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Community Plan 2020


Community Plan - 2020
Dear Community,

We hope you had a great Winter! Despite the cold season, plans have been brewing behind the scenes. Now we want to come forward with what's in store for the PRTA in 2020 in terms of our game servers and server hosting and also some other topical stuff.

Unit Servers!
We are going to give Unit based servers a go. This means any game that fits PRTA's general culture, where cooperation and communication is very important.

Any unit that is part of PRTA may order 1 public or private server that they can seed, admin manage or maintain...
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Real-Life Event -
Preparation Meeting #1



PRTA Presents: Real-Life Event | Preparation meeting | 7th of March 1900 UTC

Permission and credit given to/by Midnight to use image.

Server: Earth
Server Password: blamewicca
Map: TBD
Time/Date: TBD

The situation

After last year's success, we couldn't wait to announce PRTA's second real-life event. Between...
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PRTA Seeding Campaign 2020 1st of March


Mobilization of all personnel is in progress

This announcement works as an anchor and coordination point to contact all admins, seeders, members of PRTA, various guest units, clans outside PRTA and create a list of people that definitely will help us seed. Then ensure this is repeated each day by the senior admin team or admin team.

All units, players and staff will commence seeding on the 1st of March. And will continue to seed daily.

We all want to keep playing Project Reality with fair rules, admins and good gameplay. The only difference between a populated server and an empty one in PR is just the will to seed it, there is no choice in ping, OS, admins or community anymore.

I am asking you all to take time out of your...
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Hey squaddies,

Hotfix is here. From here on out we’ll be utilizing a new naming convention for builds to make them a little clearer, with this full build number being B19. and the last build renamed to B19.4.0.37.

As part of this hotfix we’ve made these changes:

  • The first pass of fixes for AMD users, these are still work in progress as we continue working on further fixes.
  • Optimizations to the Artillery and Mortar impacts
  • VFX optimizations to the heli rotor wash
  • Fixed a performance issue caused by the healing/bleeding icons
  • Fixed Whitelisted modded servers not appearing in the server browser ...

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Hey squaddies!

We’re pushing out an update that contains some fixes for the server freezes, especially related to garbage collection. Clients and servers can update at their leisure and this update is compatible Beta 19.4.

Stay safe out there, soldiers! We’ll have more soon.


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Today we are releasing the first update for v1.6. It includes many fixes and quality of life improvements as well as some more bigger changes. We recently released a highlight discussing some of these changes. You can read it here...

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With the upcoming PR:BF2 1.6.1 update we not only bring a lot of additional bug fixes for the recent v1.6 launch, but also included a couple of bigger gameplay changes. This highlight will give you more perspective and details about these upcoming changes.

Changes to stamina...

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To the Squad & Offworld Community,

A video recently surfaced that shows an Offworld Industries staff member making a number of racially charged and deeply troubling comments online. Our community is the lifeblood of both the game and our studio, and without the support of our community members, that studio simply wouldn’t exist. We as a studio believe in transparency and with this in mind, we wanted to update you on the situation and the measures we have taken to ensure suitable steps are being taken.

Before anything else, I’d like to express gratitude to our community for giving us the benefit of the doubt while we started our investigation into this matter. We wanted to be certain of the facts relating to this incident and take careful but necessary steps to ensure we were treating it with care and diligence to avoid any mistakes or acting in haste. ...

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Hey, squaddies!

We're still hard at work eliminating bugs that cropped up after the Beta 19 release and, with that in mind, we've got another hotfix to help. The fixes included today are:

  • Fixed a client performance issue related to maps using power/telephone cable causing a drop in FPS on Manic-5, Nanisivik, and other maps using the blueprint.
  • Fixed formatting and characters in the server browser. (Welcome back, apostrophes!)
  • Fixed a crash that happened when a client had music volume set to 0% and then reduced global volume below 10%.
  • Fixes for WheelFX, UGL smoke optimization, as well as mortar smoke, and smoke overdraw optimization. ...

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