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Ban Appeals Information

Ban Appeals Information

DO NOT File an Appeal for a Temporary ban.
This Includes a Dayban or a Time Ban.

Invalid Appeals will be closed if filed.

The Temporary ban period can last between 1 Minute to 12 hours
A Day Ban covers a 12 hour period.
If you can not rejoin the server after this time period please read below.

Guidelines and information regarding ban appeals

  • The appeal has to be in English.
  • Provide as much information as possible. If something is unclear we will ask for more information, and this will only delay the appeal process. The whole process will take place in this forum to ensure we have a complete set of records, other contact approaches (i.e. via steam or pm) will be ignored.
  • Appeals which are raised which are not related to a ban will be deleted.
  • Any questions regarding ban appeals in general can be posted in this thread.
    Questions regarding your personal ban appeal can be posted in the ban appeal threads themselves.
  • Admin command logs and chat logs can be used as supporting evidence to expand on any given situation.
  • Any person is allowed to file a ban appeal, provding the informative stated is soley related to the ban appeal.
  • After the ban appeal has been resolved and has reached a conclusion it will be closed and no further replies with be allowed. After a sufficent period appeals will be archived.

Ban appeal Voting Process

  • A player is banned either on the game server or on teamspeak.
  • An Administrator submits a Ban Report file with supporting reason and evidence for his actions.
  • A player will remain banned until he files an appeal.
  • Players submits a ban appeal, this provides the player the oppertunity to present his case and explain
    the situation from his point of view, or too apologise for his actions if necessary.
  • After a ban appeal has been filed a vote spanning 2 weeks and discussion will be held.
  • A Lead or Senior Administrator will respond with evidence, rule that was broken and the reason the player was banned.
  • Other players that witnessed the incident may add their version of events aslong as it pertains to the situation in question.
  • When the appeal vote has reached its verdict, the result of the appeal will be presented in the thread.
  • All decision at this point are final

Voting and Decision Policy

  • If the internal ban appeal vote passes, the player will be unbanned.
  • Votes require a minimum 60% majority to pass. Under 60% and the vote will fail and the player will remain banned.
  • If a ban appeal vote passes, the Lead Administrator holds the right to stipulate the length of the ban after the vote, if it is necessary.
  • The Lead Administrator and the admin who performed the ban have the right to lift the ban at their discretion during this process.
  • The Lead Administrator holds the right to cancel a ban appeal.
  • The Lead Administrator holds the right to lift a ban if they feel it is unjust and unwarranted.

Click on the appropriate link below to file an appeal

TeamSpeak & Discord ban appeal

PLEASE NOTE: Anybody discussing non relevant subjects in the ban appeals section will be reprimanded and in some instances banned from the forum.

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