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Oct 22, 2019 at 21:34
Jul 9, 2015
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Sep 21, 1996 (Age: 23)

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Male, 23

Tester Foxtrot

A bit old there, glory. Mar 10, 2019

Jamil_12345678901 was last seen:
Viewing portal index, Oct 22, 2019 at 21:34
    1. Jamil_12345678901
      A bit old there, glory.
    3. Jamil_12345678901
      smh the mods hate me
    4. Jamil_12345678901
      Hehhehe, depression
    5. TheCore
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    Sep 21, 1996 (Age: 23)
    Games played:
    • PR:BF2
    • Squad
    I got nothing to say.



    [​IMG] Youre welcome ~CAS​
    Hello gunny here, First of all i want to say how retarded half of you are.
    Back story : I played this game since the start of time with NWA my name is sebster, i was a good player a very good player and decided to start hacking i played with viiruselli before he was accused of ghosting then i was banned after he decided to start investigation hackers.
    This video which i have been assumed to be hacking, i am not at all. I havn't hacked in pr for the past 8 years. I find it funny how im gonna get banned in a few hours or few days for hacking when i havnt. I am innocent on this video but guilty on others. I am guilty for hacking on pr on another alias sebster.
    This video here is funny because i havnt hacked on it and so many people are saying its impossible for this to happen. Thats fucking so fucked up so fucked up. Because guess what i havn't hacked on this video or done anything against the rules in along time.
    But anyway here it is, ive joined ranks with the fins and multiple other people im gonna invest all my fathers wealth as he has millions from killing organs in the east and selling oil for lodes of money. Because your all retarded and don't know what hacks are and where to find them im gonna destroy all your servers day and night with every play i can find fit. I am only doing this because your all idiots and generally think i am hacking.
    I hacked at one point along time ago, but now its getting a joke. Banning someone who is innocent. I was a hacker before but never hacked after that.
    Close this thread and ban me for life. Ill see you all very soon you absolute fucking spastics, also raid and dogactual if i ever find you guys ill rape your family and break every bone in your bodies you little faggots.
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