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Joinsquad.com Alpha 12.1

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Dec 9, 2018.

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    Apr 30, 2011
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    Hey soldiers,

    We've been working on getting the most heinous issues beaten in Alpha 12 and we're happy to present the patch notes for the hotfix! This update addresses a number of issues, but first and foremost would be the slow/no load issues that popped up with Alpha 12. That's not all, though: there's plenty of tweaks and fixes for everyone. Let's check 'em out:
    Patch Notes​


    • Large number of optimisations to foliage and UI texture sizes and streaming in of textures.
    • Optimised audio assets and sound cue variations in order to have a much lower memory profile.
    • Reduced individual .PAK file sizes by breaking the large content .PAK files apart into smaller chunks, which speeds up loading into the game as well as installing updates from Steam. As the file structure has been changed, this patch will be quite large.
    • Performance optimisations to the Squad Leader order widget.
    • Performance optimisations to the main menu map.
    • Removed player collision interaction on infantry ammo bags.
    • Tweaked the first person offset to closer match where the head and eyes are in third person when leaning left and right.
    • Unified the sub role drop-down interaction style across all role selection modes.
    • Increased Steam connection timeout from 60 sec. to 120 sec.
    • Updated layering of icons on the map. (Top to bottom: Spawn Points, Infantry, Vehicles, View cone, FOB Radio, Capture zone flag, Deployables, HABs, other Map Markers)


    Vehicle Gameplay​

    • Fixed an issue in the physics code gear mapping preventing the 6th forward gear on vehicles to work correctly and made sure RPM thresholds for shifting out of neutral gear are being respected, making driving up slopes in first gear much more manageable.
    • AT-4 HEAT projectile set to use Heavy Anti-Tank type damage. Increased AT-4 HEAT armor penetration capability from 350mm to 500mm. This is a temporary placeholder change to the AT-4 to give the US and GB factions an infantry HAT weapon system. When the actual GB and US HAT weapons are implemented, the AT-4 projectile specs will return to their original "light/medium" AT role.
    • Damage tweaks to guided missiles and rockets:
      • Trucks: 1 TOW to instantly kill, 1 HAT to burning, 2 LATs to burning
      • MATV/BRDM-2: 1 TOW to instantly kill, 1 HAT to burning, 2 LATs to burning
      • BTR, MTLB: 1 TOW to burning, 1 HAT + 1 LAT to burning
      • IFVs: 1 TOW to burning
    • Slightly decreased .50cal's armor penetration capability at medium (100-800m) ranges.
    • Made unarmored vehicles slightly more resistant to 25mm/30mm Autocannon High Explosive ammunition.
    • Increased Heavy Anti-Tank rocket armor penetration capability from 630mm to 900mm RHA penetration.
    • Light Anti-Tank standardised to 320mm RHA penetration.
    • Simplified armor distribution on the BRDM-2.
    • Tweaked camouflage netting on the M1A2 Abrams woodland cannon to not be as visually obtrusive from the gunners point of view.
    • Reduced armor thickness on the M1126 Stryker.
    • Simplified the collision mesh and distribution of armor on the T72-B3 hull slightly.
    • Increased coverage of heavy front turret armor on the T72-B3, but added a weak spot where the base of the gun attaches to the turret.
    • Reduced deviation on the RPG-29.
    • Removed physics kickback on all 25mm/30mm autocannons and the KPVT when firing.
    • Decreased overheat penalty on BTR/MTLB 30mm and ZU-23.


    Infantry Gameplay​

    • Narrowed L85A2/L22A2 and M4 series ironsight front post for better target visibility.
    • Unique Identity: Continued from the A12.0 release, weapon behaviour and handling has been tweaked in several ways to improve response and give each weapon family a more unique identity, as well as improving the effects of attachments like foregrips and UGLs.
    • Unique Identity: All weapons have received a pass based on their caliber and barrel lengths. E.g., the AK-74 and L85A2 families now have less recoil than the M4 family.
    • Focus Sway (ADS, focused) has been reduced.
    • Weapon Sway (ADS, non-focused) has been reduced.
    • Foregrips now decrease vertical recoil but increase horizontal recoil.
    • Underbarrel Grenade Launchers now decrease vertical recoil but increase Weapon Sway (ADS, non-focused).
    • Light Machine Guns and General Purpose Machine Guns have received a recoil and sway pass similar to Rifles in A12.0.


