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Awarded Medals

  1. Awarded: Aug 9, 2018


    For having served above and beyond what seems to be a hobby, you have made PRTA a full time commitment. Thank you so much, you join the respected Fellows of PRTA. We hope you will remain a part of our endeavour for quite some time, since your impact is profound, we appreciate you. Thank you. Can only be given by the senate.
    Reason: For giving up your free time, on countless nights. For sharing with us your expert advice and concern of matters regarding this community and it's future. You have held no person or individual higher than the purpose of PRTA, to serve it's members. For this you are awarded the Medal, Fellow. May we never lose you, and never see a time without your guiding hand. Thank you! Regards Wicca & PRTA Community.

  2. Awarded: Jan 14, 2015

    Wicca Braininvader

    You are one of the few people invading Wicca's brain and capable of talking sense into him. You are on a higher level!

  3. Awarded: Jun 26, 2014

    The Editor

    A community modder are you? You surely know what to do with the ancient BF2Editor software. Thank you for making PR community a better place.
    Reason: Coding FDF faction.

  4. Awarded: Jun 26, 2014

    Ready for Retirement

    You have been here since, well... forever. You still remember your own nickname old man?
    Reason: Old, fat and grumpy. And been around for years.