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Joinsquad.com A Bit of Merlin on Early Access Exit

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Sep 27, 2018.

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    A little bit of Merlin in my life, a little bit of Drav by my side, a little bit of QA's all I need... and other Mambo #5 references. But the important thing is, I wanted to make sure you folks saw Merlin's quick update on the topic of exiting early access over on Reddit:

    Text of which is:


    As I mentioned in my previous dev stream, I can't promise we'll exit Early Access by the end of 2018 at this point, but we are in fact getting a lot closer now. There is a lot of important development going on now for hitting our last few goals for launch that remain unfinished, chief among them helos and 100 player servers.

    That said, I can 1000% re-assure you that development isn't ending 2018 or any time soon for that matter, regardless of Early Access status. We are planning to continue development on Squad well after it exits early access and ideally for years to come. After launch development may not be at the 100% full force it was before launch (as we'll start working on new games as well at that point), but still very strong development of cool new stuff, and possibly some backporting of some new tech as we develop it for future games as well.

    I felt it was important to post this here as a reminder for anyone who might be concerned about it, OP or otherwise. We're still plugging away at it.


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