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Promoted Temur - Scotland - EU Server Administrator

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Temur, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Temur Temur Lean Mean Admin Machine

    Manager Community Dept. Lead Moderator PR:BF2 Senior Administrator Foxtrot

    Feb 7, 2017
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    PR:BF2 Server Administrator Application - EU

    Player Details
    PR:BF2 Name: Temur
    PR:BF2 CD Hash Key: a150209baf09bbf4c4966ec409258bf1
    Age: 21
    Country: Scotland
    Timezone: PRT
    Tell us about yourself: Officially joined the community in early February, so I'm quite new and I've only been playing PR <1 year as well (although I was a member of =WBG= on ArmA for years). I have since committed to taking a highly active role as a Unit Leader, a position from which I want to help PRTA continue to be the best community on PR. This might seem like quite a rapid involvement for someone new, but I'm here to stay and I'm fully invested in the community.

    Outside of gaming, I'm a part-time teacher and an MA student soon to complete my academic studies in Scotland and begin full-time teacher training in London.

    As an aside, I know there's been a lot from admin applications from AoW recently - I don't want the unit to be over-saturated with admins/be seen as having 'too many'. For this reason I was hesitant to apply, but since becoming a Leader it's felt increasingly like I'm 'avoiding duties' and I felt guilty for just playing the game when the admins online are under a lot of stress (which can affect their own enjoyment of the game). I'm here to be a part of the community and to help it - my desire to become a server admin is purely based on this :smile:

    How dedicated would you be to assisting the team: If there's any way I can help out, I'm willing to do so. I don't just want to be another server admin - with being a unit leader and active on the forums, I want to assist you guys in any way possible and I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you better regardless of whether I become an admin.
    Are you willing to help seed the server: Yes
    How frequent can you be present on the server: Frequently
    What days during a week will you be active on?: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    What time of the day will you present on any given day?: Afternoon, Evening, Late Night

    Project Reality Experience
    How long have you been playing Project Reality?: 3 to 6 months
    How long have you played on PRTA for: 3 to 6 months
    Have you familiarized yourself with the PR manual: Yes

    Administration Experience
    Do you have any previous Administrative experience on a PR server: No
    Which Community did you Administrate for?:
    How long did you admin in this community?:
    Are you currently an Administrator for another community?:

    Administrative Scenarios
    A player submits a false report about another player. How would you respond?:
    !w the false reporter for abusing the function. If they persist, issue a kick with reason stated.
    An enemy vehicle runs you over, clearly breaking PRTA’s policy on road killing, how would you respond?:
    First offence/accident would be a warning. Repeated offences, or if obviously being utilised as a tactic, would warrant a small temp ban.
    A player is reported to be hacking. How would you respond?:
    For immediate action, I would try and open a direct line of communication with the player making the report so I can hear their evidence. After this, I would do the same with the reported player to hear their side. I would advise them that a forum report will be made (if the reporter does not wish to make it, I will do this myself) and an investigation started. Depending on the evidence in front of me / the behaviour of the reported player from that point on, I may temp-ban him shortly with the advice that he can appeal the ban on the forums if he wishes to prove his innocence. Anything beyond that, of course, goes to the senior administration team.

    Squad Leading Experience
    Do you Squad Lead in Project Reality: Yes
    How often do you Squad Lead: Frequently
    How experienced are you at squad leading:
    I love squad leading. I started doing it as soon as I felt competent enough at PR, and haven't turned back since. Have led numerous infantry squads as well as trans, armour, APC squads etc. Also love going commander from time to time, and am active in that role.
    Rate your Squad Leading ability: 8 out of 10
    Are you capable of communicating accurately and effectively with other leaders to achieve objectives in game:
    Yes, I quite often 'mic check' the other squad leaders if they're not communicating properly. I especially do this as a commander, when I liaise as closely as possible with all squads and try to organise the team as best as possible. I'm 100% behind teamwork and communication, and a big fan of strategy.

    If you could add or change one PR Server rule, what would it be?:
    Not technically a rule addition/change as such, but I think when an admin enforces a kick/temp ban the number code of the rule must be stated for ease of understanding. e.g. '!w Temur 1.2 Do not spam allchat, Mumble or the CommoRose at any time'.

    I think if this were added to the admin command shortcuts, it would ensure greater uniformity across enforcement and mean that if a player wishes to check PRTA rules they know exactly which one was relevant to their situation. Citing the rules directly is better than writing them shorthand, as it reduces the possibility of dissent/confusion over rules.

    I already have a printout of the server rules by my desk and as an admin I would cite rules directly when possible.

    I understand that if my application is accepted, I will be enter a 4 week trial period, In which I may be removed at any time: Agree

    I agree that my actions and behaviors are required to remain professional at all times whilst performing duties on a PRTA server: Agree

    I agree that I have read and understood the PRTA server rules and I will enforce them to the best of my abilities: Agree

    I declare that I will follow all server rules and admin procedures, and listen to the guidance of the team. and that the answers given in this application are truthful, honest reflection and are not misleading: Accept


    Your application is being processed

    Thank you for application.
    The team will review your application and make a decision within a 7 day period.
    We'll let you know whether your trial application has been approved or denied in due course.
    If your application is approved you will be placed on a 4 week trial admin period in order to access your abilities.


    The EU Administration Team
  2. Foxtrot

    Feb 6, 2017
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    Yes, he is good guy and will be great admin!
    desknob likes this.
  3. Sysadmin PR:BF2 Senior Administrator Coder Foxtrot

    Sep 13, 2015
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    PR:BF2 Name:
    Verry good application. +1 from cassius :smile:
    Temur likes this.
  4. WeedT0aster WeedT0aster For god & country, Geronimo

    Tester MEME

    Oct 16, 2015
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    cafeteria laborer
    Jat, Yanuh-Jat, Israel
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    even tho I feel like he hates me (jk) I really recommend him... he is a good guy, very rational and circumspect of everything going around.
  5. Resident Moderator PR:BF2 Junior Administrator Tester Foxtrot

    Sep 19, 2016
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    Danielj15 #3824
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    PR:BF2 Name:
    Good Guy yes from me
    I_Dont_Panic_Allot likes this.
  6. Joined:
    Nov 20, 2011
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    Trial Period Approved

    Congratulations your trial application has been approved.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to make an application.
    You will receive a welcome message shortly indicating what will happen next.
    Welcome to the team!

    Danielj15 likes this.

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