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Realitymod.com PR:BF2 v1.4.10.0 Changelog

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, May 19, 2017.

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    Apr 30, 2011
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    Today we add a few new assets to the game. Including a new deployable for our insurgent forces. As well as further fixes and changes. Enjoy the update! Do note we are still working on and refining the much discussed weapon damage model. This release does not feature any changes to the damage model but more will come in the near future.

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    PR:BF2 v1.4.10.0 Changelog (2017/May/19)

    • Fixed BUIS not working when having alternative key for change camera view assigned.
    • Fixed FSA not requiring crates to deploy ATGM.
    • Updated asset deployment code to make it easier to build on slopes.

    • Added deployable DShK Tripod as anti-air emplacement to unconventional forces (Militia, Insurgents, Taliban, Hamas, ARF, FSA, NVA).
    • Fixed M60 bipod moving weirdly in 3p.
    • Fixed SA-7 having inverted faces on sight.
    • Fixed miniguns killing T90 too easily.
    • Updated Vietnam M14 to be only single fire.
    • Updated engineer repair kit to no longer repair choppers.
    • Updated engineer repair kit to take longer to repair vehicles.
    • Updated handheld Stinger to have no zoom.

    • Added CAS CH146 armed with M134.
    • Fixed BMP-3 cannon reload sound not synced with reload time.
    • Fixed misaligned sights on Chinese Mi-17 door gunners.
    • Updated BMP-3 cannon to shoot at correct velocity.
    • Updated Stormer and Tunguska to fire at one missile per second.
    • Updated Stormer driver to exit in back.
    • Updated UH-60 flight physics to be more stable.

    • Asad Khal
      • Removed AAS16,
      • Added Skirmish 32.
      • Increased undergrowth view distance to match map's view distance

    • Battle of Ia Drang
      • AAS: Replaced NVA Camp hideout with rally point.

    • Bijar Canyons
      • AAS/CNC32/64: Removed nonrespawn Merkava, removed delay on delayed Merkava.
      • CNC/AAS32: Removed 1 attack helicopter from each team.

    • Black Gold
      • AAS128: Removed early bleed flags.

    • Burning Sands
      • AAS64: Added second T-72s in place of BMP3. Replaced BMP-2M for BMP-2. Added BTR-60. Increased All AAVs respawn time to 20 minutes.

    • Charlie's Point
      • General: Decreased View distance, Relocated ZPU too close to US main, Added base protection, Updated Dome of Death and Out of Bounds, Tweaked Undergrowth.
      • AAS: new flag routes, added Area attack to all layers
      • Added Skirmish 16
      • Added AAS32 with alternative assets.

    • Kashan Desert
      • General: Fixed a few misaligned objects.
      • AAS: changed flag route to include both Bunker flags in same group and pick either N/S Outpost/Village as last flags.
      • AAS32: Replaced MEC BMP-2 with BMP-2M. Lowered all IFV respawn times to 10 minutes.

    • Khamisiyah
      • General: Fixed several terrain exploits.
      • AAS16: Swapped the 3 Strykers for two uparmored Humvees and CROWS Humvee, added a trans truck to US, lowered MEC MTLB .50 spawn time to 10 mins.

    • Kokan
      • INS32: Replaced CH146 for CAS CH146.

    • Operation Archer
      • INS: Replaced one Taliban ammo techie for logi techie
      • INS64: Removed nonrespawning Canadian light vehicles, removed spawn delays for Canadian light vehicles, all light vehicles spawn from start now.
      • INS32: Removed nonrespawning light vehicles and delayed vehicles, gave USMC two support Humvees, four up-armored .50 cal Humvees and one Mk19 Humvee instead.
      • INS16: Removed CF ground vehicles, added x2 CAS CH146, x2 Chinooks and x1 CH146 for an air trans only layer.

    • Operation Marlin
      • AAS32: Added BMP2 and VBCI.

    • Ramiel
      • General: Fixed main base becoming unspawnable.
      • INS: Replaced Insurgent pick up kits with ARF pickup kits.

    • Shijia Valley
      • AAS64: Added Scimitar to accompany Warriors against ZSL-92.

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