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Awarded Medals

  1. Awarded: Mar 22, 2020

    Contact! Season 2 GSI Participation Medal

    Awarded to those who participated in at least one battle for Global Security Initiative during Contact! Season 2.

  2. Awarded: Feb 12, 2020

    Hackor Catcher

    Addicted to Battlerecorder and Demo Analyzer. Terror of cheaters and griefers?
    Reason: Well done on catching hackers Suchar <3

  3. Awarded: Jan 2, 2019


    You made it into the PR Team? Nice! Thanks for helping to make this mod better. And get ready to be blamed for well... everything!
    Reason: https://prteamwork.com/threads/r-stuff-request-sucharmistrz.31352/ Wooo not an R-dev or R-con, but a tester XD

  4. Awarded: Jan 2, 2019

    'The game killed me'

    Oh, so that tree killed you when you drove into it? The terrain made you fly? Sure... We are trying to have a organized game and you just ruined it! Stop blaming this bugfree game!
    Reason: https://prteamwork.com/threads/the-game-killed-me-request-sucharmistrz.31353/ You got killed by the game!

  5. Awarded: Oct 28, 2018

    The Editor

    A community modder are you? You surely know what to do with the ancient BF2Editor software. Thank you for making PR community a better place.

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