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Joinsquad.com Free Weekend April 6th - 10th + New Map!

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Mar 31, 2017.

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    Apr 30, 2011
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    Robot Factory
    Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Hot on on the exhaust trail of our A9 release and inevitable hotfix, we are very excited to make some announcements today about upcoming events in the Squad timeline.

    In conjunction with pivoting our team into Alpha 10 release we wanted to bring some more content to the player base and open up the game to a greater audience before the completion of our core feature set.

    We are very happy to announce that on Thursday April 6th at 10am PST we will be launching our second Squad Free Weekend and as a thank you to our player base we would like to offer you a redux of one of our favourite classic Project Reality maps (To be hotfixed in Wednesday). Squad will also be on sale for 50% off for the duration of the free weekend - April 6th 10am PST to April 10th 10am PST!!!
    Al Basrah Free Weekend!
    Huge shout out to the original creator Duckhunt from the Project Reality team and the Redux creator, one of our own community modders ChanceBrah.

    This map gives Squad its first large dive into urban combat with an expanded urban footprint and a wider surrounding play area. With buildings as large as 6 storeys high and completely enterable we expect to give a hard shake to the US Forces dominance meta, as Insurgents can be absolutely anywhere in the city.. Literally hundreds of windows bristling with RPG rounds ready to spoil the infidels day.

    Without any further delay we offer you this trailer to get you ready!



    Squad Soundtrack Volume 2!
    In response to the popularity of the original, Scott Tobin has been hard at work and is happy to be able to bring you volume 2 of his Squad soundtrack. The update coming next week will offer volume 2 for free to anyone that already owns the original and we will bundling the two soundtracks together for sale. As part of an enhanced audiophile experience Scott has also added full fidelity FLAC versions to the packages for both volumes.
    You can preview the tracks here:

    Please join us in helping welcome all the new soldiers to the battlefield April 6th - 10th and helping our new wave of players not absorb too many bullets!

    As always, the best advocates of Squad are you guys - grunts and squad leaders alike!

    Continue reading...
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