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Banned from your server

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Jack_Howitzer, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Sep 24, 2012
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    PR:BF2 Name:
    Today happened something very unexplainable. I went to your server (Op. Barracuda) and join a squad, squad leader was one of your admins. SQ leader asked me whether I had mumble or not and I said yes. He started asking again and again then I left the squad and made my own. Then I got kicked by ''Not having mumble'', fact being, I had mumble on, I answered yes on mumle and also typed in the squad chat that I had mumble.

    After 10 minutes ban, I joined again to server. I joined same squad to obtain a special kit, after that I made my own squad again. After these actions, I started moving towards objective in mind to attack. Then it came. Wait for it. A ban. Ban for ''stealing asset, not teamworking and not having mumble'', PER-FUC*ING-MANENT BAN. I had mumble, I DIDN'T STEAL A SINGLE ASSET, and I was attacking to flag so what the f**k was that? Are your admins high or what? Why I get perma banned by playing normally? I'd like to hear explanations, that ban was total overkill. Did the admin have something personal against me?

    My nick was a_tiny_little_ferret
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    CopyCat CopyCat Special Reconnaissance Force

    May 1, 2011
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    Probably Admin in question was mistaken, by accident about the mumble (as sometimes he might not hear you simply or the server script is incorrect) or you were simply not correct connected. Stealing assets in PRTA server also mean stealing curtain kits from a infantry squad is not allowed;

    Also to add to it, please use proper ban appeal template > Link.
    Read the Rules before making an ban appeal > Link

    And it is in your interest if you want to come back play on the server or not, therefore I suggest shape up that attitude and check the rules and facts before you start accusing the admin of some "out of the cloud accusations".

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    Philrow Philrow Lord Philrow of Hau5 Dead

    Dec 28, 2011
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    I'm fairly sure I saw the chat regarding this on our Xfire chatroom.

    If he couldn't hear you on Mumble, you most likely screwed up your settings. Make sure they're working, before going into a server.

    Kit stealing is something we don't tolerate, and is basically asset stealing, as their squad may have needed that marksman (I think it was marksman, can't remember exactly), which you took from them (it takes 5-10 min. for a kit to get requested again, if I remember correctly).

    Also, when making a ban appeal, make sure to use the ban appeal, located here: http://prteamwork.com/threads/ban-appeal-template.3313/
    Swearing also doesn't increase your chances for a unban.

    The admin who banned you will respond soon.
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    Ghostwolf Ghostwolf GREX - Vorsprung durch Taktik

    Jun 10, 2012
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    PR:BF2 Name:
    • You joined with a Grenade Launcher Kit into my Squad. Stolen from "Ciemny" Squad.
    • After I asked for mumble check, you didn't reply. Then, after jumping out of the AAV someone screamed/spammed mumble squad chat. I assume that was you.
      • !kick tiny: Because you spammed mumble, you didn't answer on questions. Because you stole "Ciemnies" Grenade Launcher, which they needed. They even contact me via mumble that they won't get it back from you. After several unreplied demands via mumble to give the kit back.

    • After 10 minutes you joined back into my squad, taking a Marksman out of it, without saying hello or anything. You just took it and opened your own squad.
    • I remembered your name and I remember that I kicked you because of stealing kits "assets".
      • !ban tiny: Because you do not respect teamplay. 2nd time kitstealing. Ignoring the reasons of the kick. Not communicating with squad.

      This is a teamplay server, where you ask the squadleader which kit you may take, or if you may take that kit out of the squad and make your own thing.
      And do not spam/scream in mumble.

      In my opinion we can lift the ban, after you made a correct ban appeal and read the rules.
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    Nov 22, 2011
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    I just want to note something to our community. This is the ban appeal forum. We appreciate that everyone tries to help and give this guy an answer. But please do no longer respond to this forum if you have no business here. Also admins, if you were not their at the time of the ban , please first look up chatlogs and br before responding before admins who actually witnessed the facts. Basically the only person who should have answered here is ghostwolf. Nobody else. This is the only way we can make sure that the ban appeal is fair and just with facts.

    But the help is appreciated :wink:

    as on topic, as by request of the admin who banned you, the next answer we want to hear form you tiny is a affermative answer that you have read our rules. Please do this by retyping rule 8.1 for us in this thread. You can find our rules here:

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