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Awarded Medals

  1. Awarded: Feb 12, 2020

    Honorary Member

    Honorary Member medal is issued to people who extraordinarily contributed to PRTA. This medal can only be issued by PRTA Management and those who acquired this medal are well recognized within PRTA community.
    Reason: For the countless days, nights, weeks, months and years you have been here. You will always be part of us, for better or worse <3 Love you tobi.

  2. Awarded: Aug 13, 2018

    Lonely Seeder

    PRTA does not simply seed itself, we have you to thank for making our server populated. 1 hour? 2? 3? You do whatever it takes to get the server up keep it up!
    Reason: For all the hours spent, alone and with others on Fallujah West, AFK or being killed by that one guy for the nth time. Thank you for placing your seed with us, every morning. On behalf of the PRTA community, it's members leaders and staff. I wish to bestow upon you the Lonely Seeder medal as a token of our gratitude to getting our flagship server up every morning! Thank you! Regards Wicca, the PRTA Community & Staff

  3. Awarded: Aug 13, 2018


    For having served above and beyond what seems to be a hobby, you have made PRTA a full time commitment. Thank you so much, you join the respected Fellows of PRTA. We hope you will remain a part of our endeavour for quite some time, since your impact is profound, we appreciate you. Thank you.
    Reason: With sleepless nights, and nothing but a command prompt in front of you, a headache of a problem and some liters of coffee consumed for staying awake. You have all performed above what is considered normal or even extraordinary. If we ever wished to look for a more professional and effective system admin team, we would have to spent two decades to find the likes of you. On behalf of the PRTA community, it's members leaders and staff. We wish to bestow upon you the Fellow medal, as a token to your pro-longed service, which we sorely need, but honestly do not deserve. We are eternally grateful! Thank you so much. Regards Wicca, the PRTA Community & Staff

  4. Awarded: Jan 14, 2015

    Wicca Braininvader

    You are one of the few people invading Wicca's brain and capable of talking sense into him. You are on a higher level!

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