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Realitymod.com PR:BF2 v1.4.1.0 & v1.4.2.0 Changelog

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Nov 30, 2016.

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    Apr 30, 2011
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    IMPORTANT! v1.4.1 is a update that has to be manually applied. Read announcement here.

    v1.4.2 will be automatically installed using the automated updater as soon as you press 'PLAY'.

    PR:BF2 v1.4.1.0 Changelog (2016/November/30)
    • Fixed frequent CTD regarding graphic setting verification.
    • Fixed automated updater not working.

    PR:BF2 v1.4.2.0 Changelog (2016/November/30)
    • Fixed admin command !switch not working on dead players.
    • Fixed spam from bots and hash/name verification on COOP.
    • Fixed main menu music not working.
    • Fixed a server crash.
    • Fixed IDF Merkava front armor.
    • Fixed some breacher and spotter kits not being able to use shovel.
    • Fixed Milan MIRA having wrong materials.

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