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Access to the tournament servers

Discussion in 'Information' started by Inspect, Jan 2, 2020.

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    Happy new year bois and girls (and Wicca)!

    In order to access the Contact! Tournament servers, your PRBF2 hash needs to be whitelisted. This means that the forum account you used in the sign-up form has to have the field "PR:BF2 Hash Key:" filled correctly in it's contact details.


    How to add your hash to your forum account:
    1. Get your PRBF2 hash key from PR launcher > Support. Instructions.
    2. Log in to PRTA forums
    3. Go to your Contact Details
    4. Add your hash to the field "PR:BF2 Hash Key"
    5. Click "Save changes"

    Make sure you do this process before the first battle or team training session! Without a whitelisted hash, you can not access the tournament servers.

    If you use a different computer for different battles, just change your hash on the forums before the battle and you have access to the servers again. In case of questions, you can contact me or Mattytoosack on the forums, TS or Discord.

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