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Approved FakeFrost

Discussion in 'Entrants' started by FakeFrost, Apr 9, 2017.

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    FakeFrost FakeFrost Herkese benden bir çay.

    Tester Member OU Tournament - Member Foxtrot

    Jun 17, 2015
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    PR:BF2 Name:
    Squad Name:
    F|Pvt. FakeFrost [PRTA]
    MineCraft Name:
    Nickname: FakeFrost

    Age: 17
    Country: Turkey
    Timezone: GMT+3
    How did you hear about the Operatour Unit Tournament?: PRTA member

    How long have you been playing Project Reality?: 2 years
    Which Kit are you most proficient with?: Grenadier
    What is your strongest character trait?: Good sense of situation. And good instincts.
    Tell us something about yourself.: I am an intuitive player. Who gets serious when needed. Always trying my best for the team and squad.

    I agree to be bound by the PRTA Rules when using PRTA services, and understand that my attitude and behaviour on external services could have a bearing on how others view my Unit, other Units, and PRTA as a whole: Yes

    I declare that the answers given in this application are truthful, honest and are not misleading. I understand and accept that my application will be subject to unit-wide discussion but the final decision will be made by Officers: Yes
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