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Rules & Help

Discussion in 'Information' started by Arnoldio, Mar 20, 2017.

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    Arnoldio Arnoldio Noot noot!

    Events PR:BF2 Resident Administrator PRTA Donor

    Aug 7, 2011
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    PR:BF2 Name:

    You have joined the Operator Unit Tournament to prove your worth on the battlefield against other elite groups of PR players. To make the most of it, knowing the rules and having your team extremely well trained is the key. OUT rules are listed below. Make sure you know them by heart to maximize the chances of survival and progression into the next tier.

    1. Signing Up
    Signing up is the first process you will go through when joining the OUT. It is kept as simple as possible, with ease of acces for administrative duty.

    1.1 Signup procedure
    Everybody can sign up for the tournament, if he/she has a (reasonably) clean PR and PRTA history. Signing up is done by first signing up yourself as an Entrant, using the form here(link) and providing the necessary information. You can sign up at any time during the tournamet and join one of the running groups.

    2. Units / Groups / Squads
    These words are all synonyms. Not to be confused with the PRTA Units or the game Squad! Unit will be used to define a team in this section. The basis of the tournament is the unit. Units do not have to be based on clans, communities or spoken languages.

    2.1 Unit signup procedure
    After you are signed up as an entrant, you can create your own unit, using the form here(link) and provide the necessary information. Groups cannot be created after the tournament started and unit signups are closed.

    2.2 Unit size
    Valid unit size for competition is minimum of 4 players in total or 12 players in total maximum. Prior to the start of the OUT, units who fail to meet the minimal criteria will be disbanded to allow units who meet the criteria to play, even if they registered later. Members of the disbanded unit can join another group at any time of the competition (once).

    2.3 Unit members
    Unit can consist only out of unique registered entrants. An entrant cannot be in more than one unit for the duration of the tournament. If a unit is knocked out of the competition after the OUT start, the entrants are not allowed to join other groups. Any newly accepted unit members are forbidden to play the first upcoming match since being tagged in the unit roster. Members not tagged in a unit roster are forbidden to participate.

    2.4 Unit limit
    The maximum ammout of actual tournament groups is 64. More can sign up, but only the most seriously involved ones will be put forward.

    3. Matches
    Matches are played at preset dates and preset times. 4 matches are projected to be played in one night with 8 unique teams.

    3.1 Match attendance
    When your group is selected for a match, atleast 4 players must be present at the exact required time (or earlier, prefferably) in order for the match to be played. If you fail to bring the minimum of 4 people, your group will be disqualified and therefore out of the tournament. The maximum ammount of players in a match is 8. If a match is over sooner than projected, the next one can be started immediately, if the following teams agree.

    3.2 Date and map selection.
    After the unit signups are closed, the teams will be given a 14 day preptime to train or relax. The first tier of match dates will be posted with random teams drafted. Maps will be randomly chosen prior to the event from the map pool, but kept secret. Teams will be assigned sides on a coin toss prior to the match start. Keep in mind that in the case of reaching the unit number maximum, 2 maps will be repeated over the course of the championship. If there is less groups, there won't be any map repetition as there is 59 maps avaliable.
    1. Al Basrah Inf - UK fights against Insurgents from the factory, over the palace and into the W town.
    2. Asad Khal Inf - Hamas vs. Israel fight over the central village in a N pattern.
    3. Assault on Grozny Inf - RU and Militia clash at the NW part of the town.
    4. Assault on Grozny Alt - RU and Militia clash in very CQ on the N part of the town.
    5. Assault on Mestia Inf - US and Militia fight through the woods on the N side of the map.
    6. Bamyan Inf - USMC and Taliban fight over the village.
    7. Battle of Ia Drang - NVA assaults US from the hills.
    8. Bairut Inf - RU and Israel engage in a fierce urban battl on the N cape.
    9. Beirut Alt - Israel and RU engage in street fights in the SW part of the city.
    10. Bijar Canyons Inf - MEC vs. Israel on a tactical rundown of the city.
    11. Black Gold Inf - RU and PLA go for the key points in the city.
    12. Burning Sands Inf - MEC and UK fight over an apartment complex on the city border.
    13. Burning Sands Alt - UK assaults a MEC held airport in the desert.
    14. Dovre Inf - RU and NL fight over a train station, saw mill and a residential area.
    15. Dovre Alt - RU and NL clash in a CQ woddland area.
    16. Dovre Winter Inf - RU and NL fight over a train station, saw mill and a residential area.
    17. Dovre Winter Alt - RU and NL clash in a CQ woddland area.
    18. Dragon Fly Inf - UK vs Militia in a communist deserted city.
    19. Fallujah West Inf - US go against Insurgents in a frantic door to door battle over a war-torn residential area.
    20. Fools Road Inf - UK and Militia fight for the control of the hilltop manor.
    21. Fools Road Alt - UK besieges Militia fortress for a tactical takeover.
    22. Gaza Beach Inf - Israel vs. Hamas on the ruined streets of Gaza.
    23. Goose Green Alt - Argentinians and Brits in an open ground clash over the Malvinas Islands.
    24. Hades Peak Inf - RU and UK in a meeting engagement on a open woddland area.
    25. Hill 488 Inf - US against PLA in a dense jungle.
    26. Iron Ridge Inf - RU tries to eliminate Militia presence from a ghost town.
    27. Jabal al Burj Inf - MEC and US clash in the small town of Jabal.
    28. Karbala Inf - US push towards an Insurgent held fortress.
    29. Kashan Desert Inf - MEC vs. US battle for the bunker complex.
    30. Khamisiyah Inf - MEC and US clash in a desolated town near the river.
    31. Kokan Inf - US and Taliban firefight in a narrow village.
    32. Kokan Alt - CA and Taliban firefight in a narrow village.
    33. Korengal Valley Inf - US faces the Taliban when going upstream.
    34. Kozelsk Inf - RU and Militia meet in the woods S of the marshes.
    35. Kozelsk Alt - RU and Militia in a fierce battle around the missile silos.
    36. Lashkar Valley Inf - GER vs. Taliban in a meeting engagement over a river.
    37. Muttrah City Inf - US and MEC settle the scores in the S part of the city.
    38. Nuijamaa Inf - FR and RU go for a piece of open ground.
    39. Nuijamaa Alt - FR and RU are both interested in a strategic bridge.
    40. Op. Barracuda Inf - US goes against PLA in an uphill run from the beaches to the main base.
    41. Op. Barracuda Alt - US goes against NVA in an upgill run from the beaches to the main base.
    42. Op. Archer Inf - CA move into a Taliban occupied village.
    43. Op. Ghost Train Inf - PLA and UK target a rail bridge.
    44. Op. Marlin Inf - FR and MEC have a lot of city to cover in this meeting.
    45. Op. Soul Rebel Inf - RU and UK are pitted against each other on a tropical island.
    46. Pavlovsk Bay Inf - US goes against RU for the control of a sub pen.
    47. Qwai River Inf - PLA and US go at eachother in a peaceful fishing village.
    48. Ramiel Inf - US takes on Somali Rebels in a dense war torn city.
    49. Saaremaa Inf - US go against RU in a dense woodland battle over a crossroad village.
    50. Sbeneh Outskirts Inf - MEC and Syrian Rebels go head to head in a dense city.
    51. Sbeneh Outskirts Alt - MEC and Syrian Rebels take action on Sbeneh suburbs.
    52. Shijia Valley Inf - UK tries to take a large city before PLA does.
    53. Silent Eagle Inf - RU goes against GER in a frantic village skirmish.
    54. Tad Sae Offensive - US against NVA in a night battle.
    55. Ulyanovsk Inf - RU and GER fight over key points in this industrial region.
    56. Vadso City Inf - UK and RU are assaulting in a suburban neighbourhood.
    57. Wanda Shan Alt - PLA and GER are both interested in a small village in the open.
    58. Xiangshan Inf - FR and PLA are in a tactical shootout inside a fortress.
    59. Yamalia Inf - CA and RU go thrench warfare in the tundra.

