found themselves capturing the Crossroads flag, the flag was never truly secure, with VOG managing to hold their own ground within the area. These VOG squads eventually managed to capture the flag for themselves, and with another squad on the next flag successfully managing to neutralise, things were starting to look difficult for RPX. With a rapid response, however, RPX successfully managed to secure their backline and make a push on to Crossroads, capturing that as well. With these flags under their control, a bold attempt for VOG's final flag was made by RPX but they couldn't quite manage to clear it out, eventually resulting in their loss.


    PR Tracker Replay



    With the end of Sbeneh, comes the end of the tournament. We hope all of the players have enjoyed their time in the last few months playing with eachother, and will continue to do so in the future on public servers. All players are welcome to continue wearing their [PR]VOG| and [PR]RPX| tags with pride, hopefully managing to spread the spirit and level of teamwork that we expect here.

    We are very happy with how the 13th Campaign has developed and we are very thankful for those who made it possible. First of all thanks to the Supreme Commanders of both teams, [PR]VOG|Mattytoosack and [PR]RPX|WebCole, as well as their Commanders, [PR]VOG|CAS_ual_TY and [PR]RPX|PeppeJ, without you this campaign could never have happened.

    We would also like to thank our C13 Contributors for their work in ensuring the necessary artwork and infrastructure was in place to make this campaign live up to the tournament standard.

    Finally we would like to thank each and every one of you that played in this tournament, from the reserves to the high command, you are what makes the tournament.

    We hope to see you all again later in the year for C14, so be sure to check back in every once in a while.

    The PRT C13 Staff:

    Lead Administrators


    PR Tournament Website
    How-To Sign-Up
    Tournament FAQ
    Tournament Rules
    Battle & Practice Schedule
    Project Reality Discord


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    Wow, this last battle actually looked like something

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