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Hey squaddies!

We’ve got some fresh reinforcements incoming: The Canadian Armed Forces are now fully deployed! That’s right, there’s a brand new faction in Squad and it’s already yours, completely free.

Originally known as CAFMOD, the team behind the new faction is straight from our modding community. We’re honored to be able to include them as official content for all players. What content is that, you ask?


So, what are you waiting for, soldier? Do it for The Great White North!


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Hey squaddies!

You’ve been asking for it for some time and we’re happy to oblige: the OWI Merch Store is back and better than ever!

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

After a long and harrowing search, we narrowed the choice down to one amazing vendor that can handle all your merch needs. Shirts? You bet. Posters? Absolutely. Stylish black mug to pledge your undying loyalty to the Sphere? You better believe it. There’s plenty more, including some bags to haul all your swag, so have at it!

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Hey squaddies!

We’re pretty excited by the release of Modding 2.0 and we wanted to share a little more about what that means.

First and foremost, it means that the Canadian Armed Forces mod is going to be released in the near future as free, official Squad DLC. That’s right: you will be getting a new faction soon, completely free of charge, no action required. O, Canada!


The arrival of CAF marks our first step towards including community-created content into Squad. This free expansion adds additional weapons, vehicles, and more, giving one of the world’s most well-known armies some well-deserved spotlight. Additionally, the update includes two Canadian maps, Quebec and Nanisivik, featuring snowy environments built for intense combined-arms combat.


Be sure to join us later today at...
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Hey squaddies!

On Friday, July 26th beginning at 1:00 PM PDT we’ll be featuring a livestream on Twitch out of our Vancouver, BC offices to celebrate the Modding Free Weekend!

Who: Matsimus (Host), Phil Merricks (OWI Producer), and special guests!

What: A livestreamed celebration of Squad modding

When: Friday, July 26th @ 1:00 PM PDT

Where: http://twitch.tv/JoinSquad

We’ve got Matsimus on hosting duties, so you KNOW we’re going to be seeing some quality content. He’ll kick us off by talking to our resident UAV-human hybrid Phil Merricks, share some surprises, chat with the CAFMOD team, and show off some of the best Squad mods available right now.

Be sure to tune in and let us...
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Hey squaddies!

We’re happy to announce an upcoming free weekend to celebrate the release of Modding 2.0! From July 25th, 10 AM PDT through July 28th, 1 PM PDT. Squad will be 50% off, so those of you that have been telling us that you missed the Steam sale have another shot at a bargain too.


As part of the festivities, we’ll be highlighting these top-notch examples of what Squad modders can do. Look for them in the server browser with the rest of the licensed servers:


Canadian Armed Forces MOD Defend the Dome...
by PRTA Bot at 19:42
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Hey squaddies,

We’re rolling out a patch that has a variety of fixes for issues that cropped up in Alpha 15. There are some gameplay tweaks in there too, so be sure to read the entire patch notes below!



  • Belaya: Updated Minimap
  • Belaya: Fixed wheat crop fixes so they aren’t red.
  • Belaya: Fixed bridge on the western part of the map having collision issues.
  • Fools Road: Fixed terrain to prevent players from hiding under the surrounding terrain
  • Mestia: Fixed railroad duplicates and spacing.
  • Skorpo: Fixed rain effects.
  • Tallil: Fixed collisions on several buildings
  • Yehorivka: Fixed bridge southwest of Lower Petrivka collision issues.
  • Yehorivka: Fixed collision on new crops and smaller foliage that was preventing leaning.

  • Al Basrah TC_v2: Removed 3 hexes that were unused in the river....
by PRTA Bot at 16:32
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Hey squaddies!

The time for another SquadChat is upon us! This Friday, July 19th, at 1:00 PM Pacific Time (2000 UTC) at https://twitch.tv/JoinSquad.

Our guests will be Tom “Fuzzhead” Fancsy, game designer, and Dylan Fraser, programmer. We’ll be looking at recent changes to Squad, what these two fine gentlemen do on Squad, answer your questions, and learn some stuff together!

Can’t make it? No problem! You can submit your questions in advance here, and catch the video once it’s archived on our Youtube channel.


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by PRTA Bot at 18:43
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Hey squaddies!

Alpha 15 is freshly deployed and ready for action. If you haven’t auto-downloaded the update, head over to your Steam client and get started! While you’re waiting, check out the latest patch video:

Yep: they’re finally coming! The first iteration of tutorials! Here’s to all the squad leaders who braved the Summer Sale. Oh, and let’s not forget the 550RPM death machine that is the BMP-2. Read on for the full list of changes:




  • Added an Infantry Tutorial orientated at teaching new players the basic ropes of Squad.
  • Added an Interface Tutorial that teaches the Deployment interface in a first-time event...
by PRTA Bot at 19:22
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Hey squaddies!

We’re taking Alpha 15 into testing and that means we need you! The update will be rolling out to the Squad – Public Testing Client shortly. You won’t need a password, simply install the testing app. (Note: It is a full, second Squad install — be sure you have enough space!)

The test does not have a set duration at this time — we’ll be running it as long as we need to collect as much data as possible.

Below is an abridged list of changes to get you up and running. A complete Alpha 15 changelog will accompany the full release.



As this is a pre-release test, we’ll be hosting a couple of servers ourselves. For the time being, servers will be limited to Offworld Industries hosted machines:

2 in Montreal, Canada
2 in Örebro, Sweden

Server #1 on each location is running newly optimized maps. (Yehorivka, Gorodok, Tallil, Kohat)

Server #2 on...
by PRTA Bot at 21:22
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Hey squaddies!

We’ve got a quick update to bring mods back to life! We’re throwing in some fixes too.



  • Added the ability to download required modifications from Steam while joining a server.
  • Added Mod details from Steam Workshop for the server-loaded mods

  • Added Wrench icon for modded servers (grey for no mods, white for modded)
  • Added Mod names on the server details panel on the right side of the server browser
  • Added list of missing mods when trying to join a server
  • Added button to Exit or Download the missing mod
  • Added progress text for the download status
  • Added loading status in case it fails or is successful
  • Added button for canceling in-progress mod download

Additional UI improvements for modding will be coming with Alpha 15....