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by Wicca at 23:03
(4,635 Views / 0 Likes)
Operation Phoenix

The PRTA wants to invite you all to an epic event with organized teams. The map is the karez offensive, a desert 4km map set in the afghanistan regions. The teams will be USMC versus MEC and will have combined operations on an AAS layout.

You will choose to either fight as MEC or USMC. Select a team and signup.

Team (MEC)
Team (USMC)

With the first use of AASv4 we will try out the assault routes on the map and make sure they are fun and practical. We will enforce mumble and the use of teamspeak.

For any trainings or discussion use the PRTA Teamspeak for more information:

29th of July 1800...
by Arc_Shielder at 15:15
(3,245 Views / 9 Likes)
July 14th, Saturday
17:00 GMT

PRTA EU welcomes you to the first Theme Night event saga. Every 2 weeks, on a Saturday, PRTA EU will organize a Theme Night event consisting of a maplist that will share one element in common. These events will be passworded and only revealed one hour before the scheduled time on www.prteamwork.com.
How will it work?
There will be no pre-planned fights or a sign-up registration system. Instead we will guarantee the following:​
by Wicca at 21:57
(4,728 Views / 2 Likes)
PRTA DayZ - The Survivors!

PRTA is going into cherno, and the setting is dark, apocalyptic and filled with zombies. We need your help in gathering gear, food and supply. And meet us up on our server.

Server IP/PORT:

Dayz Mod
To find out how to get DayZ, go to this forum. And if you require any assistance, ask Bozo the DayZ manager or anyone in the DayZ channels they can help you out:

The mod has some interesting features and gameplay mechanics, review them here:

Lets create a great server and have fun chasing zombies! Get on teamspeak and find a group to stick with. We have alot of fun ahead of us, lets work togheter to make it happen.

// Wicca out
by PRTA Bot at 21:06
(1,588 Views / 1 Likes)
As we are planning to perform some minor work and changes on the forum and the rest of the website, there may be phases of downtime over the upcoming weekend (30th of June / 1st of July).

We cannot specify the website's downtime at the moment. Updates about that issue will be included to this news post.

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

[Update] 1:
Minor updates were done - we managed to bring them in without any bigger downtimes. The period of possible dowtimes will be enhanced until the 4th of July.
(July 2nd, 2012)

[Update] 2:
A downtime of four hours was needed to perform and roll on some security and performance updates. Successfully done.
(July 3rd, 2012)

[Update] 3:
The update progress is almost complete. Some smaller downtimes of only a few minutes were inevitable.
(July 7th, 2012)
by Wicca at 21:40
(1,100 Views / 1 Likes)

Commands Available on PRTA
!hash Retrieves the hash of certain player this is great for applying for admin rights on PRTA.
type "!hash name"

!switch Teamswitch a player, this together with "now" makes you switch people faster. But make sure you do not switch someone other than yourself or with the same tag. Type "!switch name (NOW)"

!cm Checks if a player is on mumble, use "!cm NAME" and it checks if the player is in mumble.

We now have over 400 reserved slots
We surpased 400 reserved members on the PRTA servers yesterday, you can get one too! Sign up to join at: member.prta.co

Already a Member?
If you have not received a reserved slot, but you are a member, make sure we know!
Post a thread using the appropriate template here:

We also give out smartbalance ignore...
by MineralWouter at 17:03
(2,645 Views / 4 Likes)
It's Vietnam time!!
24/06/12 18:00GMT
EU01 100p test server

Too few servers running it so we're doing a night on the two main Vietnam maps Ia Drang and Dien Doung.
Make sure you're updated to Beta2! This will also be another test for 100 players server development.

Download Beta 2:

make sure your mumble is on and we're ready to roll. Also all other PRTA rules apply for this event. Read them on rules.prta.co

give Feedback
by PRTA Bot at 18:23
(1,249 Views / 0 Likes)
PRTA Server rules update 14/06/12
Because PRTA managment has always prefered one ruleset for both 64 and 64+ servers we have updated our ruleset to cover both in one ruling. Also the new voted asset rule has been put into our ruleset. The new rules:

2.1 Locked INFANTRY squads under 8 players are not allowed. If the maximum squad playerslots is lower then 8 this means you cannot lock the squad.
3.1.1 Air Attack assets go into CAS squad, Air transportation goes with TRANS, tracked tanks go with TANK and apc and ifv assets goes with APC. An admin can always overrule this and combine APC and TANK into ARMOR if he sees fit.

Do you not agree with these? Then please start a vote with your suggestion in our...
by MineralWouter at 12:50
(4,054 Views / 2 Likes)
Anders & PRTA
Anders Soundmod v0.5
An atmospheric realism mod for Project Reality
Good news! There is another update for the soundmod available right now! It has updated soundarchives with alot of new sounds for weapons, soldiers, vehicles etc. For the full changelog of...
by AfterDune at 15:06
(1,343 Views / 3 Likes)
In case you missed it, Project Normandy opened up the alpha testing phase :smile:.