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Awarded Medals

  1. Awarded: Apr 15, 2020


    Oh god, you are one of those. The awesome minecraft minority group!!!
    Reason: Apparently you play Minecraft. Here have a medal! :)

  2. Awarded: Mar 22, 2020

    Contact! Season 2 PRF Participation Medal

    Awarded to those who participated in at least one battle for People's Revolutionary Front during Contact! Season 2.

  3. Awarded: Mar 14, 2020

    Contact! Season 1 BGB Participation Medal

    Awarded to those who participated in at least one battle for Battle Group Bravo during Contact! Season 1.

  4. Awarded: Aug 13, 2018

    Lonely Seeder

    PRTA does not simply seed itself, we have you to thank for making our server populated. 1 hour? 2? 3? You do whatever it takes to get the server up keep it up!
    Reason: For all the hours spent, alone and with others on Fallujah West, AFK or being killed by that one guy for the nth time. Thank you for placing your seed with us, every morning. On behalf of the PRTA community, it's members leaders and staff. I wish to bestow upon you the Lonely Seeder medal as a token of our gratitude to getting our flagship server up every morning! Thank you! Regards Wicca, the PRTA Community & Staff

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