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Information Armoured Personal Carrier

Discussion in 'Guides' started by FFG, Dec 13, 2014.

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    This guide covers all light armoured personal carriers and Infantry fighting vehicles. The tactics can be used across the broad spectrum that covers the term that is an "APC".

    In this guide, I will talk about :
    1. Roles of the different crewmen and of the machine.
    2. The armaments of APC's
    3. Tactics of APC crews.
    4. What is the best tactic for your APC
    5. Etiquette of a Gunner and Driver team.
    6. Tips and tricks to extend the life of your APC
    ** Disclaimer : This guide consists of information from experiences had with members of my clan, A lot of the tactics work for us, this doesn't mean it may necessarily work with you. **

    1. Roles of the different crewmen and the machine.
    Wikipedia Defines a APC as such
    In Project Reality we call these IFV's. These fall under APC's on our servers. So a broader term is given to them.

    So what are the roles in operation of an APC? We will start from the front and move backwards.

    The Driver is the brain of the APC, He/She is the one who decides what road the APC goes on. He/She is also the one who acquires and relays targets to the Gunner. As well as communicating with other armour and infantry around.

    The Gunner is the fire power. He/She is the person who decides what to engage and how they should engage the targets. He is also the one constantly watching as to where friendly troops are located so that they don't harm friendly units.

    It is important to note that all of the tasks that one member has, can swapped between the different roles. This all comes down to the experience of the crew, not only with the machine, But also the familiarity of the crew with each other.

    2. APC armaments.

    As APC is a broad term, it is logical to think that APC's are all different. APC's can be armed with a vast arrangement of weapons. Example, a BMP -2 can be armed with an auto cannon, ATGM's, Coaxial Machine Gun, and a Grenade Launcher.

    It is important to understand what armaments the machine has, and the obvious limitations that it posses. I mean, you wouldn't match a lone Stryker against a BMP - 3. But you could see a BMP - 2 Matched against a Bradley.

    3. Tactics of APC crews.
    APC crew's can employ different tactics for situations. Here is a list off tactics and how they are used.

    1. TOW baiting - This is used when the enemy have a TOW emplacement. It is obviously suicide to engage a TOW if it is manned, But there is a brief time between rounds being chambered to engage the TOW. Baiting the TOW to fire is as easy as driving and peaking a corner, then reversing.
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