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PRTA IRL Event Rules!

PRTA IRL Event Rules

1. Introduction

Be aware we are not alone as it is a public campground, therefor you should always behave maturely, especially when around people not taking part in our private event.
Always follow the written guidelines and whatever told by either campground staff or individuals in charge of the event.

2. Rules at the site!

    1. After 10 PM / 22:00 o’clock avoid making too much noise.
    2. Campsites must be kept clean and tidy at all times. Deposit all garbage in proper receptacles located within the campground.
    3. If contacted by official campground staff, follow their guidelines and report to people in charge of the event.
    4. Do not vandalize anything on the property.
    5. When you depart from the campground, make sure you take all your belongings with you and throw out all litter.

3. Drugs and alcohol

    1. There will be a zero-tolerance policy regarding drugs.
    2. Alcohol is permitted after 13:00 o’clock unless stated by an individual in charge of the event.
    3. Be wary of your alcohol consumption and know your own boundaries. No one will be impressed that you can drink more than the rest, only to black out and skip hours of fun.
    4. A controlled usage of “light” stuff can be seen as ok. Though, do not go around distributing such things verbally nor physically. And please do not let it affect your ability to socialize with the rest of the group. If in doubt go ask one of the individuals in charge of the event.
    5. Usage of hard drugs will lead to us driving you to the airport and leaving you there. Leave it at home.

4. Additional rules regarding minors

We personally don’t have any issues with minors attending, however German authorities and the like beg to differ. In the event of a minor getting involved with officials for whatever reason will spell a lot hassle for the organisation team and, most importantly, for themselves.

Before the event a member of the organisation team will contact the parents via phone. We also require a written paper, signed by that person’s parents, to be brought physically to the event and digitally sent to GHOST prior to the event, agreeing to the following terms:

    1. The team will be given full authority on any matters regarding that person, effectively acting as a legal guardian for the duration of the event.
    2. Unless we’re on the campground, that person is not allowed to go anywhere without an adultperson.
    3. That person will only buy the stuff he is allowed to buy, cigarettes and certain types of alcohol are off-limits as they can only be bought by adults in Germany.
    4. Absolutely no drug consumption. No grass, no other supposedly “light stuff”, nothing.
    5. If the team finds him to have had enough alcohol, we’ll be asking him to stop, no matter how he feels about it.
    6. Depending on how severely that person messed up, the team can arrange for a flight home at any point during the event without any cost reimbursement. Do note that the team does not operate on democratic principles, there will not be a vote, there will just be a decision.

The team is more than happy to cast aside any obstacle our minors have to face, just so that they can attend and join in on the fun, but for that risk we’re taking, we ask them to act mature and follow our guidelines at all times.

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