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Be advised, squaddies:

Intel indicates a new armored threat is active in our AO. Stand by for follow-on images.


3840×2160 (32mb)​
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Hey soldiers!

As many of you noticed, we’ve been polling for feedback via the in-game announcements recently and we wanted to give you a quick update on how that’s going.

As of today, we’ve collected a few thousand responses and have disabled new entries — stay tuned for the next one if you missed your chance!

Our next steps are to review that data, analyze it, report back, and assimilate it into Squad where possible.

This process is still pretty new, so we appreciate your patience as we give it its shakedown run, and we REALLY...
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Hey soldiers!

We’ve got a small update to address some of the more pernicious issues in Alpha 13. Check out the changes:


  • Fixed stabilization for vehicles.
  • Fixed a regression in the engine causing vehicles to flip more easily.
  • Fixed a client and server crash on destruction of the 30mm MTLB variant via TOW or HAT.
  • Fixed an engine crash that happened if required files to play the introduction movie were missing.
  • Fixed RCON on Linux servers.
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Hey squaddies!

We’re happy to announce we’ll be hosting another SquadChat this Friday, May 17th, at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (1700 UTC) at https://www.twitch.tv/joinsquad.

Our guest will be Phil Merricks, a producer on Squad. Part man, part UAV, Phil is a driving force behind Squad and where we’re going! He’ll also take your questions, so bring your curiosity. If you can’t make it, don’t worry — simply comment and we’ll try our best to work your questions into the live stream.

We’ll also be sure to archive the...
by Wicca at 17:16
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Contact! - The Sixth Campaign Battle!


The Sixth Campaign Battle

Date: 18th of May
Time: 18:00 UTC
Server Password: TBA in TeamSpeak at 17:45UTC
Map: Op. Falcon, Custom AAS Standard

Canada | 600 Tickets
1 x Griffon (10 minute respawn)
2 x LAV-3 (10...
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Hey squaddies!

Just a quick update to let you know your choice of Steam avatars just got a little better. Not only have we updated some of the old favorites, but we've also added some new ones so you can rep your Combat Engineer love.


You can find them by visiting your Steam Profile, clicking Edit Avatar, and select "Choose from Official...
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Hey squaddies!

We’d like to introduce video patch notes! If you’re looking for a quick overview of what to expect once you hit the battlefield, this is it — though be sure to read the complete notes for all changes.

Let us know what you think of the patch and the video in the forums!

Offworld Out.

Continue reading...
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Hey soldiers!

It’s been a while coming, but we have the full list of changes coming to Alpha 13! This patch grew to be a mighty one, having started at upgrading our Unreal Engine from 4.16 to 4.21 — no small jump! With it comes all sorts of new tools and updates to the engine that’ll benefit Squad, but there’s plenty of content landing in this update as well. We’re introducing new vehicles (and components!), a brand new role, new and enhanced modes, and all sorts of changes to systems and mechanics — including the return of ticket bleed....
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Hey squaddies!

The time has come! We’re proud to announce the very first Alpha 13 Public Test. Now, since this is a fairly complex patch, there are a few things you should know before the download completes and you visit the Custom Server tab.

First, there will be bugs, including known crashes. This is the first public testing build. We need you to make sure you use the crash reporter to send us logs. (Press “Send and Close” when it appears.)

Secondly, the test may end at any time depending on how things go....
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Hey Squaddies!

It’s time for another update on Modding 2.0! (You can find the last one here if you missed it.) If all goes well, the next update will be installed via Steam. Seeing as a lot of development has happened since our last post, let’s hear from Zak Strange, modding developer extraordinaire.


As you guys heard in the Next Phase article, Squad...