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Closed Doc - United States Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Doc, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Doc Doc

    Resident Moderator PR:BF2 Resident Administrator Tester Foxtrot

    Oct 3, 2016
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    United States
    UTC -5:00
    Who are you?:
    I am Doc I signed up for this amazing community after a devastating heart break and everyone took me in and accepted me for who I am and what I did
    And I smile everyday thinking how PRTA accepts you for who you are.
    What can you offer our Moderator team?:
    Dedication , time , Enforcment , and satisfy the need of others.
    I have read the PRTA Forum Rules before signing up for Moderator. I agree with them and I promise to follow them under all circumstances.:
    QUESTION 1) A user posts a spiderman image in an already derailed thread. How do you proceed?:
    I would warn him to remove and if he doesn't remove after being and continues to derail the thread I would speak with my superior moderator to take action because it throws the thread off topic leading to discontinuing it's current state of discussion.
    QUESTION 2) A user insults another user, e.g.: "Lol you fucking retard, XYZ. ABC's ideas are awesome". How do you proceed?:
    Action: I would warn the insultee to stop insulting the insulted and if he persist I would take action and day ban him.
    QUESTION 3) A user starts to harass & insult you through a Private Message. How do you respond?:
    I would discuss with the insultee why is he putting opinions on me and tell him this isn't a place for negativity and if he insults me further I would punish him.
    QUESTION 4) People come/return to our forums because they want to cause drama. What do you do?:
    I would warn the troll to stop causing trouble in our community here isn't the place to relieve your anger relieve it at a therapist office.
    QUESTION 5) You see how Lead/Senior Moderator break PRTA Forum Rules without any proper explanation (in order to achieve greater good). What do you do?:
    Situation 1: Hudson slips a donation personally to a lead admin to get Ark removed as staff and Ark gets banned from the community I ask Hudson he says he never liked Ark in the first place.

    I would report the lead admin involved and Hudson to a lead moderator and Speak to about the situation and what's going on and relieve him of the situation letting him know the situation is under control and keep him informed every step of the way.

    Hudson Ark Thank you very much for letting me use this script for my application and please DO NOT take this personally thank you gents
    QUESTION 6) You disagree with the steps taken by Lead/Senior Moderator. What do you do?:
    I would tell him why I don't agree with the actions he took and would tell him he could have discussed the actions with other seniors and lead moderators and ask to reform with the actions he took.
    QUESTION 7) How did you proceed when you got involved into a bigger argument? What was the outcome of the argument?:
    I refrain speaking to the lead or senior mod who took actions I didn't agree with and report the situation to a Superior Moderator and will tell the exact situation and report evidence and disscuss the actions the superior moderator should take.

    Eventually the moderator that took the wrong action was placed on a 2 week suspension.

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