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by PRTA Bot at 01:25
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Hey all,

In this highlight I hope to cover all of The Falklands map / mini-mod and its features so this may be quite a long post :tounge:

This map / mini-mod is based as much as possible on the 1982 conflict between Britain and Argentina over the Falkland (Malvina) Islands. We're taking into account historic factors and trying to replicate them in a way which gives fun and balanced gameplay environment, whilst also working within the limitations of the BF2 engine and assets we have to hand. I believe we have archived this and hopefully we can build on this solid foundation in the future :mrgreen:

The Falklands Map

First of all the map itself. As I mentioned in its announcement post I've been wanting to experiment with large scale, mesh terrains in BF2 for some time in order to break the 4km x 4km map size barrier we've had for some time. With this map I've finally had...
by PRTA Bot at 02:53
(1,904 Views / 3 Likes)
Hello everyone!

It's been a long time coming, but at last this beast is ready to make its entrance on the battlefield. Designed at FN Herstal in Belgium during the 1950s, the FN MAG has seen widespread use with armies all around the world and in a multitude of configurations. Its design, based on battle proven weapons like the M1918 BAR and the ever infamous MG 42, makes the MAG an exceptionally reliable and robust support weapon.

Initially being featured in the Argentinian and British arsenals for the upcoming PR:BF2 Falklands minimod, the MAG and its respective variants will be used by the British, US, USMC, Canadian, IDF and French forces in PR 1.0. Although featured in the Automatic Rifleman class of both factions of PR:F, a new MG class will be introduced for all factions in PR 1.0. This class will generally use machine guns chambered for full-power rifle cartridges, like the MAG. The Automatic Rifleman class will instead mainly feature squad automatic weapons, like the FN...
by PRTA Bot at 18:52
(3,503 Views / 0 Likes)
This is something I forgot to include in my last Falklands Update but better late than never :biggrin:

This is another of the many small new gameplay features I'm testing out in PR:F and hopefully may see it being rolled out across all of PR in time if it works out well :biggrin:

The definition of Air Traffic Control (ATC) is "a service provided by ground-based controllers who direct aircraft on the ground and through controlled airspace. The primary purpose of ATC is to separate aircraft to prevent collisions, to organize and expedite the flow of traffic, and to provide information and other support for pilots when able."

Air Traffic Control (ATC) in how we have implemented it is very similar to this and is more of a "role-playing" role aimed at the commander position but can be fulfilled by any player wishing to do it, to help direct aircraft around the...
by Wicca at 11:18
(1,459 Views / 0 Likes)
Vietnam will receive various updates in PR v1.0. One of these updates is a new map, Charlie's Point. This map has been ported over from Eve of Destruction and has undergone a little make-over: new overgrowth, larger playable area, different assets, terrain fixes, etc.​
We'd like you to try it out, see if you like it. Help us improve the gameplay and above all, have LOTS of FUN!​
PR:Vietnam Charlie's Point Beta
7 October, 2012 at 1800PRT
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]...​
by PRTA Bot at 00:53
(2,668 Views / 5 Likes)
Hey guys,

We are in the middle of testing PR:F now and things are shaping up really well :wink:

As such, I thought I would share a few new things with you guys :biggrin:

First up is the Westland Gazelle AH1 Light Transport / Reconnaissance Helicopter. The Gazelle was used in Falklands war by the British forces as mainly a reconnaissance and medevac helicopter. Nine Gazelles from 3 Cdo Bde Air Sqn RM were in action at the start of the Falklands war. 6 more joined from 656 Sqn when 5 Inf Bde landed. In total, three Gazelles were shot down during the operation out of a total of 15, two from small arms ground fire and one due to a friendly fire incident, being shot down by a Sea Dart AA missile from HMS Cardiff. While a few where armed with machine guns and rocket pods, they where never fired during the war as after the first two where shot down from small arms fire, the commanders wanted to keep them back from the front lines due to how fragile they where....
by MineralWouter at 22:37
(7,424 Views / 6 Likes)
PRTA is proud to announce another map-test event. This time it's a new map made by MineralWouter.​
It is a 2x2k map made for PR:F. It is focused on infantry fighting. For more details ask Mineral or ask your CO. A teaser video can be watched below. Remember that this event is there mostly for feedback, so please provide us with as much as possible! It's a sign up only event. So bring your best communications
and teamwork skills. Let's show how organized gameplay is done!
Sign up for your team of choice!...
by PRTA Bot at 17:43
(7,839 Views / 0 Likes)
As we move into the beta phase of our build cycle for v1.0 (we were previously on alpha builds), we thought we might show off some progress in encoded changelogs, like we used to do way back in the past. Yeah, we know they're just a massive tease, but if you look closely, you can figure out quite a lot of things from these changelogs, some of the messages are quite easy to decode...

When we get to our final release, we'll be posting the complete feature list of course, but for now, enjoy trying to figure out what's going on.

Core 16082:17251

AI: Uxxxxxd Bxxxxxxs wxxh cxxxxxt PR txxm mxxxxxs :tounge: (yxxh we axl wxxxa kxxl oxxxxxxxs) (bloodydeed) 17183

COMMMON: Nxw bxxxd/hxxt sxxxxs (anders) 16724

COMMON: Axxxd sxxxxxxxxx.dxs sxxxxxe txxxxxe, wxxxh is uxxd on Txd Sxe. (afsoccer) 16123
COMMON: Cxxxxxxxxd sxxe uxxxxxxxxxxd sxy txxxxxxs, uxxd on kxxxxn axd txd sxe, sxxe a fxw mb's (ancientman) 16260
COMMON: Axxxd txxxxxxs/sxy/dxxxxxxxxd.dxs wxxxh is uxxd on Vxxxo Cxxy axd mxy be...
by Wicca at 13:19
(10,741 Views / 0 Likes)

The PRTA wants to invite you all to Rudd's new version of Burning Sands in which 32 players on each side will battle for supremacy. The teams will be MEC versus GB fighting in two different Burning Sands Skirmishes and then will have combined operations on an AAS layout.

You will choose to either fight as MEC or GB. Select a team and signup.


Because this is a test event Rudd will...
by Wicca at 20:54
(3,595 Views / 4 Likes)
=BIA= Brothers In Arms! Opening Day! 8th of September!

We would like to invite you to a place, where you can be exposed to ravage combat. The server is open and free for all. We hope you bring your friends. We will bring ours for some great close quarter battles!

There are a few ground rules.
1. Use mumble
2. No teamkilling
3. Play with teamwork

Server info:
=BIA= Skirmish Server - Got what it takes?


Other than that common sense and a bit of friendlyness comes a long way. That being said, bring your game face. Cause we will yell, we will spit and hurl at you. And we will kill you.

Prove us wrong.

8th of September 1700 PRT.
by Wicca at 11:34
(2,855 Views / 0 Likes)
Dear allies, we are currently going through a change in our Community. The PRTA Administration has created a simple concept where we give your clan or gaming group reserved slots on our server. In exchange for your seeding a empty or near empty server of PRTA.

The simple idea is that you give us the list of your ingame IDs and then we add them to our list of people that are allowed into our server.

How do i sign up?
Well send Wicca a PM. And you can sort out the details.

To make it straight. To seed means to populate an empty server to get more people joining. And reserved slots means you may join the server when its filled. For seeding the server for 1 day per week. IE an empty server, we give you and your clan reserved slots on our servers and smartbalance excluding rights.

We will also consider giving your leader switch rights. But this is a work in progress. And will be added at a later course along with lite admin.