    Map Tweaks & Fixes​

    • Tweaked Ticket Counts on all AAS/RAAS map layers:
      • Tallil, Yehorivka - 350 Tickets.
      • Basrah, Belaya, Chora, Gorodok, Kamdesh, Kohat, Narva - 300 Tickets.
      • Fools Road, Kokan - 200 Tickets.
      • Logar, Mestia, Sumari - 150 Tickets.
    • Reduced ticket count for Skirmish map layers to 100 Tickets (from 150).
    • Reduced ticket count for Invasion map layers to 150 Tickets for Attackers/600 Tickets for Defenders.
    • Fixed various Maps having incorrect map descriptions on team select screen.
    • Fixed Main Base flipped vehicles for: Kohat AAS v1, Basrah Invasion v2, Fools Road RAAS v1, Mestia AAS v1, Mestia AAS v2, Mestia RAAS v1.
    • Fools Road RAAS_v1 moved Fortress flag to OP.
    • Fixed RU Main Base resource pool on Gorodok Invasion_v2.
    • Fixed crashing on Jensen's Range Skirmish v1.
    • Fixed incorrect flag setup Kokan Invasion v1.
    • Fixed incorrect CP names (Mohd Zai & Bahadur incorrectly labeled) on Kohat AAS v2.
    • Fixed odd ammo caches on Logar INS v1.
    • Fixed floating road segments in the north-west part of Mestia.
    • Fixed lighting on Mestia AAS v2.
    • Fixed Staging Zone boundary issues on Mestia Invasion v1 and Invasion v2.
    • Fixed ambient wind audio not playing on Tallil Skirmish v1.
    • Fixed map naming on Tallil Skirmish v2.
    • Fixed US Main Base resource pool on Tallil Skirmish v2.


    Bug Fixes​

    • Fixed a crash when a Squad Leader attempts to invite a player who has disconnected.
    • Fixed damage issues on several vehicles (including both tanks) caused by bugs in turret setup, mesh collisions and decoration configuration
    • Fixed being unable to move the camera in the FV510 commander seat.
    • Fixed T72-B3 fragmentation rounds dealing no damage to infantry on non-direct hits.
    • Fixed low-health/bleeding post-processing screen effects not playing during ADS.
    • Fixed UB-32 Rocket Technical's ammunition being treated as if it was an emplacement.
    • Fixed dead players not showing as dead in the Squad list UI.
    • Added a check for 'foliage.LODDistanceScale', to force exit the game if players modify this value to hide the foliage similar to the other .INI checks.
    • Fixed some map layers having incorrect faction descriptions and faction insignia.
    • Fixed extra apostrophe in the deployment confirmation message when spawning on rallies.
    • Fixed some team based mismatch issues relating to Roles and force revert of your role to default when it becomes unavailable.
    • Fix emplaced weapons not usable by other team when a player is shot out of it.
    • Fix emplaced weapons having incorrect bounds leading to weapon models disappearing occasionally.
    • Fixed main menu music not looping.
    • Fixed zeroing on the 300m and 400m settings for the RPG-29.
    • Fixed Neutral Technical DShK spawned near Village on Al Basrah RAAS v1 cannot be entered by either team.
    • Fixed a number of statics either having missing collisions or missing textures.
    • Fixed stationary SPG-9 doing slightly more damage than technical-mounted variant.
    • Fixed some vehicle explosions showing broken explosion animation effect.
    • Fixes to vehicle wreck collisions being desynced from their visual wreck model.
    • Fixed snow on Belaya not producing snow related interaction sounds.
    • Fixed Vehicle Driver UI RPM indicator showing incorrect values.
    • Fixed an issue where a selected but now locked role inside a drop-down list forces an unusable UI state.
    • Fixed Map & Team info mismatches in team select.
    • Fixed first person view being offset after leaving emplacement when entering an emplacement while freelooking.
    • Fixed Insurgent Radio ammo limit, now increased to 20,000.


    Mmm, those gearbox fixes speak to the logiboi in all of us. Get patching! We'll see you in-game!
    Offworld Out.

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