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Realitymod.com PR:BF2 v1.4.6.0 Changelog

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Mar 7, 2017.

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    Apr 30, 2011
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    This small update provides additional fixes and changes to improve the game since the PR:BF2 v1.4 launch.

    v1.4.6.0 is available now!

    PR:BF2 v1.4.6.0 Changelog (2017/March/07)

    • Fixed BMP-3 bow MGs shooting straight for other players.
    • Fixed FSA logistics van.
    • Fixed Stormer smoke ammo counter.
    • Fixed not being able to switch back from POV cameras in some choppers.
    • Unlocked _bf2 vehicles for humans.
    • Updated Apache to have 60° down angle and better align the sight.
    • Updated Puma to have grey instead of green thermals.
    • Updated thermals to make vehicle dust effects "cold" and semi-transparent.

    • Fixed CAS small caliber weapons having way too much splash.
    • Fixed SVD sight alignment.
    • Updated AAV missiles to have less recoil.
    • Updated GLATGM to have less recoil.
    • Updated MG3 MMG ammo to 150 from 120.

    • Bamyan
      • Reduced fog distance.
    • Beirut
      • AAS32: Fixed it.
    • Burning Sands
      • AAS32: Replaced T-72M with Scorpion.
    • Fools Road
      • AAS16: Added night factions with flares.
    • Gaza
      • INS16: Updated cache count to 3 from 2.
    • Vadso
      • Removed pre placed firebase (spawn rally remains).

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