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New Liaison Officer

Discussion in 'Open Positions' started by Sloan, Jul 12, 2015.

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    Sloan Sloan Pirate

    Manager Technical Dept. Lead Coder Sysadmin PR:BF2 Resident Administrator

    Jul 5, 2012
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    Scientific software engineer
    PR:BF2 Name:
    Role description
    Role title: Liaison Officer
    Reports to: Communications Department Head
    Responsible for: Monitoring and maintaining a persistent presence on external sites.
    Purpose of post: To help connect PRTA to the outside world and help attract people to the community.
    Contacts(who will they deal with): Comms Department Head, Community Managers, Games Managers, external contacts.
    Major duties: Maintain a list of interesting external sites and regularly monitor them for new developments. Help maintain a persistent presence on a set of external sites which are thought to be relevant to PRTA. Help promote PRTA's activities & capabilities on a set of external sites. Continually look out for new sites which may be of interest to us. Regularly communicate new developments to the rest of management in a condensed format. Guide people from outside PRTA to the appropriate places to ask about membership or complain about things. PR i.e. Public Relations within PR, Squad and gaming community in general - gaming scene sites and clans, gaming groups, community sites and forums as well as DEV teams (PR, Squad) and (free) games developers' projects. Organizing mutual events, clan/community battles, play together nights etc. As well as any kind of activity with our stakeholders.

    Person specification:
    Minimum Knowledge, Skills and Qualities needed to perform the task:
    • Familiarity with a wide range of tactical-FPS-related forums, news outlets, etc.
    • Good written English with friendly & approachable writing style.
    Competency framework:
    Work-related behaviour which is necessary:
    • Excellent record keeping.
    • Organised.
    How to apply
    Use the form here.
    Deadline: Open until a sufficient number of people have been recruited.
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