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by Wicca at 19:27
(3,957 Views / 3 Likes)
OD-S Teamwork Night
1st of September
1800 GMT
Time to get your gameface on. A lot of people are saying PR gameplay is currently at a low level and that is something we want to change. Good rounds of PR are something everyone wants to have, and so we are going to provide that for you! The OD-S Teamwork Night will have a set maplist. Each team will have a CO every round and admins will enforce the chain of command. Everyone from squadmembers to commanders will be required to have Mumble on and _WORKING_.

The event will not have signups. If you wish to sign up as CO please contact me personally. Also, it would be...
by MineralWouter at 09:37
(4,630 Views / 1 Likes)

Did you know that we have a PRTA Battlefield 3 platoon? No? Join it today!

Find out when PRTA players are playing Battlefield 3 and join them. Almost everyday there are people of PRTA playing bf3 together. We are almost with 30 players in the platoon! Join them in a party or find them on our Teamspeak and play together.

by Wicca at 23:27
(1,614 Views / 1 Likes)
PRTA Maplist Change.
The PRTA Admin team has sat down discussed, and has found the following organization of maps to be run on PRTA servers.

Follow the List
The PRTA admins will keep track of what maps was run the day before, and ensure they pick up the rope where it ended the day before. This means, that the last map that was played, but not finished the day before will be the first map the next day.

The server will be seeded as normal, with small skirmish maps, and simple popular maps to get the population going. After the server has gained enough numbers the admins will proceed to follow the maplist.

The PRTA Maplist:

by CopyCat at 20:38
(157,520 Views / 2 Likes)
This thread is for all players and members who would like to share their videos of awesome gaming nights on our beloved game ^^.


by Wicca at 01:36
(3,838 Views / 3 Likes)
Gameplay Test - Bagdhis Mountains.
Sign up Now!

Bagdhis Mountains
The mapper Zeno, has kindly asked PRTA to host a gameplay test for him. We will run this test in a true teamwork way. In spirit of our previous events sign up is requierd. The two factions, Taliban and US army needs you to choose now! The terrain is quite obvious, but here is an overview: MINIMAP

Give feedback in this thread: Bagdhis Mountain Feedback

Technical Info
US tickets: 550
Time of event: 12th of August 1800 PRT.
Number of players: 64

The map is planned to have the Norwegian Faction on it, currently the US army will be bluefor. The teams will be organized in Platoons and hopefully we will see alot of people sign up to test this...
by Wicca at 23:00
(3,098 Views / 3 Likes)
TART Season 3 - The Return of the War.

This campaign of TART will change a lot. The commanders are no longer incharge of running the tournament as they were in the previous TART campaigns. The lead role is filled by Wicca: with great help from L4gi as the General Administrator, Raic as the media manager, Bonsai as an advisor on Tournament matters and Semtex as Website technician.

As we are looking for new commanders, we need you to sign up! The Commander signups will begin today, on the 1st of August, and will be closed after 4 Commanders have been selected. The Admins will review each signup, and will consider each commanders abilities individually. Each aspiring CO should also prepare for an interview.

To signup as a Commander post a thread in this forum: Admin...
by semtex at 23:02
(2,064 Views / 8 Likes)

The PRTA reform!
Ladies and Gentlemen, PRTA is in a progress of change. This Community will no longer be a gaming 'host', it will be a gaming community! We have outlined the major changes in the following text. This change, is made mostly to give PRTA members and administrators a reward from all their hard work. We used to give out reserved slots to anyone using mumble, this is still a requierment, but not the only one.

Member units
All members in PRTA will be sorted into units. These units will be the current PRTA membergroups. Wicca will review any new groups that wish to start in PRTA. Current members are listed here: http://prteamwork.com/forums/alliances/

Unit ranks:

We will use existing units for matches and events that are organized. Not to mention anyone who is a member gets alot of priveliges and hopefully is able to contribute more to the games on our server.

Commander (Unit size: Platoon, 16+)
The commander...
by Wicca at 19:30
(1,936 Views / 5 Likes)

Switch Command.
After several complaints, and watching the two teams completly unbalanced, the managmet is removing the switch command from public use. This command is only avalible for administrators on the server.
by Wicca at 00:37
(733 Views / 2 Likes)
PRTA Rule Changes:
After some suggestions, and following a vote regarding squad sizes, we have updated the two following rules to:

We hope the changes will fix some problems regarding squads being to large, and the squadbug.


PRTA Server Administration
by MineralWouter at 11:42
(2,398 Views / 2 Likes)
PRTA presents
22th of July ,18:00PRT

Join us on the 22nd of July on black gold! We will play a one time only 100p vehicle warfare event.That means 100p with 50 tanks! Soundmod will be available. No sign-up's required.
We will play black gold two times to let everyone play on each side. If players request we can play additional maps after black gold.

This event will also serve as a test for the PR-DEV team for the 100player and gamemode development. Please provide feedback where you can.