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PRTA Goes Orient!


PRTA Presents: Community Battle - PRTA vs Japanese Community | 13:00 PRT, Saturday 8th of September


Server: PRTA vs Japanese Community
Map: Operation Falcon STD
Time/Date: 13:00 PRT Saturday 8th September 2018
Server Password: TBA

We are excited to announce another community battle, where PRTA bands its different units together, this time against Project Reality Japanese Community....
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Hey Squaddies,

Welcome to the August Recap! We've got some of the fresh cuts from the upcoming Alpha 12 to show off today! And heads-up, Offworld is off on a company holiday right now, but we'll be back fully recharged, team-built, and ready to take on the world again.
If you see some goons with Offworld Industries logos around Italy, don't be afraid to say hi! (Or run -- we're coming for your rally.)


SquadChat with Axton and Chance

We don't want you to miss us too much, so be sure to check out the latest SquadChat to hear the sweet, soothing tones of Axton and Chance. We chatted about mapping, getting into the industry, and took your...
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PRTA Goes Turbo!


Community Update - August 2018

Hello ladies and gentlemen! There is some good news to bring to you all. And some bad news. Let's bring in the good news first.

Server migration is complete

Once again our system administration team has done it, as such our forum, TeamSpeak and game servers have all been migrated to new hosts, provided by OVH. Mail server, backups, DNS and a bunch of other technical back end features are set up. There seems to be a few hitches to get through, but we are 95% there already!

tobi-the-fraggel Sloan and...
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Welcome community to another 1.5 update. This being a slightly larger one then usual! Let's dive straight into some of the bigger changes of this update.

We have new content in the form of 2 new weapons and a vehicle. The PLA will finally see their PKP placeholder on the machine gunner kit replaced with the Norinco QJY-88 light machine gun. This has been a widely anticipated change to get rid of one of the final placeholders. The IDF also saw their arsenal expanded with the IWI Tavor X95 assault rifle which will be featured on multiple kits. MEC will continue to see their arsenal of vehicles expanded with the AMZ Dzik. Technically this vehicle was already introduced with the Polish Forces but wasn't used on any map. It has now been further reworked and will be used or our MEC Forces as a armored jeep on multiple maps.

The mapping team also has some exciting updates! Route E-106 is finally out of the BETA program, while a...
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One of the featured changes in the upcoming v1.5.5 update is a complete overhaul of the vehicle damage system. In the past, this was very unforgiving for armor crews as it often left your vehicle unable to move after a single hit. This is due to how the current system decides the chance of disabling and what gets disabled. Right now it checks whether to disable parts of the vehicle at two values vehicle health point (HP) values: 50% and 25%.

For example the chances for disabling an APC are:
  • When dropping below 50%:
    • 80% chance to disable tracks/wheels
  • When dropping below 25%:
    • 90% chance to disable tracks/wheels
    • 50% chance to disable gun
With that, the focus was on disabling the tracks/wheel often leaving the vehicle unable to retreat. That usually was a death sentence for the crew and vehicle. These numbers were not randomly chosen, but put into...
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PRTA Needs You!


PRTA Presents: Community Battle - PRTA versus FESA | 18:00 PRT, Saturday 28th of July


Server: PRTA vs FESA
Map: Operation Marlin Alt
Time/Date: 18:00 PRT Saturday 28th July 2018
Server Password: TBA

We are excited to announce another community battle, where PRTA bands its different units together, this time against South American PR Community FESA.
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Support decks for everyone!


PRTA Presents: Summer Wargames | Sign-up Now!


Who will win the war?

We are thrilled to kick off PRTA's Wargame: Red Dragon Tournament with the start of the sign-up phase, get your members and decks ready!

The matches will be 3v3 and in knockout stages from the get go. The knockouts matchups will be randomized. Stages will be alternating, for example if PRTA vs BASED was BLUFOR vs REDFOR and PRTA lost then BASED would be BLUFOR next stage. If both teams happen to be the same faction in the next stage then it's going to be randomized.

All rounds will begin with one player from...