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In Progress PR:BF2 Player Report - mr.lukas

Discussion in 'Player, Admin and Server Reports' started by TabZa, Jun 13, 2018.

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    TabZa TabZa pro rager

    Feb 20, 2016
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    PR Nickname: TabZa
    PR CD Key Hash: b4ab16a35bf1102efb3b5ebfffa81d14
    Reported PR Nickname: mr.lukas

    Broken Rules: 3.1. Do not use any form of an unfair advantage (ghosting, cheating, glitching etc.).

    Date: Jun 10, 2018
    Time: 6:00pm
    Map: Burning Sands, Yamalia, Ulyanovsk

    Involved Players:


    most notably what happens at 2:26

    most notably what happens in 5:50

    EDIT: Additional evidence by TabZa.
    - Inspect

    Disclaimer: I have read and understood the PRTA PR Server Rules

    Sorry for not muting mic on first 2 videos, but as it happens, it's all one audio track and I can't be bothered to do that shit again.
    The rounds in the videos were played on SSG approximately starting from date/time given in the form.


    Thank you for submitting this Player Report against mr.lukas, TabZa. Results will be given after 7 Days. Please follow this Thread and respond to possible Questions we have for you.

    - PRTA PR Administration
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 15, 2018 at 11:34
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    Jun 1, 2018
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    hello, a player has informed me about this post.
    in my defence of this report is that we got intel all the time. i remember the 1rst and 2nd video.

    1rst video: squad lead told me of a jeep comming in the way. i told my driver to go to the direction of the intel we got for a good shot, saw a driving vehicle and shot it. noway i could be friendly. BUT they were also building a super fob. my driver he saw something building and then a saw the smoke. i shot at the smoke with HE rounds. me driver rushes to the fob when he thought the tow was destroyed. then i was just free kill. after the fob destroyed we went RTB to rearm. my Driver was mr.Longshaft if you want his side also.

    2nd video: we allready tought there was enemy nearby because we killed one earlyer. i was rearming the mortar and saw movement in the bush. i told it to the squad and me and Jeaman looked out for it and went searching. later that we got picked up by the chopper and left. if you can tell me a good record download i am willing to record my own gameplay with communication sound. not sure if my pc will handle it but i can give it a try.

    i think this video is disturbing because i had this a lot of times in other games when i got banned from servers because i had good score or lots of kills. i hope this will be profesionally considerd about my defence.

    greeting, Mr.lukas
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    Temur Temur usitumbe mashua - hakuna matata

    Manager Community Dept. Lead Moderator PR:BF2 Senior Administrator Foxtrot

    Feb 7, 2017
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    Teacher / Charity Worker
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    Thanks TabZa and Mr.lukas

    I am locking this thread, please PM a Senior Admin if you wish to discuss the matter further. We will investigate this internally and keep you updated on this thread.

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