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Over the last few months the Project Reality Teamwork Alliance has gone social. We are now actively using several social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Our work there has been gathering a good amount of attention, and we see an opportunity to increase the PR playerbase while simultaneously promoting PR as well as PRTA. But at the moment our media team is small, and we are looking for people like YOU! People that are willing to help us make PR(TA) even better.

What we are looking for is members of different levels of dedication. While we do need members with a burning passion for our cause, we are also looking...
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PRTA Server Administrator Restructure

The PRTA Server Management team came to the conclusion that something was not working with the current system in place to enforce the PRTA ethos and ruleset within the server, therefore a number of changes have been made recently to the fundamental operation of how PRTA servers will be administrated.
We have set a new standard for all our servers and have introduced numerous improvements across the board that will contribute to a better well structured gaming environment, which will naturally evolve into a higher standard of teamwork.

The New Server Administrator Groups
PRTA is introducing three new server administration groups to coincide with the administration restructure, those three groups are...
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General Announcement #2
In the last couple of months, we made several changes to different things on our website, kept developing our banlist system, our server system and promoted Project Reality aswell as the Soundmod.​
This General Announcement will introduce you to the most important things.​
Forum Restructuring
The Project Reality Teamwork Alliance was undergoing a complex process of restructuring it's forum. Some forum nodes are henceforth containing sticky posts, that inform you about the sense of the section or contain a pre defined posting template.​
The management forums and the PRTA Member forums did also recieve an updated structure:​
  • Information: This node...
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128 / =Olut= server clarification

First of all we would like to clear up the situatuion.

Many of you may associate the currently running "=Olut= SISU Vietnam Mmble pw: prftw" server with PRTA. In fact we don not run / lease SISU at the moment. It means that we (PRTA) are not in charge of it - instead it's =Olut= cult.

Ban appeals or anything else should be taken to their forums (http://olutta.org), as we cannot handle anything server technique releated.

The second thing I would like to explain is the server naming. If you see the server running without any kind of "PRTA" tag in it's name - it is not run by PRTA. Simple. Additionally, we limit the maximum amount of players to 128. Otherwise we would not be able to enforce the level of teamplay and coordination that our name guarantees.

Lastly some of...
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The award winning Project Reality and Black Sand Studio teams are proud to announce the official release of Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam!


As announced last Sunday, we have gotten to the stage where we are ready to release the first version of Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam. While this release is still in beta form, we feel it is the right time to show the public the progress we have been making, and help serve as a platform for testing content in the public environment before it's inclusion in our next version, v1.0.

This release is in the form of a single installer, and is a completely optional addon. However, due to many servers running the addon, we strongly recommend that everyone download and install it to avoid problems with servers running a mixed map rotation. The download links can be found on our official downloads page:...
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3 days , all PRTA servers
6,7 & 8th of April

PRTA is proud to announce it will launch a couple of servers this weekend to support the launch of the
PR minimod PR:Vietnam! We will have all our servers available for everyone who wants to try out the new PR-hype with high standard teamwork as always. For the entire weekend you will be able to experience the new minimod on the PRTA servers. The same rule-set that we always use on our servers will be required this weekend too to ensure the best teamwork you can find in PR. Read our server rules...​
by BoogyLoH at 05:03 (4,336 Views / 4 Likes)

PRTA North America 01
The new North American server
with SoundMod v0.32 enabled
A new North American server is in town and ready to show what teamwork is all about.
Opening on Friday the 13th with the full immersion of the PRTA SoundMod.
Put in your application for...
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Hello everyone,

due to some smaller maintainance work, the PRTA website will be offline for not more than a half an hour (this evening), 5th of April, from 1800-1830 PRT.

We apologize for any inconveniences that may occur.
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Exactly two years after our first announcement, the award winning Project Reality and Black Sand Studio teams are proud to announce the release of our first public version of PR:BF2 Vietnam, to be released on:

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Download Information
PR:Vietnam will be distributed using a separate installer available via Torrent and direct download. It will be accessible on the day mentioned above.

Included in the PR:BF2 Vietnam release is a brand new updater. This updater will allow you to keep up to date with the latest advancements we are making, including bug fixes and new features as they get created. This will avoid the need to manually download and install new patches. Be sure to watch PR:BF2's ingame news-ticker and the PR:BF2...
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TART - the Teamwork And Reality Tournament is proud to announce the start of the very first 128 player tournament on April, the 1st 2012.
After months of preparation, recruiting and setting the tournament up the time has come...​
Next Sunday, 1st of April the teams will be provided with the first map to fight each other.​
This is the start of the 1st out of 7 battle-cycles for TART Campaign #2 (128).
On the 14th of April the 1st battle will take place. From there on we`ll have an organized battle every 2 weeks.​
The Tournament:
  • 2 Teams.​
  • 128 player action.​
  • A thrilling battle every 2nd...​
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