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Denied Papa-Bear - India - EU Server Administrator

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Papa-Bear, Jul 14, 2017.

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    Papa-Bear Papa-Bear =XRAY= Papa-Bear

    Apr 14, 2017
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    Software Engineer
    PR:BF2 Name:
    PR:BF2 Server Administrator Application - EU

    Player Details
    PR:BF2 Name: =XRAY= Papa-Bear
    PR:BF2 CD Hash Key: 511f5a82b8c2d51acf226025456e6d5b
    Age: 22
    Country: India
    Timezone: GMT+5.5
    Tell us about yourself: I am a Hardcore Gamer. I really love Project Reality.I came across PRTA through INGAME members and admins. I visited the forum and loved the way they organise the server and events.
    Referee: no one

    Game Server Preference: Project Reality - Modern Conflict
    How dedicated would you be to assisting the team: I would give my 100% whenever i would come online and making PRTA MC a better and clean server.
    Are you willing to help seed the server: Yes
    How frequent can you be present on the server: Often
    What days during a week will you be active on?: Saturday, Sunday
    What time of the day will you present on any given day?: Afternoon, Evening, Late Night

    Project Reality Experience
    How long have you been playing Project Reality?: 3 years
    How long have you played on PRTA for: 2 years
    Have you familiarized yourself with the PR manual: Yes

    Administration Experience
    Do you have any previous Administrative experience on a PR server: No
    Which Community did you Administrate for?: -
    How long did you admin in this community?: -
    Are you currently an Administrator for another community?:

    Administrative Scenarios
    A player submits a false report about another player. How would you respond?:
    INVESTIGATION is the only solution. i would ask other players in the squad of the victim and see whether the incident really took place or not. if it is false a warning would be issued to the reporter and if is true then action would be taken against the culprit.
    An enemy vehicle runs you over, clearly breaking PRTA’s policy on road killing, how would you respond?:
    2.who did that
    3.how many people killed and by whom
    4.if very serious then kicked out of the server with reason and if that person kills only 1 then warning with a remark that he would be kicked next time if this is repeated again.
    A player is reported to be hacking. How would you respond?:
    1. FIND out who is that
    2. get some more info
    3.kick him and tmp ban him
    4. retrieve name and hash key
    5.contact server senior admin and senior forum members
    6.report him on the forum so that this doesnt happen again.

    Squad Leading Experience
    Do you Squad Lead in Project Reality: Yes
    How often do you Squad Lead: Every Game
    How experienced are you at squad leading:
    I am Special Forces and QRT squad leader. i support the infantry going to the flags and the heavy assets from the back. i aim at demolishing enemies heavy assets and implacements through solid strategies and i neither do leave a man behind nor do i accepts easy casualties. its all about the courage and the desire to win the game.
    Rate your Squad Leading ability: 10 out of 10
    Are you capable of communicating accurately and effectively with other leaders to achieve objectives in game:
    Yes.its always when the round starts and all the squad are made, i often communicate with other squad leaders for EX: APC or INF and also CAS to set up a solid strategy. mostly it happens that my squad and other infs flank a flag and we call in APC suport and for the time being CAS people come from behind the enemy to destroy their implacements and FOBS. this all is planned before we reach the flag. all other infs are requested to cover directional flanks. so that flag capping is much easier.

    If you could add or change one PR Server rule, what would it be?:
    Team Switching should be totally cut down. As on modern conflict server i have seen many times that people in insurgency change to other team and reveal exact cache location. this mostly happens due to unbalanced team ratio. all clan members should be one sided and ghosting should be cut down. also there should be check on racism and hard language on global too.

    I understand that if my application is accepted, I will be enter a 4 week trial period, In which I may be removed at any time: Agree

    I agree that my actions and behaviors are required to remain professional at all times whilst performing duties on a PRTA server: Agree

    I agree that I have read and understood the PRTA server rules and I will enforce them to the best of my abilities: Agree

    I declare that I will follow all server rules and admin procedures, and listen to the guidance of the team. and that the answers given in this application are truthful, honest reflection and are not misleading: Accept


    Your application is being processed

    Thank you for application.
    The team will review your application and make a decision within a 30 day period.
    We'll let you know whether your trial application has been approved or denied in due course.
    If your application is approved you will be placed on a 4 week trial admin period in order to access your abilities.


    The EU Administration Team
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    Battlexray Battlexray =XRAY=

    Apr 8, 2017
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    PR:BF2 Name:
    This guy is not going to disappoint anybody. And you know what i am talking about!
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    Papa-Bear Papa-Bear =XRAY= Papa-Bear

    Apr 14, 2017
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    Software Engineer
    PR:BF2 Name:
    thank you very much batttlexray
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    Manager Community Dept. Head PR:BF2 Resident Administrator PRTA Donor

    Mar 12, 2013
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    Trial Period Denied
    Unfortunately your application was not approved for trial period based on the responses you provided in your application form.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to make an application.
    Please feel free to reapply after a minimum period of one month.

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