    3.3 Teamspeak usage
    Usage of Teamspeak3 is mandatory at the time of matches, otherwise the dedicated OUT channels are avaliable at all times for your needs.

    4. Gameplay rules
    Matches are played on selected appropriate Skirmish layers picked from all applicable official Poject Reality maps.

    4.1 One-Life
    Matches use the One-Life plugin, which automatically temporarily bans the player upon entering the DEAD state. If a group wins, they get "revived" for the upcoming match.

    4.1 Endgame criteria
    Game ends when either tickets of one teams run out, the time limit is reached or a whole team has been removed from the server due to the One-Life plugin. The losing group is excluded from the tournament. The winning group advences to the next tier. In the case of a tied ticket count, the team with the first capped flag (from neutral to full) wins , in the event of no flag caps the team with the first kill wins, and further, in the case of there being no kills, the team which inflict critical wounds first, wins.

    4.2 Gameplay tweaks and changes
    • Match lasts 25 minutes, with an additional 5 minute start timer.
    • Both teams have 20 tickets at their disposal.
    • Flag capping costs the losing team 5 tickets.
    • Flag capping time is 1 minute from full to neutral and another minute from neutral to full.
    • All flags on a map are cappable in order and neutral at the start of the round, except the starting flags, which belong to the respective team.
    • If the last flag is capped, the round is over.
    • DODs and out of bounds areas are removed to allow for more tactical freedom.
    • Kits can only be requested at the crates placed near the spawnpoints. Crates spread around the map are removed.
    • Player can only request/spawn a limited kit once.
    • There is a limit of 1 unique limited kit per team.
    • There is no requirements to request a limited kit.
    • AA, HAT, Pilot and Crewman kits are disabled.
    • Usage of enemy weapons is allowed.
    5. Training server
    A training server is avaliable at all times for your training needs. It has all the tournament maps in the maplist so you can train on any desired location and faction. One-Life plugin is disabled and the tickets are set to 2000, with the round timer at 4 hours. The rest of the settings are as in the tournament. If a group wants to have a server for themselves for 60 minutes, it can be arranged in this thread (link).

    6. Media coverage
    It is advised against streaming to avoid streamsniping. Additionally, PRTracker files from PRISM will be released to public everytime the tournamets moves up a tier. BR files are avaliable as per usual. All other means of coverage are allowed.

    Disclaimer: The rules can be changed at the discretion of Organizer (Arnoldio) if necessary and will always be changed for the improvement of the tournament as a whole.

    Thank you for joining the OUT.
    Last edited: May 28, 2017
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    Arnoldio Arnoldio Noot noot!

    Events PR:BF2 Resident Administrator PRTA Donor

    Aug 7, 2011
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    PR:BF2 Name:
    Changes were made to the ruleset to intice playing the objective. Taking flags is an easier and safer way to win now. Added/changed portions are bold and underlined.
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    Arnoldio Arnoldio Noot noot!

    Events PR:BF2 Resident Administrator PRTA Donor

    Aug 7, 2011
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    PR:BF2 Name:
    Changes were made to the ruleset to intice playing the objective. Taking flags is an easier and safer way to win now. Added/changed portions are bold and underlined.

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