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Denied Teunvd - PR Ban - PRTA | EU - prteamwork.com

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by teunvd, Dec 29, 2017.

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    Nov 27, 2016
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    PR:BF2 Name:
    Nickname: Teunvd
    PRBF2 Hash Key: 2f278f41ecaa5a363c25b08c368baede

    Responsible Admin: Chav
    Server: PRTA | EU - prteamwork.com
    Date: Dec 30, 2017
    Time: 00:30
    Map: Bijar

    Reason: Trolling??
    Personal Notes:
    I landed in front of the hanger where the jets spawned, then i got warned, and took off, because i didnt want a ban. Then someone tried to shoot me, so i landed again, (jet was already gone), got tkt, then chav came, and then i got banned. I didnt know it was a permban, but i already stopped when i got reported...

    Your Ban Appeal has been filed with the Administration Team.

    The outcome of your appeal will take 2 weeks.

    The result of your appeal vote will be announced here
    Any attempt to circumvent a server ban will result in permanent removal from the server.

    PRTA Administration Team
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    Manager Community Dept. Head PR:BF2 Resident Administrator PRTA Donor

    Mar 12, 2013
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    Have a month off. Denied.

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